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Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS for Nintendo switch hack


Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS– the first two products in Nintendo switch SX series have been announced by Team Xecuter. You can use one of them to play switch game backups via installing TX CFW on your Nintendo Switch console. The production has started and will be available to order on June 15.

Xecuter SX Pro

The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
Includes: USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
Compatible with all regions.
Compatible with all firmwares.
Real time game switching.
More features to be announced soon.
Weight: (50g)
RRP: $34.95 (excluding shipping cost & local taxes when apply)

Xecuter SX OS

Xecuter SX OS software license
Requires: Tools to be installed on your Nintendo Switch
Compatible with all regions.
Compatible with all firmwares.
Real time game switching.
More features to be announced soon.
Only $24.95 (excluding local taxes when apply)

If you are interested in Xecuter SX Pro or Xecuter SX OS, please check it in We will get stock as soon as possiable and arrange the package for you.


Team Xecuter’s Nintendo Switch SX released

Nintendo Switch has been cracked successfully by Ninteno switch SX from Team Xecuter. Nintendo Switch SX allows you to play switch game backups via installing CFW on your switch console.

Nintendo Switch SX video show

From the video, we can know that the Nintendo Switch SX user guide looks like following.

Kepp your switch in power-off state. Insert the USB dongle to the Switch’s USB type-C port and attach the jig to the Switch’s right-hand side Joycon rail.
Start the RCM mode by simultaneously pressing the power button + volume button.
SX logo is displayed, then SX menu is displayed.
tap the option “boot custom fw” (unknown because it is not in focus) on the menu.
The switch is booted into CFW
Switching games in real-time
Activat games

Where to buy Nintendo Switch SX?

Dwtechz starts to accept pre-orders. If you are intersted in Switch SX, please pay attention to our site. I will let you know when it is available to place an order.

Nintendo switch system update 5.0.2 has been released

The nintendo team released anew system update for switch-5.0.2. If you want to improve the stabiliity of your switch, then you can update it. Or you want to homebrew your switch in the future, please keep your switch in the lower firmware version.

Improvements Included in Version 5.0.2 (Distributed 4/16/2018)
General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

■ Resolved an issue that caused motion controls to respond incorrectly when playing games that use the feature
■ Resolved an issue that caused user icons for recommended friends to not display correctly

Nintendo switch Homebrew Launcher 2.0.0 released

Mr Yellows8 released the new version of Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo switch-2.00. Switch Homebrew Launcher 2.0.0 works on Nintendo switch 3.0.0. if your console is on a lower firmware, you can update your console with update with the Pokken Tournament DX cartridge.

Switch Homebrew Launcher 2.0.0 changelog

■ Major GUI update.
■ The used theme is now selected via the current system theme.
■ Files/directories starting with name ‘.’ are now ignored.
■ Args are now handled properly.
■ If {dirname}/{dirname}.nro is not found, the NRO found via dir-listing will be used instead, if there’s only 1 NRO in the directory. This only applies for paths located under “sdmc:/switch/”.

Download Switch Homebrew Launcher 2.0.0


Nintendo Switch code binaries dumped by Plutoo

Great news from maxconsole! There seems a great improvement for Nintendo switch hack. Mr Plutoo has dumped the switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot.

Users guess that Plutoo is using the updated ‘PegaSwitch’ to grab these binaries. The new aim of switch research is dumping the first stage the missing6. Currently, it is not relevant to end users.

Nintendo switch system updated to Version 3.0.0


Nintendo team released a new system firmware for Nintendo Switch console- version 3.0.0. Not like provious update, Version 3.0.0 brings many important and useful function for your switch console. You can search your missing controllers and add frineds from your Nintendo 3DS and WiiU friend list. Here are the changelog of Nintendo switch 3.0.0:

■ Register a channel to receive News for specific games
To register, head to News
■ Add friends from your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Friend Lists
To add friends, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Friend Suggestions
■ Receive notifications when your Friends go online
To turn this ON/OFF, head to System Settings > Notifications > Friend Notifications
■ Find paired controllers within communication range by activating the vibration feature
To search, head to Controllers > Find Controllers
■ Change the user icon order on the Home Menu
To change order, head to System Settings > Users > Change Order
■ Select from 6 new Splatoon 2 characters for user icon
To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Profile
■ Change the system volume from the Quick Settings
To access Quick Settings, hold down the HOME Button
■ Lower the maximum volume for headphone or speakers connected to the audio jack
To lower the max headphone volume, head to System Settings > System > Lower Max Headphone Volume
* This settings will be ON when Parental Controls are enabled
■ Change display colors to Invert Colors or Grayscale
To use this feature, head to System Settings > System > Change Display Colors
■ Use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via wired communication by connecting the USB charging cable
To enable, head to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication
* The NFC touchpoint on the Pro Controller will be disabled while the controller is using wired communication.
■ Update connected controllers
To update, head to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Update Controllers
■ Added a feature that suggests deletion of software data if there is insufficient space when downloading other software
To use this feature, head to System Settings > Data Management > Quick Archive
* User save data is not deleted

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

■ Resolved an issue that caused game software updates to fail and prevented the software from starting
■ Improvements to prevent unintended HDMI input change with certain TVs while the console is docked in Sleep Mode

Nintendo switch system firmware 2.3.0 released

On 15th May, Nintendo team released new firmware version for Nintendo switch console – 2.3.0. What does new system firmware change?

Improvements Included in Version 2.3.0
General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

How to update your Nintendo Switch to 2.3.0?

1. If your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet, your console will download the update automatically.
2. Once the download is complete, you’ll be asked if you’d like to install the update. Be sure to save any game progress before you continue.
3. When you’re ready to install the update, choose “update” to install. Your console will restart to complete the update.

Nintendo Switch 2.3.0 enabled features that let you:

■ Play games with your friends online*
■ Add players to your friend list.
■ Share screenshots from your Album to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
■ Browse and shop for digital content on Nintendo eShop.
■ Keep up-to-date with new games, eShop discounts, and promotions via News.

If you have gotten Nintendo switch console, there are many cheap Nintendo switch accessories to ensure better experience when you play games on switch console.