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VitaShell v1.60 supports USB storage on PSTV

The famous developer”the TheFlow” has released a big update for his application VitaShell. VitaShell v1.60 can support USB massive storage on the PSTV/Vita TV.

Changelog 1.60
■ Added ability to mount uma0: and ability to use uma0: as ux0:.
■ Added ability to mount game card as usb device.
■ Added possibility to refresh the livearea.
■ Added scrolling text for long filenames.
■ Added ‘Sort by’ option to context menu (R trigger combo removed).
■ Added ‘Electron’ theme by Acemad, the winner of the VitaShell theme contest.
■ Added theme selector.
■ Improved property dialog animation.
■ Fixed text editor bugs.
■ Fixed bug where USB cable wasn’t recognized.
■ Fixed bug where VitaShell left to livearea after deleting the updater.
■ Removed battery icon in status bar for PSTV.
■ File statistics are now inherited when copying.
■ I/O operations speed will now be showed in KB/s.
■ Made control smoother.

How to use an USB flash drive as Memory Card on a PS TV

1. Format your USB flash drive as exFAT or FAT32.
2. Launch VitaShell and press /\ in the ‘home’ section.
3. Select ‘Mount uma0:’ and attach your USB flash drive. You can now copy stuff from/to your USB stick.
4. Once ‘uma0:’ is listed under the partitions, press /\ again and choose ‘Mount USB ux0:’.
5. Your USB flash drive is now acting as a Memory Card.
6. To sync all your apps on your USB flash drive, press /\ and choose ‘Refresh livearea’. This will NOT refresh PSP games.
7. If you wish to revert the patch, press /\ and select ‘Umount USB ux0:’.

With this big update, you can download the latest VitaShell.vpk and update your VitaShell to v1.60



Vitashell 1.51 updated

TheFloW has updated his Vitashell to version 1.51 and it fixed some bugs with Vitashell 1.5. You can get Vitashell 1.51 from github

VitaShell 1.51 Changelog

■ Fixed bug where ‘Please wait…’ was shown instead of a specifc USB message.
■ Fixed VPK installation crash.
■ Fixed bug where ‘theme.txt’ was always resetted.
■ Updated to newest libftpvita.

VitaShell 1.5 supports USB mass storage transfer

Developer TheFlow updated new version of his application-VitaShell 1.5 with powerful and useful feature. VitaShell 1.5 can support USB mass storage transfer which means you can transfer files to and from your PS Vita directly instead of FTP.

VitaShell 1.5 Changelog

■ Added USB mass storage transfer support.
■ Added RAR archive support (by Mayoshiroi).
■ Added coredump viewer.

If you have installed VitaShell on your PS Vita 3.60 Henkaku, the VitaShell will be updated automatically on your console. Or you can get the latest VitaShell.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60.

taiHENkaku and VitaShell 1.42 released

Team Molecule have updated the new version of HENkaku-taiHENkaku today. It is still in beta stage and still has some issues/bugs. Users are recommended to stay in HENkaku until a stable release comes out. Besides, taiHENkaku only supports PS Vita3.60 now.

VitaShell 1.42 has been updated which adds molecularShell/VitaShell modes. If you want to update VitaShell to v1.42, please download latest .vpk file to update it.

VitaShell 1.42 Changelog
■ Added a brand new settings menu which is accessible by pressing START (design by WesleyPolicena). This adds the ability to disable auto-update and power options have been added where you can reboot, enter standby or turn off your device.
■ Fixed local date being incorrect.
■ The name ‘molecularShell’ will now be displayed if it’s runned as molecularShell, otherwise ‘VitaShell’. This will help differentiating the two applications, as molecularShell is from now on a safe homebrew and doesn’t have the full range of features like VitaShell. Additionally in molecularShell you can see the HENkaku settings section which are hidden in VitaShell (note that both still share the same eboot.bin, only the flag is different).

VitaShell firmware v1.4.1 released with properties feature

Developer TheFloW works hard to update the firmware of his application for PS Vita, which adds many powerful features. VitaShell 1.4.1 supports sorting files/folders and check the properties of any files/folders.

If you want to update your VitaShell to v1.4.1, you can download VitaShell 1.41.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60

Changelog 1.41
Added ability to sort files and folders by size and date. Press R to switch sort method.
Added the long desired ‘Properties’ feature. You can also check whether an eboot.bin is safe or not.

Changelog 1.4
Added group RW permissions on files and folders when moving. Safe homebrews like RetroArch will now recognize files and folders that you have moved from ‘ux0:video’.
Added scanning for dangerous functions in packages.
Added possibility to choose compression level.
Fixed time information in zip archives.