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taiHENkaku Beta 2 released, fix PSN spoofing and tons of bugs


With continuous and hard working, Yifan Lu updated a more stable beta of taiHENkaku which has fixed plenty of bugs. Yifan Lu advises that the beta region is used for players and developers to test and report issues. If you are interested in testing this region, please just stay in HENkaku until a public release updates.

New Features

■ Tons of bug fixes! This should fix random crashes/freezes in installation and usage.
■ VitaShell 1.42 is integrated.
■ Plugin loading support: the parsing of ux0:tai/config.txt should be working for developers. Check out the main development portal for details on how to use the configuration and taiHEN releases for the header and stub library to link with.
■ PSN spoofing is restored but WILL break in a couple of days when Sony flips the switch to disable 3.61 access. Please download what you need now.
Version spoofing is done locally in SceSettings now. That means any website that broke because of the version spoofing text would work now.
Missing/Known Issues

■ No cleanup support, if you load TONS of plugins, you might run out of memory.
■ PSN spoofing WILL break in a couple of days. Access might be restored at a later point, keep tuned.
■ Sometimes, right after successful installation, the browser will either crash or show a black screen. This is okay, just press the PS button to exit manually.
■ VitaShell 1.42 settings do not work. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
■ Package installation from safe mode does not work in molecularShell. This will be addressed by The_FloW in the near future.
■ molecularShell now only shows ux0:. This is part of the move to molecularShell being a safe homebrew while VitaShell has full powers. Please install VitaShell manually to access other partitions moving forward.
■ There is no offline installer for this beta.


Henkaku Release 5 updated

Yifanlu updated Henkaku fifth time which aims at fixing some problems with game saves and PSN spoofer. With feed back of Henkaku users, there are problems of game saves. The new update changes how PSN SN spoofer works which will solve this problem. Due to this change, update blocking feature has been removed. Please be careful to not update your console to v3.61.

Here are the changelog of Henkaku Release 5

■ Changed how PSN spoofing is done. This should fix problems a minority of users experience regarding game saves.
■ Modded vs0:shell/shell.self is not supported.
■ Removed update blocking features as a side effect of above.
■ Update to VitaShell 0.91. This is the last VitaShell update bundled into HENkaku. Please use VitaShell’s built in network update feature to update VitaShell as a standalone component.

HENkaku revision 3 supports PSN Spoofing and VHBL


HENkaku revision 3 has been released which bring many new features users expect. Now you can update your HENkaku by rebooting your PS Vita and access to https://henkaku.xyz/  in your brower.

The most important feature of this update is PSN Spoofing which enables PSN access, and you do not need to update to 3.61. Now HENkaku user can be able to access PSN and install PSP homebrew launcher on PS Vita. But Yifanlu do recommend not to access to the PSN on a Henkaku-enabled PS Vita as there might be a risk of being banned by Sony.

HENkaku revision 3 change log

1. PSN spoofing
2. Safe homebrew support
3. VitaShell 0.8
4. Version string
5. Update blocking:to avoid update your console by mistake)
Source:   HENkaku Update