Ace3ds team released a new product AceNS Pro last week which has a similar look with AceNS. AceNS is a payload injector which can be used to inject SXOS/Atmosphere/REINX payloads to Nintendo Switch. While AceNS Pro including a AceOS license supports intalling AceOS custom firmware on Nintendo Switch. Some player has some question about AceNS Pro and you may find the answers in this post.

Q: How do i get back to the normal Nintendo Album?
A: Hold L while launching Album.

Q: How do i install/uninstall AutoRCM?
A: Return to the AceOS Boot Menu and select Options.From here, you can install or uninstall the AutoRCM feature.

Q: Can not update AceOS firmware from AceOS menu
A: Ace3ds team blocks this function and will add it later

Q: It is a clone of SXOS v2.5BETA and does not support the new function of SXOSV2.5.1BETA. It does not support installing XCI games
A: The new update with new function will be released on February or March.

Q: It does not support SX Installer and other apps
A: SX Installer and apps which released by TX are not compatible with AceNS Pro currently. Ace3ds team are working hard for adding it to the new firmware.

Q: Is there AceOS license code available to buy?
A: Yes, AceOS license will be released on February or March

Q: Can we use AceNS to boot into AceOS CFW?
A: Yes, you need one AceOS license. Insert AceNS loader to PC and copy payload.bin to the user1 folder with loader. Then press + button and switch the LED light to yellow. Then enter into RCM and activate AceOS.

If you order one AceNS Pro, you will get one free Sandisk32GB microSD card which is pre-installed switch games including Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

AceNS Pro released, supports installing AceOS CFW and play free games on Nintendo Switch

The ace3ds team released a new modchip for Nintendo Switch-AceNS Pro? What is AceNS Pro? How to use AceNS Pro on Nintendo Switch? In this post, you will find the answer.

What is AceNS Pro?
AceNS Pro comes with one AceOS license, one AceNS Pro dongle and RCM Jig. Similar to sx pro, AceNS enable you to install AceOS CFW and then play free switch games on Nintendo Switch. It works on all hackable Nintendo Switch with all firmwares and all regions.

AceNS Pro Features
* Compatible with all firmwares and all regions on every Nintendo Switch released before June 2018.
* Supports playing XCI and NSP games
* Supports External Hard Drive
* Supports Emunand
* Supports Cheats
* Supports Homebrew games
* Firmware updatable
* Built-in lithium which features 4 months of standby time and 1.5 hours of full charging time

How to use AceNS Pro on Nintendo Switch?
1. Download firmware of AceOS and copy boot.dat to your Switch’ MicroSD card. Insert the micro SD card into your Switch console.
2. Make sure that your Switch console is completely power off. Slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down, insert AceNS Pro Loader to your Switch console. Holding the VOL+ button, press the Power Button. Your Switch should boot into AceOS Bootloader.
3.When you perform the first boot of AceOS, select the first option “Boot custom FW”, a unique file will be created(license-request.dat) on your MicroSD card.
4.Select the Album icon and follow the instruction to activate the AceOS (you need to ensure that the switch is properly connected to the Internet, press A to activate it)
Or enter, upload the license-request.dat file on your MicroSD card of switch. Then the server will send back a license.dat file, and copy license.dat to your MicroSD card. Insert MicroSD card to Switch and enter into RCM, your switch should boot into AceOS custom firmware.

Where to buy New AceNS for hacking Switch 6.2.0?

New AceNS which is built-in battery has been available now. It is pre-loaded Atmosphere/ReiNX/SX OS and supports switching to different payloads by pressing the button on AceNS loader. And AceNS supports Atmosphere/ReiNX for hacking Switch 6.2.0.

AceNS Features

Work on all Nintendo Switch system versions released before June 2018.
Supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payload.
Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS, easy to switch by pressing button.
Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connect to PC.
Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS,MAC OS and LINUX system.
Firmware updatable.

New Features of New AceNS
1. Built-in battery which supports 3 months of standby time and 1 hour of charing time
2. AceNS Loader can store the RCM Jig.
3. + is the button for switching to different payloads
– is the LED which flashes for different payloads

Where to buy New AceNS?

New AceNS is for Sale on dwtechz. You can use it to install Atmosphere/ReiNX on Nintendo Switch and play free games. 1. Dwtechz is the official seller of AceNS. All AceNS from this site are originally from the official team.
2. All AceNS have been tested well before they are shipped. If the card is not working, they will arrange a replacement or refund.
3. It accepts PayPal payment. With this secure payment method, you will have PayPal buyer proetction.
4. It offers Registered Airmail free shipping and ships all over the world. Packages usually arrive about 10-20 days.
5. There is no Customs cost for all packages.

