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SMOKE’s VPK Mirror Direct Installer allows to install homebrews directly from PS Vita


Developer SMOKE released VPK Mirror Direct Installer which can be used to download and install homebrews directly from PS Vita via vpkmirror.com under PS Vita hack Henkaku. And it means this tool can only be installed on PS Vita 3.60.

By installing and running VPK Mirror Direct Installer, your brower on PS Vita will be opened and access to vpkmirror.com. Then you can choose and download homebrews and games here.

VPK Mirror Direct Installer Instructions:
1. Download the direct installer VPK from here.
2. Move it to your Vita using FTP.
3. Install the VPK using VitaShell.
4. Run the VPK Mirror bubble – it’ll modify your app.db on the first launch.
5. Then you can install homebrews directly by visiting vpkmirror.com with the Vita’s browser and clicking on a “Direct” link.


Henkaku Release 6 with GPU Overclocking

One daya ago, The Yifanlu released an important release of Henkaku-Henkaku Release 6. The most powerful feature of Release 6 is that users can overlock the GPU of the Vita from 166mhz to 222mhz which will improve your framerates. Chrisfand’s video confirmed that game run much more smoothly on a Vita with its GPU boosted at 222MHz.

Release 6
■ Whitelisted scePowerSetGpuClockFrequency, scePowerRequestColdReset, scePowerRequestStandby, and scePowerRegisterCallback
■ Fixed rare bug which crashes modded SceShell. There is still no PSN spoofing for modded SceShell
■ Removed “welcome” message when triggering exploit (was used for debugging and is no longer needed)

To install Release 6, you can reboot your PS Vita 3.60 and go to https://henkaku.xyz/ on your brower.

Henkaku Release 5 updated

Yifanlu updated Henkaku fifth time which aims at fixing some problems with game saves and PSN spoofer. With feed back of Henkaku users, there are problems of game saves. The new update changes how PSN SN spoofer works which will solve this problem. Due to this change, update blocking feature has been removed. Please be careful to not update your console to v3.61.

Here are the changelog of Henkaku Release 5

■ Changed how PSN spoofing is done. This should fix problems a minority of users experience regarding game saves.
■ Modded vs0:shell/shell.self is not supported.
■ Removed update blocking features as a side effect of above.
■ Update to VitaShell 0.91. This is the last VitaShell update bundled into HENkaku. Please use VitaShell’s built in network update feature to update VitaShell as a standalone component.

Henkaku revision4 updated

There is a minor update to Henkaku- revision 4. This update fixes YouTube not wkrong problem on brower and adds internal storage support for PSTV and Vita Slim, not PS Vita. Besides, it also updated to VitaShell 0.86

VitaPad 1.1 updates which allows you to transform your PS Vita as your PC controller. It is necessary to run VitaPad on a hackable PS Vita. If you want to install VitaPad 1.1, you need to have a PS Vita v3.60 with Henkaku installed.
Here are changlog of VitaPad 1.1vitapad

■ Added Linux support
■ Added possibility to change controls binding by editing the XML file even during execution.
■ Now the application uses a safe eboot.
■ Added mouse emulation through touchscreen (mouse movement) and retrotouch (mouse clicks).

HENkaku revision 3 supports PSN Spoofing and VHBL


HENkaku revision 3 has been released which bring many new features users expect. Now you can update your HENkaku by rebooting your PS Vita and access to https://henkaku.xyz/  in your brower.

The most important feature of this update is PSN Spoofing which enables PSN access, and you do not need to update to 3.61. Now HENkaku user can be able to access PSN and install PSP homebrew launcher on PS Vita. But Yifanlu do recommend not to access to the PSN on a Henkaku-enabled PS Vita as there might be a risk of being banned by Sony.

HENkaku revision 3 change log

1. PSN spoofing
2. Safe homebrew support
3. VitaShell 0.8
4. Version string
5. Update blocking:to avoid update your console by mistake)
Source:   HENkaku Update

How to install and run HENkaku offline installer

Recently PS Vita exploit HENkaku is really popular and many players install it on their PS Vita 3.60. But there is a small shortcoming for HENkaku, the internet connection is necessary every time player access to HENkaku. It is a little inconvenient of player to use HENkaku when outside, right? Now, there is new firmware to run HENkaku without an internet connection. You will only need an internet connection once for the first time of installation.

HENkaku offline installer released by Xyz, one of the developper of HENkaku team. This installer is faster and much more stable then web browser exploit, according to players’ tests.

Install HENkaku offline installer

■ First, install and activate HENkaku from https://henkaku.xyz/
■ Install the offlineInstaller.vpk
■ Launch offlineInstaller bubble
■ Follow the instructions: press CROSS to install
■ (Do not delete the bubble after the exploit is installed. You should redo the installation when you have internet access to ensure that you get the latest version of HENkaku)

To run the exploit

■ Reboot your PS Vita
■ Disable Wi-Fi
■ Open Email app. If at some point it asks you to enable wifi, press “No”. If you have wifi switched on, the message list will not load.
■ If you have multiple email accounts, select “HENkaku Offline”
■ Select “Inbox”, then click on the first email
■ Wait about 10-20 seconds. You might get a “Please wait” screen multiple times. You might also get an “An error has occurred” screen multiple times. If you get any of these more than five times in a row, reboot your Vita and try again.
■ You should see the same screen as with online installation (black screen with text and molecule logo)

PlayStation Vita System Software 3.61 released


Yesterday, Sony official team released an update to the system software for PlayStation Vita systems. PS vita firmware 3.61 is out. This update aims at improving system performance.

Please notice that the HENkaku for PS Vita 3.6 which was released several days ago is patched by the latest firmware 3.61. If you still want to use HENkaku on your PS Vita, please do not update your PS Vita to 3.61.

How to update your PS Vita to 3.61 via internet?

1. Boot your PS Vita and configure your PS Vita system’s network settings. Please make sure PS Vita works with the internet.
2. Select [Settings] > [Start] > [System Update] > [Update Using Wi-Fi].
Tips: Please do not turn off the power during the update process. Otherwise, there might be system malfunction for your PS Vita.
Source: Sony official site