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How to use Sky3ds+ to play Mario Kart 7 online?

SkyDock– sky3ds+ adapter can be used to extract private header from 3DS Original Game Card. The private header is used for online game play with sky3ds+ card. You will never get banned with a pirvate header for online play. In this post, we will show you how to use sky3ds+ to play Mario Kart 7 online.

Video: How to use SkyDock with Sky3ds+ to get private header and play Mario Kart 7 online

If you do not know how to get pirvate header, please read this post.
1. Update your sky3ds+ firmware to v140
2. Extract private header from Monster Hunter XX and get savekeys.txt file which is used for saving private header.
3. Open savekeys.txt and there are 128 bytes(includes FF) behind “GAMESAVE_KEY= “. It is the private header and copy it.
Paste the private header to “DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY= ” in settings.txt file.
4. Copy rom of 3DS Mario Kart to microSD card and turn on wifi on 3DS. Then you can play Mario Kart 7 online.

Tips: If you are not able to go online and get 002-0123, please delete .save file of the game and then go online again.

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Confirmed. Sky3ds+ supports Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X JPN


3DS game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X in Japanese version has been released on April 27, 2017 by BNEI for Nintendo 3DS. As we all know, sky3ds+ can support all the latest 3ds games, and how about Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X JPN? Does sky3ds+ supports Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X JPN?

To answer this qusetion, we downloaded this 3ds rom for testing with sky3ds+ card. The answer is yes, sky3ds+ supports Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X JPN without any issue. We tested this game with sky3ds+ card on NEW3DSXL v1.4.0-37J.davsdrdav

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Does sky3ds+ support 3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World?

3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World has been released for Nintendo 3DS on January and February, 2017. Does sky3ds+ card support 3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World?

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is the port of Wii U version Yoshi’s Woolly World. In this new work, it adds one new character-Poochy. there is a set of new levels and a new mode known as Poochy Dash. Players can get Poochy-pups to help players find secrets in the level. There is a brand new Yarn Poochy amiibo released for this game.

We get the rom of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World and tested with sky3ds+ card on 3DSv11.3.0-36J. 3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World works on sky3ds+ without any problem.


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Sky3ds+ – best flashcard to play 3ds games on 3DSv11.3

As 3DSv11.3 can not be downgraded, flashcards for 3DSv1.3 is a good option for you to enjoy 3ds games. Which flashcards is the best choice for playing 3ds games on 3DSv11.3.0-36? It is orange button sky3ds+ card.

sky3ds+ card

SKY3DS+ Features:
* Included all the features of sky3DS;
* Plug & Play, easy to use, no more console setup;
* Game update directly by eshop patch download;
* System firmware update free, no console bricked worry;
* Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
* Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
* AP checks solved. Firmware updatable.

1. It supports all stock 3ds roms(not modified or edited) in one card which will
save you much, including the popular 3ds games: Pokemon sun/moon, Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World
2. You can use one private header to play unlimited online games.
3. Sky3ds+ does not cause brick or ban. You can play 3ds games freely.
4. You can update your 3ds games by eshop patch download
5. The sky3ds+ firmware can be updated and will always support the latest 3ds
6. It is easy to use sky3ds+ card, just Plug & Play. There is no more console setup.
7. Sky3ds+ support Ninjhax 2.9 and you can install it to play region-free 3ds games

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Confirmed. Pokemon Sun/Moon works well with sky3ds+ card

As sky3ds+ new firmware V130 has been released, and it fixed new AP check issue and supports exFAT. It means all new AP check games works with sky3ds+ new firmware V130, such as Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon.

We have updated the sky3ds+ firmware to V130. If you do not know how to update sky3ds+ firmware to V130, please follow the tutorial on sky3ds+ site

Get the roms of Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon. Please notice that the roms of these two games are all over 4GB. If you use microSD card in FAT32, you need to trim the games and then copy the trimed roms to microSD card. Or your microSD card is in exFAT, copy the roms directly to microSD card. Insert microSD to sky3ds+ card.

Power on your 3DS and insert sky3ds+ card. Alert: An internal SD card must be inserted to your 3DS. Or your 3DS will say”The SD card was removed. Press the home button to return to the home menu” when you start the game.
Select the game and press A button to start it.
Now you can use sky3ds+ to play Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon.1112davdav

Sky3ds+ new firmware V130 has been released

Great news! 3DS flashcards sky3ds+ new firmware V130 has been released. With this new firmware, sky3ds+ can support new AP check games such as Pokemon sun/Moon and Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Sky3ds+ new firmware V130
* Sky3DS+ firmware V130 [02/13/2017]
Change logs:
1.The new AP check issue fixed.
2.exFAT support.
3. Upgrade from FAT32 SD ONLY!(this will always be FAT32)

After reading the changelog of sky3ds+ v130, we can know some important points
1. Sky3ds+ can support new AP check games, such as Pokemon sun/Moon and Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World with firmware update. It can also support all the new 3ds games with new AP check.
2. Sky3ds+ will support exFAT. You can put roms over 4GB to microSD card directly without trimming.
3. You need to update your sky3ds+ firmware with FAT32 microSD card.

Sky3ds+ will support Pokemon Sun and Moon with new FW

Great news here! We are happy to tell you that the new firmware of sky3ds+ will be released within 3-5 days, quoted from sky3ds news. And the new update will fix Pokemon Sun and Moon issue which means you can play Pokemon Sun and Moon with sky3ds+ new firmware.

Excited about it and I think the news is true. What do you think of it? With accurate date, the sky3ds+ new firmware might have been out. Let’s guess about the new firmware, the version might be v113 or v120?