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Pocket Egg video

In the last post, we introduce you one small accessory for Pokemon Go fans- Pocket Egg. It let you to catch Pokemon and get items automatically in Pokemon Go. Here is a video about how to use Pocket Egg with your Phone.


What is Pocket EGG and how to use Pocket EGG?

One new accessory for Pokemon Go released- Pocket EGG. What is Pocket EGG and how to use it?

Pocket EGG is the upgraded version of Pokemon Go Plus and supports catch Pokemon and collect items automatically in Pokemon Go. If you want to Pocket EGG, you need one smartphone with Bluetooth function.

Pocket EGG features
● Auto collect items in Pokemon Go
● Auto catch Pokemon
● Long battery life over 3 months
● 20m range long distance wireless
● Support vibration and buzzer on/off
● Simple to use

Pocket EGG Package
There are two colors available: Green and Blue
It will come with one Pocket Egg, one User Manual and one Strap
You need prepare a pair of battery

How to use Pocket EGG?
1. Turn on your mobile Blueteeth
2. Tap the Main Menu
3. Tap Settings.
4. Select Pokemon Go Plus in setting page. Poocket Egg will strat to pair automatically
Unparired ID: Green light flashes
Paired ID: Blue light flashes
5. Waiting for pairing. When the Pokemon Go Plus icon turns on, it means pairing is successful.
6. When a Pokomon is close, Pocket EGG will throw a poke ball and catch the Pokemon automatically.
7.You can check on your Smartphone if a pokemon is caught and which pokemon you caught.