How to use N2 Elite with USB NFC reader on your PC/Mac?


N2 Elite/ amiiqo is really popular which allows you to emulate Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to multi-slot NFC disc. With new hardware-USB NFC reader, you can use N2 Elite on any PC/Mac. It is much easier for you to save and restore the figure data. In this post, we will introduce you how to use N2 Elite with USB NFC reader on your PC/Mac.

1. Download USB Drivers and N2 Manager Application(Please download right version of files. Both files all have two versions for PC and Mac.)
2. Unzip the two folders. Install USB Drivers on your PC.
If your PC is 32-byte version, please install CP210xVCPInstaller_86.exe
Or your PC is 64-byte version, please install CP210xVCPInstaller_64.exe
3. Connect USB NFC reader to your PC and place N2 Elite/amiiqo on the USB NFC reader. Open N2 Elite Manager5
4. Click “Connect”. “Scan for Tag” will scan your device for any figure data stored on it.6
“Set Bankcount” will set the number of banks (figures) available to be saved on the N2 Elite disc.

“Lock” will lock your N2 Elite disc from being written to avoid overwrite mishaps.8

5. Once you’ve set the number of banks you want stored on your N2 Elite disc, simply double click a slot in the software and load the data from a file.
Tips: All the folders and files outside .bin file must be named in English. All names of .bin must be in in English9

Now you have written the amiibo figure data to your N2 Elite, you can use N2 Elite to play games on your NEW3DS, WIIU and Nintendo Switch. Recently The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is really popular for Nintendo Switch and it supports amiibo. You can get the amiibo data to your N2 Elite and play games with your friends on Nintendo Switch

Download amiibo .bin data from

Now holds Easter Sales Promotion for N2 Elite before April 30.
Amiiqo disc: 49.9USD
N2elite(Amiiqo disc+USB NFC reader): 80.5USD

Nintendo switch system firmware updated to Version 2.2.0


On March 16, Nintendo team released one new system firmware version for their switch console-Version 2.2.0. From the changlog, we can not get much infirmation about update.

Improvements Included in Version 2.2.0
General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

How to update Nintendo switch to 2.2.0?

1. In most situations, the Nintendo Switch will automatically download the most recent system update while it is connected online.
2. You can also manually start the update if necessary.
Turn on your wifi-System Settings-System-System Update

If you want to wait the homebrews of this console, then keep your console in a low firmware version.

N2 Elite (Amiiqo) new Android App 2.0.1 updated

N2 ELITE team updated their Android App to the new version- 2.0.1 which will enable you to enjoy amiibo. Here are the changlog of Android App 2.0.1.

16/04 – Android App 2.0.1 update just released.
* Fixed bug in retail name for unknown figurines.
* Fixed crash if device has no NFC adapter.
* Fixed crash on scanning unsupported tags.
* Fixed crash in some cases when the tag was shortly disconnected.
* Removed lock button to avoid users locking since not needed right now.
* Improved image loading times.

If you want update your N2 Elite (Amiiqo) app to the new version, please
download N2 Android app and Manual 2.0.1.

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Amiiqo disc: 49.9USD
N2elite(Amiiqo disc+USB NFC reader): 80.5USD

Luma3DS v7.0 and v7.0.1 updated.

Mr AuroraWright released the new version of Luma3DS on v7.0 and v7.0.1. Here are the changelog:

Luma3DS v7.0.1

■ hax payloads work again (if you use arm9loaderhax this doesn’t apply).
■ LayeredFS compatibility has been improved (thanks to @svanheulen and NeoBeo): recent Monster Hunter games and update RomFSes which get mounted as “patch:” (like Daigasso’s update) now work.

Luma3DS v7.0

■ Added chainloader selector menu (can be called with START on boot, the START payload can now be booted with L+START).
■ Implemented IPS patcher for code.bin, you need to copy the IPS patch to /luma/titles/<titleID>/code.ips.
■ Added a LayeredFS implementation thanks to @delebile’s hard work. Compatibility should be really good as only two games have been reported as being not working out of all the reports (due to the unusual way they were compiled). To use it, you will need to copy romfs files (following the romfs folder structure) to /luma/titles/<titleID>/romfs/. Coupled with IPS code patching, this allows for easy legal distribution of game translations/hacks.
■ Added unverified New3DS SigHax support (it should work fine, though).
■ Added support for the power button in menus (thanks @d0k3).
■ Added possibility to patch NAND apps (like the eShop).
■ Download Play is now region free (thanks @adibsurani).
■ Signature checks are patched out for 1.x/2.x NATIVE_FIRM and SAFE_FIRMs (thanks @SciresM).
■ PIN changes: PIN is now hidden while being entered, added possibility to clear the inserted PIN by pressing SELECT.
■ Stubbed the SetGpuProt syscall on 11.3+ to make *hax payloads work on Old3DS.
■ Fixed firmlaunch/reboot patch on New3DS 11.4.
■ Fixed config not being saved if a payload was launched after quitting the config menu.
■ Refactored the codebase to limit nested if/elses.
■ Several other improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments and bug fixes have been made to enhance the user experience.


