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SX OS v2.3 BETA released

SX OS v2.3 BETA was released by TX, is it possible to use SX Pro /SX OS to play free games on Nintendo Switch? What is the news of SX OS v2.3 BETA? Should we update SX OS to v2.3 BETA?

What is the news of SX OS v2.3

SD emuNAND support
Since the introduction of our emuNAND feature we got a lot of comments about our initial decision to make the emuNAND data live on the actual system NAND. After lots of hard work we are happy to say we now have a workable solution for storing your emuNAND partition data on your microSD card. This has the upside of not using up any space on your Switch. In order to use the new microSD emuNAND system you will *not* have to format your microSD card. Simply enter the TX boot menu by holding Volume-+ while powering on your switch. Head into the options menu and select emuNAND on the left. Users of our existing emuNAND solution will see an option to migrate their existing emuNAND data. The migration process also cleans up the old emuNAND from the system NAND. Painless! We’re interested in hearing your feedback about this exciting new functionality.

The ‘Emutendo’ folder
In addition to the new microSD emuNAND system we also introduce the ‘Emutendo’ folder on your microSD card. As you’ve probably noticed, the Switch saves various data to a ‘Nintendo’ folder on your microSD card. To completely decouple this data between your Original Firmware and your EmuNAND enabled firmware we have made EmuNAND enabled systems use this differently named folder. If you want keep using your old SD card data with your emuNAND, simply copy/rename the ‘Nintendo’ folder to ‘Emutendo’.

Added more directories to scan for content
By popular demand we have added yet another list of subdirectories that will be scanned on your microSD card (or USB harddisk) for XCI/NSP/homebrew. The directories that have been added are:
– /sxos/updates
– /sxos/dlc
– /switch/updates
– /switch/dlc

Homebrew menu takeover of any title by holding R
Homebrew is usually launched from either the TX menu or the Homebrew Launcher menu. Both of these applications run as an ‘applet’ on the Switch. Applets do not have access to all of the system’s memory, and thus any homebrew apps or games launched from here are affected by this as well. The only way to allow full use of the system’s memory was to build and install homebrew NSP files. But now we have added another way to give homebrew applications full memory access! You can now hold the (R) button while launching any regular title, and this will launch the Homebrew Launcher Menu. Any homebrew launched from here will run with the same capabilities as a regular Switch game/app. Enjoy!

Loading homebrew from USB
More good news for homebrew lovers. You can now copy homebrew NRO files to your USB harddisk as well, and launch them directly from our SX OS menu.

Stability improvements
Overall stability of many components has been improved. This includes LayeredFS and USB incompatibilities. We have also fixed a bug which would prevent people from launching more than 32 titles.

libusbfs update
Last but not least a small update for developers. We’ve squashed a small bug in libusbfs pertaining the stat() function. If you had issues with this, grab an updated copy of libusbfs from our website!

Should we update SX OS to v2.3 BETA?

After the test on SX OS 2.3. There’s a critical bug in SX OS 2.3. After moving Emunand from NAND to mSD it’ll restore the whole BOOT1 to its original form and backup a copy to sx\emunand\boot1.bin which won’t have EMUNAND recognition inside of it (thanks to restoring to the origin). That causes a black screen when booting to Emunand. There’s a slight difference in sx\emunand\boot0.bin compares to original BOOT0 as well.

The good news here: We won’t touch BOOT0/1 anymore.

Solution: Before moving Emunand to mSD, backup BOOT0, and BOOT1.
After moving EMunand to mSD, rename backup BOOT1 to boot1.bin and copy and paste it to sxos\emunand\ (overwrite when asked)

UPDATE: Backup BOOT0 and BOOT1 (from the Emunand on NAND) then rename to boot0.bin and boot1.bin then copy to sxos\emunand\ > Works Perfectly.
After updating to newer firmware. We should manually adjust BOOT1 to fit the purpose if there is any BOOT1 update available. and manually backup BOOT0 to sx\emunand\boot0.bin as well.


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Which site has SX Pro in stock?

Xecuter SX Pro has been popular recently for hacking Nintendo switch and plya free switch games. Which site has SX Pro in stock and where to buy cheap SX Pro?

Dwtechz has enough SX Pro in stock. All SX Pro in this sites are original and come from the official TX team. If your item is fake or not working, you can request a refund or a replacement.
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SX OS download is available

Great News. SX OS is released by Team Xecuter. SX OS is a custom firmware that can be used with the SX Pro tool kit (strongly recommended for ease of use and safety) or for advanced users as a stand alone OS.

Download SX OS 1.0
Download SX Loader 1.0

SX OS Manual V1

You can aslo load FREE homebrew from a non activated SX OS install if you do not buy a SX Pro or a SX OS license. But if you want to play free switch games and enjoy more advanced functions, you need a SX Pro or a SX OS.

