Where to buy cheap EZflash Omega for playing GBA games?

Recently EZflash Omega is pretty popular and many users discuss it. Some user has got it in hard while others are waiting for more comments and reviews of EZflash Omega. They might buy this card after seeing more good message. Where to buy cheap EZflash Omega for playing gba games? Which site is reliable for EZflash Omega?

Definitely. dwtechz.com is a reliable site for buying EZflash Omega. Please check the following reasons:
1. The site has enough EZflash Omega in stock
2. All EZflash Omega cards from this site are originally from official team: http://www.ezflash.cn
3. All cards have been tested well before they are shipped. If the card is not working, they will arrange a replacement or refund.
4. It accepts PayPal payment. With this secure payment method, you will have PayPal buyer proetction.
5. It offers Registered Airmail free shipping and ships all over the world. Packages usually arrive about 10-30 days.

EZflash Omega Kernel 1.01 and Firmware 3.0
improved compatibility with original GBA
improved stability with various microSD
fixed bugs related with softreset
known issue:
NORFLASH is not useable on original GBA, for now.
Final Fantasy Tactics will be frozen on saving.


Nintendo switch system update 5.0.2 has been released

The nintendo team released anew system update for switch-5.0.2. If you want to improve the stabiliity of your switch, then you can update it. Or you want to homebrew your switch in the future, please keep your switch in the lower firmware version.

Improvements Included in Version 5.0.2 (Distributed 4/16/2018)
General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

■ Resolved an issue that caused motion controls to respond incorrectly when playing games that use the feature
■ Resolved an issue that caused user icons for recommended friends to not display correctly

PS4 system software updated to 5.53

Yesterday, one new sysytem software of PlayStation 4 was released. As always, the changelog of PS4 5.53 is still one sentence “This system software update improves system performance.”

But Mathieulh confirmed that PS4 5.53 has patched 5.05/5.50 Webkit exploit on his twitter.

The new update allows to choose ow much data you want them to collect from your console. This includes data about online services (which cannot be deactivated), and navigation data (how you use the console. That part can be turned off).

Note: If you want to hack your console in the future, do not update your PS4 and keep it in lower firmware version. Or you do not mind it, just update your console directly.

Is the PS5 Leak fake?

Recently, many gaming sites have received an document called “Project Epsilon Preliminary Overview.zip” which is claimed is from a source within Sony. The document writes that Sony’s next-generation console will be powered by AMD.

The document content:

■ 100% backwards compatible with PS4 games
■ Fully compatible with PS VR and PlayStation Move offering a improved VR experience
■ CPU: AMD Zen 8 cores – single-chip custom processor
■ GPU: 14.20 TFLOPS, AMD Navi-based graphics engine
■ Memory: 32GB GDDR6 technology
■ Storage – 1TB SSD

There are also many other information about PS5. Do you think they are fake or real? We will list the information here and you can jude them by yourself.

■ All PS4 and PS4 Pro titles will have an update patch to run better on PS5
■ Stably rotating games at 60 frames per second

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