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HENkaku R9 for PS Vita released


Good news. HENkaku R9 was released yesterday. The most powerful feature of this update is new HENkaku settings screen.

HENkaku Release 9
■ Fixed a bug in one of the patch that may crash SceShell
■ Disabled triggering of (nonworking) force reinstall in offline mode
■ Fixed slow file reading in molecularShell
■ Fixed crash in installing VPK (thanks d3m3vilurr)
■ Moved HENkaku settings to the official Settings application (thanks The_FloW)
■ Fixed problem of molecularShell corrupting VitaShell theme and settings (thanks The_FloW)
■ (12/05/2017) Added helper menu for users confused with the settings move

If your want to update your HENkaku to Release 9, reboot your console and visit the official site henkaku.xyz within the console’s browser.
HENkaku only works on PS Vita 3.60 now. If you want to keep using HENkaku, please do not update your PS Vita console.


Henkaku Ensō on PS Vita 3.60 by Team Molecule

Team Molecule released a video about the new version of Henkaku-HENkaku ensō on PS Vita 3.60. From the HENkaku Ensō page, we know that it might be released on 29th of July 2017.

From the video, we know that HENkaku Ensō is an autobooting version of HENkaku and no longer needs to be reapplied. Besides, Henkaku Ensō may turn taiHEN into a full CFW. There is a important feature of Henkaku Ensō – custom boot logo.
HENkaku Ensō Page: https://enso.henkaku.xyz/

Henkaku Ensō Video

VitaShell 1.2 is out

With continuous working hard, TheFloW released new update of his firmware-VitaShell 1.2 which offers manager, package installer and built-in FTP under PS Vita Henkaku. The new update adds many powerful and useful features, such as export photo/music files and unused updater bubble removal.

If you want to the new version of VitaShell, download the latest VitaShell.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60 Henkaku.

VitaShell 1.2 Changelog

■ Added ability to export photo and music files (‘More’ -> ‘Export media’).
■ Added battery percentage to system information (thanks to littlebalup).
■ Added toolbox where more features will have place, by theorywrong (press START).
■ Improved stability for file browser delete operation.
■ Pressing L in the music player will now restart the song if the song is not at the beginning.
■ VitaShell will now remove the unused updater bubble after successful updating.

SMOKE’s VPK Mirror Direct Installer allows to install homebrews directly from PS Vita


Developer SMOKE released VPK Mirror Direct Installer which can be used to download and install homebrews directly from PS Vita via vpkmirror.com under PS Vita hack Henkaku. And it means this tool can only be installed on PS Vita 3.60.

By installing and running VPK Mirror Direct Installer, your brower on PS Vita will be opened and access to vpkmirror.com. Then you can choose and download homebrews and games here.

VPK Mirror Direct Installer Instructions:
1. Download the direct installer VPK from here.
2. Move it to your Vita using FTP.
3. Install the VPK using VitaShell.
4. Run the VPK Mirror bubble – it’ll modify your app.db on the first launch.
5. Then you can install homebrews directly by visiting vpkmirror.com with the Vita’s browser and clicking on a “Direct” link.

Henkaku Release 6 with GPU Overclocking

One daya ago, The Yifanlu released an important release of Henkaku-Henkaku Release 6. The most powerful feature of Release 6 is that users can overlock the GPU of the Vita from 166mhz to 222mhz which will improve your framerates. Chrisfand’s video confirmed that game run much more smoothly on a Vita with its GPU boosted at 222MHz.

Release 6
■ Whitelisted scePowerSetGpuClockFrequency, scePowerRequestColdReset, scePowerRequestStandby, and scePowerRegisterCallback
■ Fixed rare bug which crashes modded SceShell. There is still no PSN spoofing for modded SceShell
■ Removed “welcome” message when triggering exploit (was used for debugging and is no longer needed)

To install Release 6, you can reboot your PS Vita 3.60 and go to https://henkaku.xyz/ on your brower.

QCMA: how to update your PS Vita to system firmware v3.60


PS Vita system firmware has been updated to v3.61, while the kernel homebrew of PS Vita- Henkaku is compatible with v3.60, patched by PS Vita 3.61. Many people want to know how to update to firmware3.60 not 3.61. We all know, PS Vita will update your console to the latest firmware v3.61 with system update. In this post, we will introduce you how to update your PS Vita firmware to 3.60 with QCMA.

Please note that you can only use this tutorial to upgrade to v3.60 from older firmware version, but not downgrade to v3.60.

1. Download PS Vita 3.60 firmware: PSVUPDAT.PUP, rename it to PSP2UPDAT.PUP.
2. Download and install QCMA
3. Download xml file. Create a new folder and named PS Vita. Copy PSP2UPDAT.PUP and xml file to this folder, and browse the destination in QCMA to it.
Please note that the xml file is for us version of the PS Vita, you will need to update the xml and replace <region id=”us”> with <region id=”xx”> where “xx” is your region.
4. Bootup your PS Vita and set it with airplane mode in the settings.
5. Run QCMA on your PC and connect it with your PS Vita via USB cable.
6. Access to Vita’s Setting→ System Update → Update from PC
7. Please make sure that the update says Firmware 3.60, then update it.
Source: wololo.net

Henkaku revision4 updated

There is a minor update to Henkaku- revision 4. This update fixes YouTube not wkrong problem on brower and adds internal storage support for PSTV and Vita Slim, not PS Vita. Besides, it also updated to VitaShell 0.86

VitaPad 1.1 updates which allows you to transform your PS Vita as your PC controller. It is necessary to run VitaPad on a hackable PS Vita. If you want to install VitaPad 1.1, you need to have a PS Vita v3.60 with Henkaku installed.
Here are changlog of VitaPad 1.1vitapad

■ Added Linux support
■ Added possibility to change controls binding by editing the XML file even during execution.
■ Now the application uses a safe eboot.
■ Added mouse emulation through touchscreen (mouse movement) and retrotouch (mouse clicks).