Q: How do I re-enter TX boot menu
A: Press and hold vol+ and keep holding until you see the TX splash screen

Q: How do I access my albums while in SX-OS CFW mode ?
A: Hold down L while opening album

Q: How do I access HomeBrew ?
A: Hold down R while opening album

Q: How do I load my backup roms ?
A: Simply enter album an select you rom file, all rom files should be placed in the root directory of the console micro SD

Q: HomeBrew menu loads but none of my apps are showing, what is wrong ?
A: Please try re-format the micro-SD card using a windows machine, we have encountered this issue when using OS-X ex-fat formatted cards.

Xecuter SX Pro will be released on June 15th, where to buy SX Pro?

SX Pro and SX OS are confirmed to ship to the official seller on June 15th. Many players are looking forwards to getting SX Pro/ SX OS as soon as possible for playing switch games. Where to buy SX Pro?

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Xecuter released SX Pro unboxing video and shows us the packaging pictures and package content of SX Pro.

SX Pro Pictures
SX Pro package content:
one USB Dongle
one Jig
one USB cable.
Weight: 30g. Dimensions: 10*7*1.4cm

Video: Xecuter SX Pro /SX OS works on Switch 5.1.0 with games and homebrew

Team Xecuter released a video and confirmed that Xecuter SX Pro /SX OS works fine on Switch 5.1.0 with running games and homebrew. From the video, you can find the general steps of using Xecuter SX Pro /SX OS on switch console.

The content of the video is as follows.
1. Stay your switch console power off. Connect the USB dongle to the Switch’s USB type-C port and attach the jig to the Switch’s right-hand side Joycon rail.
2. start the RCM mode by simultaneously pressing the power button + volume button
3. SX logo is displayed, then SX menu is displayed
4. Remove USB dongle and jig. Insert right Joycon to console
5. tap the option “boot custom FW” on the menu
6. The switch is booted into CFW
7. Switch games in real-time
8. Activate games

Pictures of Xecuter SX Pro / SX OS Assembly Line released.

The team Xecuter shared some photos about Xecuter SX Pro / SX OS Assembly Line which were taken inside of the their factory. They also released the forth FAQ for SX Pro.

SX Pro FAQ #4

Q: Is SX OS compatible with firmware 5.1.0
A: Of course. And as we stated before, it will be compatible with the next updates as well. We are offering a future proof solution.

Q: Will the SX OS for people who bought it ‘stand alone’ be delivered before the SX OS for people who bought SX Pro?
A: Not necessarily. SX Pro will be shipped in the days to come to distributors. SX OS will be unlocked a bit after the reviewers get their units (all reviewers receive SX Pro).
So depending on the speed of delivery to your distributor and then to you, SX Pro could come before SX OS stand alone. It probably will be very close.

Q: Why is there – and + symbols engraved in the SX Pro dongle?
Since USB-C devices can be plugged in either way, people are worried if dongle plugged in upside down, the + on left and – on right, and SX label facing down, that the Switch will blew up or get bricked, etc.
A: They are here just for cosmetic reasons. The – symbol is also the LED window.

Q: Yikes, those are two huge caps in render picture? Is that going to taser my Switch, damage my system, or zap me!
A: Super Cap’s actually (super-capacitor), 0.35F 2.7V, given the transport issues with Lithium based batteries SuperCap’s are fast becoming the go to temporary power source.
No zapping ( very low voltage ) and we limit the charge current to ~400mA peak for either USB port.

Q: Huh, two caps, how do they get ‘charged’? Do I have now and then plug my dongle into micro-USB cable to charge it, what happens when it runs out of power? — Why not battery instead? — Does it instead drain my Switch battery, what happens if I leave it plugged in.
A: The SuperCap’s are charged from either usb port ( USB-C or Micro USB ). The caps offer approximately 1 week standby time with enough energy left for one boot, or at least 5 successive boots without the opportunity to auto-charge. Charge to 80% is achieved (automatically) within 1-2 seconds of entry into the Nintendo start menu. We are working reducing that considerably … (see above for why not battery). Because we are powered by s-cap’s we have a very power conscious design.
Leaving the dongle in the console for more than a minute is pointless but will do no harm in any way to the dongle and drain very little battery ( currently we draw ~25mA but will work on reducing that considerably after ~1-2 minutes charge mode).

Q: Can I charge my Switch via dongle?
Using just micro-usb cable, removing the need of needing a proper usb-c cable.
A: Sadly no, our intent for the micro USB port was for charging the dongle and firmware updates, but might be something we will consider for future hardware revisions, thanks.

Q: There been reports of cables, and docks without that bricked the battery charging circuit, are we at risk with SX Pro solution?
A: No, simply because we do not support charging. The dongle uses both USB ports only for receiving charge.