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Genhax- new 3DS homebrew exploit released by svanheulen


Genhax was released by Mr svanheulen several days ago and it is a new 3ds secondary homebrew exploit based on Monster Hunter Generations game. It works for the JPN, EUR and USA regions of the game, using the latest game updates. You can only use it on NEW3DS console(From 9.9.0-X(JPN) or 10.3.0-X(EUR/USA) up to and including 11.2.0-X.)

There are some notable limitations for this exploit:
■ It only works on New 3DS systems.
■ It must be installed on the system you want to use it on. This is because
the exploit uses the game’s ExtData which is stored on the SD card, not the game cart.
■ You will no longer be able to post certain quests in the Hunters Hub. If
you install the exploit as an event quest, you won’t be able to post event
quests. If you install the exploit as a challenge quest, you won’t be able to
post challenge quests. But you should still be able to join event/challenge
quests that other players post.

An installer with instructions can be found in this repo:
A compiled version can be found at:


Which 3DS homebrew exploit works on 3DS11.1.0?


Once Nintendo 3DS v11.1.0-34 released, there were many 3ds homebrew exploits pacthed by the newest firmware. With hard working, some 3ds homebrew exploit has been updated for 3DS v11.1 by their developer. In this post, i will tell you the 3ds homebrew exploit supporting on 3DS v11.1 and those not.

3DS homebrew exploit works on 3DS11.1?

Primary Exploits
Ninjhax 2.7: install Cubic Ninja to go to homebrew launcher on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Freakyhax: Use Freakyform Deluxe to install homebrew launcher on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Smashbroshax: Use Super Smash Bros 3DS to access to 3ds homebrew on NEW3DS v9.0-11.1

Secondary Exploits
Oot3dhax: hack 3ds via Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and compatible with 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Steelhax: Vegaroxas’s homebrew exploit based Steel Diver: Sub wars and the homebrew exploit works on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Basehaxx: MrNbaYoh’s basehaxx via Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire on DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Supermysterychunkhax: Based on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS 9.9(USA/JPN)/10.2(EUR)-11.1
Stickerhax: based on Paper Mario: Sticker Star on DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1

What can you do with 3ds homebrew?

Homebrew is unofficial software made by amateur developers for closed systems such as the 3DS. This includes both games and applications, and in practice getting homebrew on your 3DS means you’ll be able to :
Run basic homebrew softwares, games or application
Install Custom Themes
Play out-of-region games
Run 3DS ROMs with a Sky3DS+
Play modified ROMs : use HANS.

3DS homebrew exploit freakyhax supports latest 3DS v11.1.0-34E/U/J

Great news. Freakyhax has been updated for Nintendo 3DS latest firmware version 11.1.0-34. We have tested it on our 3DSv11.1.0-34E

· 3DS rom of Freakyforms Deluxe(EUR/USA/JAP region)
· NEW/OLD 3DS v9.0-11.1 EUR/USA/JAP
· Sky3ds+



1. Download 3ds rom and save of Freakyforms Deluxe. Keeping the name of your rom is the same as your save’s name. Copy them to the microSD card for your 3DS flashcart sky3ds+1
2. Go to homebrew exploit website. In Otherapp/ropbin payloads part, select your 3DS firmware version and click Download otherapp. You will get a .bin file ane rename it to “otherapp.bin”. Put “otherapp.bin” to the root directory of your 3DS SD card2
3. Download the newest version of freakyhax: v3.zip. Extract the folder and there are six folders in v3\build which are compatible with NEW/OLD 3DS in EUR/USA/JAP version. As we test on 3DSv11.1.0-34E, open “old_eur” folder. Copy “DCIM” and “freaky.bin”  to the root directory of your 3DS SD card
4. Download homebrew starter kit from homebrew exploit website and extract it. Put all files to the root directory of your 3DS SD card.3

Run freakyhax

1. Insert sky3ds+ to your 3DS and boot it. Press A button to start this game5
2. Pick Play(Jouer)

3. Pick Camera(Appareil photo)

4. Load a QR code → pick the image

5. Follow the instruction on screen and you will go to homebew launcher.9

Steelhax- 3DS Secondary homebrew exploit with Steeldiver Subwars


Great news. One new member loads 3DS hacking scene- vegaroxas. He released his first exploit two days ago -Steelhax, it is a new secondary entrypoint based on Steeldiver Subwars. Now this game is free on the Nintendo eshop, it is a good chance to get the game when it is still available.