Which is best flashcards for 3DS v11.4.0-37U?

Three days ago, the new firmware version of Nintendo 3DS was alive- 3DS v11.4.0-37. Which is the best r4 card to play free NDS games for 3DS v11.4.0-37U? And which is the best 3ds flashcard for play unlimited 3ds games on 3DS v11.4.0-37U? In this post, we will tell you the r4 card and 3ds flashcards that allows you to play free NDS or 3ds games on 3DS v11.4.0-37U?

3DS flashcards for 3DS v11.4.0-37U



Supports New3DS/3DSXL, 3DS/3DSXL, 2DS.
Supports any 3DS system version(including the newest 11.4.0-37)

Sky3ds+ is one the 3ds flashcart which can support 3DS games on any 3DS firmware version including the latest 11.4.0-37. SKY3DS+ supports 3DS homebrew exploit on 3DSv11.4.0-37

There are several powerful function of sky3ds+. It can always support the newest 3ds games such as FEIf/MHX/Animal Crossing/Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heros. Card users can play many online games with one private header.

Please notice that sky3ds+ can only support 3DS gams, no NDS games.



Supports New3DS/3DSXL, 3DS/3DSXL, 2DS.
Supports any 3DS system version(including the newest 11.4.0-37)

The price of sky3ds has been dropped a lot. Card users who want to play 3ds roms with cheap price can choose sky3ds. Please remember that sky3ds can not support the AP checks 3ds games. When you decide to buy 3ds flashcart, you should have decided to play some games when you get it. Please check if these games you prefer are Ap checks or non AP checks.

R4 cards for 3DS v11.4.0-37U



Compatible with DSi V1.45 and 3DSV11.4.0-37.

R4I GOLD 3DS is the first card to run homebrew on 3DS. It uses wood firmware which is really stable. The DS flashcart nearly support all the NDS games and it has some fetures: good homebrew compatibility,has cheat support, support clean ROMs. With moonshell you can play various audio formats, view various image formats, and play DPG videos.



Work perfectly on 3DSV11.4.0-37 and DSi V1.45

ACE3DS PLUS is the cheapest flashcart in the market. It can always support NDS games on NEW3DS/3DS/2DS/DS. It has several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO. You can also use Ace3ds plus to dump the private header from your original gamecard.



Directly compatibility 3DSV11.4.0-37 and DSi V1.45 and 2DS
Real-time save, real-time guide,user-cheat features.
Realtime skin/themes change function(support random skin/themes selection mode)
Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game.



Compatible with 3DS V11.4.0-37 (J.U.E)and DSi V1.45.
Multi-languages are optional.
Integrated the latest Moonshell 2.0 Beta version
Built-in GBA emulator



Compatible with 2DS/NDSL/NDSi V1.45/3DS11.4.0-37directly
Use wood firmware,quicker firmware updating .
Double game engines, full-featured upgrade cheat function, convenient file-operate function.



Compatible with DSiV1.45 and 3DSV11.4.0-37 directly.
Double game engines, real time save, real time strategy, full-featured upgrade cheat function.

N2 Elite (Amiiqo) New and Improved Android App updated


The N2 Elite(Amiiqo) team updated a new and improved app for Android users with N2 Elite (Amiiqo). This new app supports an improved interface and Mario Sports Superstars. You can enjou using the new Amiibos from this new game.

This new android app is much better. It is easy to select amiibos now without having to go through them one by one. You can download the app 2.0.0 from here: N2 Android app and Manual

The N2 Elite(Amiiqo) team also announced that there will be much key updates to bring you even more wonderful new features.

Now holds Easter Sales Promotion for Amiiqo. During the promotion, you can get the cheapest Amiiqo or N2 Elite.
Amiiqo disc: 49.9USD
Amiiqo+N2elite(USB NFC reader): 80.5USD

Confirmed. SKY3DS+ works on 3DS v11.4.0-37 directly


Nintendo team released the new firmware version for 3DS/NEW3DS/2DS console-
11.4.0-37. We still can not get much information from the changelog. After updating your 3DS, your console will be more stable.

Version 11.4.0-37U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Applies to: New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS

Which flashcard works on 3DS v11.4.0-37 directly?

We have updated our console to 3DSv11.4.0-37J and test sky3ds+ and sky3ds on the latest firmware console. We can confirm that sky3ds+ and sky3ds all work on 3DS v11.4.0-37 directly.
3DS Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World works well with sky3ds+ on 3DS v11.4.0-37 03
3DS Cubic Ninja works well with sky3ds on 3DS v11.4.0-370406
Currently, gateway 3ds can not support Emunand 11.4. Please do not update your console until gateway team released a new GW firmware

Which exploit is patched by 3DS v11.4.0-37?

From the twitter of Smea, USDploit, Safehax and Soundhax have been patched by the current firmware 11.4
Ninjhax works fine on NEW3DS 11.4 ONLY.

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