SX OS v2.3 BETA released

SX OS v2.3 BETA was released by TX, is it possible to use SX Pro /SX OS to play free games on Nintendo Switch? What is the news of SX OS v2.3 BETA? Should we update SX OS to v2.3 BETA?

What is the news of SX OS v2.3

SD emuNAND support
Since the introduction of our emuNAND feature we got a lot of comments about our initial decision to make the emuNAND data live on the actual system NAND. After lots of hard work we are happy to say we now have a workable solution for storing your emuNAND partition data on your microSD card. This has the upside of not using up any space on your Switch. In order to use the new microSD emuNAND system you will *not* have to format your microSD card. Simply enter the TX boot menu by holding Volume-+ while powering on your switch. Head into the options menu and select emuNAND on the left. Users of our existing emuNAND solution will see an option to migrate their existing emuNAND data. The migration process also cleans up the old emuNAND from the system NAND. Painless! We’re interested in hearing your feedback about this exciting new functionality.

The ‘Emutendo’ folder
In addition to the new microSD emuNAND system we also introduce the ‘Emutendo’ folder on your microSD card. As you’ve probably noticed, the Switch saves various data to a ‘Nintendo’ folder on your microSD card. To completely decouple this data between your Original Firmware and your EmuNAND enabled firmware we have made EmuNAND enabled systems use this differently named folder. If you want keep using your old SD card data with your emuNAND, simply copy/rename the ‘Nintendo’ folder to ‘Emutendo’.

Added more directories to scan for content
By popular demand we have added yet another list of subdirectories that will be scanned on your microSD card (or USB harddisk) for XCI/NSP/homebrew. The directories that have been added are:
– /sxos/updates
– /sxos/dlc
– /switch/updates
– /switch/dlc

Homebrew menu takeover of any title by holding R
Homebrew is usually launched from either the TX menu or the Homebrew Launcher menu. Both of these applications run as an ‘applet’ on the Switch. Applets do not have access to all of the system’s memory, and thus any homebrew apps or games launched from here are affected by this as well. The only way to allow full use of the system’s memory was to build and install homebrew NSP files. But now we have added another way to give homebrew applications full memory access! You can now hold the (R) button while launching any regular title, and this will launch the Homebrew Launcher Menu. Any homebrew launched from here will run with the same capabilities as a regular Switch game/app. Enjoy!

Loading homebrew from USB
More good news for homebrew lovers. You can now copy homebrew NRO files to your USB harddisk as well, and launch them directly from our SX OS menu.

Stability improvements
Overall stability of many components has been improved. This includes LayeredFS and USB incompatibilities. We have also fixed a bug which would prevent people from launching more than 32 titles.

libusbfs update
Last but not least a small update for developers. We’ve squashed a small bug in libusbfs pertaining the stat() function. If you had issues with this, grab an updated copy of libusbfs from our website!

Should we update SX OS to v2.3 BETA?

After the test on SX OS 2.3. There’s a critical bug in SX OS 2.3. After moving Emunand from NAND to mSD it’ll restore the whole BOOT1 to its original form and backup a copy to sx\emunand\boot1.bin which won’t have EMUNAND recognition inside of it (thanks to restoring to the origin). That causes a black screen when booting to Emunand. There’s a slight difference in sx\emunand\boot0.bin compares to original BOOT0 as well.

The good news here: We won’t touch BOOT0/1 anymore.

Solution: Before moving Emunand to mSD, backup BOOT0, and BOOT1.
After moving EMunand to mSD, rename backup BOOT1 to boot1.bin and copy and paste it to sxos\emunand\ (overwrite when asked)

UPDATE: Backup BOOT0 and BOOT1 (from the Emunand on NAND) then rename to boot0.bin and boot1.bin then copy to sxos\emunand\ > Works Perfectly.
After updating to newer firmware. We should manually adjust BOOT1 to fit the purpose if there is any BOOT1 update available. and manually backup BOOT0 to sx\emunand\boot0.bin as well.

AceNS comes with new packaging and new features

Ace3ds released a new version of AceNS which has new packaging design and new feature. Compared with olf version, the new AceNS has better quality and much powerful function.

New AceNS loader in built-in RCM Jjg which will not lose easily.
+ is the button for switching to different payloads
– is the LED which flashes for different payloads
REINX – Green Light
SX OS – Red Light

New AceNS supports battery power charge and the battery life of AceNS will last longer. There is no need to charge AceNS loader within half a year after it is fully charged by micro usb cable.

Buy New AceNS

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