Steelhax is a secondary exploit which means you need to have a hacked 3DS and then install the savegame. Please note that there are many differnet version of Steeldiver Subwars. The exploit requires version 1.0. If you have updated version, please uninstall it.

You can download and install Steelhax from developer’s github here.

Stickerhax via Paper Mario: Sticker Star released by yellows8


In Smea’s twitter, he announced that there is a new 3ds homebrew-Stickerhax, which can run homebrew launcher with a savedata exploit for Nintendo 3DS “Paper Mario: Sticker Star” has been released.

It is a secondary exploit. You will need a another primary homebrew exploit installed. Stickerhax can not be able to use in an unexploited system.

Though it is not a primary exploit, it is still a new prograss of 3DS scene. Once other exploit might be blocked by an update. Stickerhax is still a way to run homebrew launcher.
More information on yellows8’s github

Smilehax based on SmileBASIC 3 supports 3DSv11.0.0-33

Another primary homebrew exploit based on SmileBASIC -Smilehax has been released by developper Plutoo . If this sound familiar, this is because we introduce you MrNbaYoh’s BASICSploit which relies on SmileBASIC 3.2.1US. The new exploit is compatible with SmileBASIC 3.00JP and 3.31US.

Smilehax can support 3DSv11.0.0-33. The installation tutorial is a little different from BASICSploit’s. You can see the tutorial from here.

· A JAP or USA copy of the game (only available on the eShop)
· Recent 3DS firmware, including latest (11.0.0-33) as of this writing
Note: For USA versions, currently only 3.31 is supported.

1. Download latest homebrew starter kit from here and extract all the files to the root directory of your 3DS console SD card.
2. Keep your wifi on your 3DS connected
3. Fill in your firmware version in  https://plutooo.github.io/smilehax/
4. Fill your SmileBASIC version, region and NEW3DS(OLD3DS)
5. The script will show
6. Run SmileBASIC 3 and go to top menu. Click “Create Programs with SmileBASIC button” and the EDIT mode will show. Enter the script manually in EDIT mode.
7. Switch back to DIRECT mode, and write the following: SAVE “INSTALL”.
8. If you make a typo, you can write LOAD “INSTALL”, fix it, and save it again with SAVE “INSTALL”.
9. Execute it by writing RUN in DIRECT mode.
10. If everything went well, the screen will become blue, then green.
11. The game will exit with an “An error has occured” popup.
12. Start the game again, Click Browse Projects → [DEFAULT] → HAX → confirm. Finally, the homebrew launcher arrives.

How to install BASICSploit- 3DS primary homebrew exploit for SmileBASIC

Several day ago, we referred that there would be a new primary homebrew exploit for SmileBASIC on Nintendo 3DS come soon. Mr MrNbaYoh released this new homebrew entrypoint-BASICSploit yesterday. In this post, we will tell you how to install and use BASICSploit.

Smile BASIC version 3.2.1/us
A 3DS console 9.0-11.0

Step1: Download the latest Homebrew Starter Kit, extract it. Copy all files to the rrot of your 3DS SD card.
Step2: Create a project named BASICSPLOIT in game, create a new file “DOWNLOADER”
Step3: Access to http://mrnbayoh.github.io/basicsploit/ and slect the version of your game US3.2.1. There will be script appearing.
Step4: Write by hand to the previous created file the downloader script
Step5: Turn on your wifi and launch the script.It should download all the necessary files and then run the in-game menu.
Step6: Once the in-game menu is open, choose the “Download/Update” option to download the hax payload.
Step7: Once the payload is downloaded just launch it with the first entry of the menu.