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How to use sky3ds+ to play out-of-region games on 3DS 11.6.0-39?

The homebrew launcher payloads for 3DS 11.6 have been updated. In this case, you can install Ninjhax 2.9 to go to homebrew launcher with sky3ds+ and then access to region free launcher. With region free launcher, you can play out-of-region games on 3DS 9.0-11.6. In this post, we will tell you how to play out-of-region games with sky3ds+ on 3DS 11.6.0-39.

How to use sky3ds+ to play out-of-region games on 3DS 11.6.0-39?

1. Copy 3DS rom CUBIC NINJA to microSD card(this 3ds rom must be in the same region as your 3DS). Copy other region 3ds rom to microSD card
2. Download the homebrew starter kit and extract it at the root of your microSD card.
3. Insert microSD card to sky3ds+ and put sky3ds+ to 3DS.
4. Make sure your 3DS’s wifi connection is enabled and connected to the internet (this is important!).
5. Start CUBIC NINJA on your console, choose “Create”, then “QR code”, and finally “Scan QR code”.
6. Go to the get ninjhax section of this page and enter your console’s firmware version.
7. Submit the form; you should get your very own ninjhax QR code.
8. Scan the QR Code. There are 16 QR code for 11.6.0-39.
①. Scan the first QR code. You’ll know the QR code has scanned once the text disappears from the bottom screen and the camera view freezes.
②. Click the Next link above to show the following QR code, then B on your console to return to the scanning menu. Press A to scan the new QR code.
③. Repeat the above steps until you’ve scanned ALL QR codes. If you miss a single one, the exploit will fail.
④. Once you’ve scanned all QR codes, return to the game’s main menu. From there, go into Edit, then QR code. The exploit should run !
⑤. If the exploit doesn’t run, it should mean you missed one of the codes. In order to attempt the install again, please clear your savegame (see FAQ below) and try again.
9. When access to homebrew launcher, select region free launcher and run it. You will see game icon for other-region 3ds games and start to play it. If you want to switch games, press the orange button of sky3ds+, then remove and reinsert sky3ds+, the new game will appear.

Boot9strap 1.3 has been released

The new version of Boot9strap 1.3 has been released. This new update makes users to use NTRboot more easily. Here are Boot9strap 1.3 changelog: Sources from github

■ Removed some unnecessary padding to make B9S FIRMs smaller (they now size about 30 KiB, and thus can support NTRboot targets with smaller flashes).
■ Updated the filesystem library used by the stage 2 loader.
■ Added additional delay following ntrboot to allow for more time to hold a button-combination for the loaded boot.firm.

If you have Boot9Strap installed and you are currently running the 1.2 version, you can folllow the video to update Boot9Strap to the latest version 1.3. If you did not have B9S and are ready to install it, it is easy to hack your 3DS with getting a R4i gold 3ds rts

3DS exploit RPwnG launches Homebrew Launcher on 3DS 11.5

MrNbaYoh released a 3DS new primary homebrew launcher for the called RPwnG or RPGhax for the free eShop title RPG Maker Player. With RPwnG, you can launch the homebrew launcher and run homebrew like region-free patching and some emulators.

a 3ds on firmware 11.5
a digital copy of RPG Maker Player (free) ver. 1.1.4 on EUR, ver. 1.1.2 on USA/JPN

1. Get and install the homebrew starter kit available here.
2. Change your 3ds language to English (most of the uploaders speak english, and the game only shows projects with the same language as the one of your 3ds)
3. Find a code for your region and console type (o3ds/n3ds).
4. (Optional) – Download the DLC (right from the game menu), it seems the exploit is more reliable with the DLC.
5. Download the project thank to the online sharing feature, once the download is finished try to run it.
6. Enjoy!

How to use RPwnG
Just try to load the RPwnG game, the loading should stop and the HBL should run.
It might take a while for the exploit to run, be patient

Here are some RPwnG download codes:
USA Old 3DS: aczettg8, 6zkizigr
USA New 3DS: 82iykhm0
EUR Old 3DS: afkgvmk3, csd049qg, efxvmlot, 8wtsf3w3
EUR New 3DS: d1rb2ybu, 8n7epf2w
JPN New3DS: 3ge8lj6l

Video: [3DS] How To Install RPwnG (11.5, 100% FREE!)

NTRBootHAX: How to use R4i Gold 3DS RTS to run boot9strap on 3DS V11.5?

Recently, there is a new way for using a ds flashcart to run boot9strap and 3DS CFW on any 3ds console, including 3DS latest firmware version 11.5.0-38. With this way-NTRBootHAX, you just need a ds flashcart such as R4i Gold 3DS RTS and one magnet to run boot9strap and CFW on New 3DS/New 3DSXL,3DS/3DSXL, New 2DS XL and 2DS console. NTRBootHAX can also unbrick your 3DS console. How to use R4i Gold 3DS RTS to run boot9strap on 3DS V11.5?

NTRBootHAX compatible flashcart
Acekard 2i HW-44
Acekard 2i HW-81
R4i Gold 3DS RTS (r4ids variant)
R4 3D Revolution (r4idsn variant)

Dwtechz has original R4i Gold 3DS RTS from Dwtechz has enough R4i Gold 3DS RTS in stock and you can order it freely.

What you need
Your ntrboot compatible flashcart: R4i Gold 3DS RTS
Two 3DS family devices
The source 3DS: the 3DS family device that is already running some kind of custom firmware (such as boot9strap or arm9loaderhax)
The target 3DS: the device on stock firmware
The latest release of boot9strap (ntr boot9strap; not the devkit file)
The latest release of ntrboot_flasher

Section I – Prep Work

1. Power off the source 3DS
2. Insert the source 3DS’s SD card into your computer
3. Create a folder named ntrboot on the root of your SD card
4. Copy boot9strap_ntr.firm and boot9strap_ntr.firm.sha from the boot9strap ntr .zip to the /ntrboot/ folder on your SD card
5. Copy ntrboot_flasher.firm from the ntrboot_flasher .zip to the /luma/payloads folder on the source 3DS’s SD card
6. Reinsert the source 3DS’s SD card back into the source 3DS
7. Insert your R4i Gold 3DS RTS into the source 3DS

Section II – Flashing ntrboot

1. Launch the Luma3DS chainloader by holding (Start) during boot on the source 3DS
2. Select “ntrboot_flasher”
3. Select “Dump Flash”
4. Wait until the process is completed
5. Press (B) to return to the main menu
6. Select “Inject Ntrboot”
Press (Y) to proceed
7. Press (R) for retail unit ntrboot
8. Wait until the process is completed
9. Press (B) to return to the main menu
10. Select “EXIT” to power off the source 3DS

Now you need to follow this guide to install boot9strap.

BootNTR Selector 2.8 works on 3DSv11.4

The improved version of BootNTR- BootNTR Selector has been updated to version 2.8. New BootNTR Selector works on 3ds latest firmware version 11.4.
BootNTR Selector 2.8 changlog:

■ Mode 3 won’t overwrite the last version loaded for the Normal version anymore.
■ Updated NTR to 3.5
Changelog of NTR:
Fix video streaming on 11.4 (N3DS only)

Download BootNTR Selector 2.8