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HENkaku R9 for PS Vita released


Good news. HENkaku R9 was released yesterday. The most powerful feature of this update is new HENkaku settings screen.

HENkaku Release 9
■ Fixed a bug in one of the patch that may crash SceShell
■ Disabled triggering of (nonworking) force reinstall in offline mode
■ Fixed slow file reading in molecularShell
■ Fixed crash in installing VPK (thanks d3m3vilurr)
■ Moved HENkaku settings to the official Settings application (thanks The_FloW)
■ Fixed problem of molecularShell corrupting VitaShell theme and settings (thanks The_FloW)
■ (12/05/2017) Added helper menu for users confused with the settings move

If your want to update your HENkaku to Release 9, reboot your console and visit the official site henkaku.xyz within the console’s browser.
HENkaku only works on PS Vita 3.60 now. If you want to keep using HENkaku, please do not update your PS Vita console.


VitaShell 1.61 updated

TheFloW released VitaShell 1.61 for fix some bugs one day after VitaShell 1.60 which supports USB massive storage on PSTV/Vita TV. You can update your VitaShell via internet or download the latest firmware from github.

Changelog 1.61

■ Fixed database corruption crash by inheriting ‘calendar’, ‘mms’ and ‘mtp’ when mounting USB ux0:.
■ Fixed bug where insufficient memory dialog appeared on uma0:.
■ Fixed bug where pressing triangle crashed if unsafe mode was disabled.

VitaShell 1.5 supports USB mass storage transfer

Developer TheFlow updated new version of his application-VitaShell 1.5 with powerful and useful feature. VitaShell 1.5 can support USB mass storage transfer which means you can transfer files to and from your PS Vita directly instead of FTP.

VitaShell 1.5 Changelog

■ Added USB mass storage transfer support.
■ Added RAR archive support (by Mayoshiroi).
■ Added coredump viewer.

If you have installed VitaShell on your PS Vita 3.60 Henkaku, the VitaShell will be updated automatically on your console. Or you can get the latest VitaShell.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60.

PS Vita firmware 3.63 is out


Today, Sony updates the new firmware of PS Vita-3.63. There seems no big change. The changelog is “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.”

For HENkaku user, please do not update your PS Vita to 3.63. As HENkaku is only accessible when you are in PS Vita 3.60. If you update console to the latest firmware, there will no way to hack your console again or downgrade it.

There is also good news that VHBL, custom themes, and the whitelist trick still work on 3.63.

PS Vita Cheat Plugin-GoHANmem v1.00 released

Two day ago, Mr一粒米饭07 in Chinese BaiDu forum released a cheat plugin for PS Vita-GoHANmem v1.00

GoHANmem v1.00 features
Searches, modifies and locks memory value
Supports cheat code
Views table of memory value
Extracts the specified memory segment
Modifies the specified address data

Interface of searching/modifying data1

View memory

Cheat code: Press button up and down to choose code, Press button left and right to modify or lock value. Press STRAT to run it.
If you want to cancel the state of lock, press ○ button to switch it.3

Advanced function interface(extract memory segment and write/lock data of specified address)
Extracts the specified memory segment, and the extracted file is in the directory of ux0:/data/GoHANmem/mem/
Format:game ID_mem_0xspecified address_3digit number.bin
You can extract it many times and 3 digit number is incremented4

Simple instruction
Modify coin value. For example:58785

Press SELECT+ START button, GoHANmem interface will show.6

Press □/△ button to choose option
The search scope is calculated automatically by program. Usually, there is no need to modify it and you can search it directly.
If there is no search result, you can change the search scope.
For example: in Ninja Gaiden 2, you can change the search scope to 0x81000000-0x83000000. Then you can get search results
Enter Target value(目标数值) 5878
Choose First search(首次搜索), press START button to run it.
If search results is less than 16, it will be displayed on the right part7

Press X button to back to game and use some coins. For example, coins remain 4438
Switch to cheat interface, change Target value(目标数值) to 4438
Choose Search again(再次搜索)
There will be only one result8

Press □ button and modify the coin value to 999999, press START button to run it.
Then back to game, the coin has been changed to 999999
If you want to save the cheat code, select Save Code(保存代码) and press START button. The code will be saved to the directory of ux0:/data/GoHANmem/db/9

Extracts the specified memory segment6
For example: in Ninja Gaiden 2, you can change the search scope to 0x81000000-0x83000000. Then you can get search results and modify/lock the data.111213
You can extract memory many times. Everytime the value changes, you can extract the memory once.
Format:game ID_mem_0x specified address_3 digit number.bin
3 digit number is incremented14

SMOKE’s VPK Mirror Direct Installer allows to install homebrews directly from PS Vita


Developer SMOKE released VPK Mirror Direct Installer which can be used to download and install homebrews directly from PS Vita via vpkmirror.com under PS Vita hack Henkaku. And it means this tool can only be installed on PS Vita 3.60.

By installing and running VPK Mirror Direct Installer, your brower on PS Vita will be opened and access to vpkmirror.com. Then you can choose and download homebrews and games here.

VPK Mirror Direct Installer Instructions:
1. Download the direct installer VPK from here.
2. Move it to your Vita using FTP.
3. Install the VPK using VitaShell.
4. Run the VPK Mirror bubble – it’ll modify your app.db on the first launch.
5. Then you can install homebrews directly by visiting vpkmirror.com with the Vita’s browser and clicking on a “Direct” link.

Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.1 released

In last post, we reported that Henkaku Released 6 can overlock the GPU of the PS Vita. To enjoy this function, you need to install Better Amphetamine Plugin on your PS Vita 3.60 with Henkaku R6.

So, what is Better Amphetamine Plugin? Better Amphetamine Plugin is developped by BeatPlay, which originally enables users to overclock CPU of vita. But now you can install it with Henkaku R6 to overclock your GPU allowing for better performance in games.

Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.1

■ fixed clockrate not changing
■ removed faulty FPS counter
■ allowing 222mhz GPU

How to install Better Amphetamine Plugin
1. Download Better Amphetamine Plugin and copy amphetamine.suprx to the ux0:/plugins/ folder
2. Create a new txt file and named game.txt, place it in ux0:/plugins/ folder
3. Add this line x0:/plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1 to txt and save it
4. When you play dumped games on your PS Vita, press Select and the overclocking menu will show.