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Does Gateway 3ds support 3DS 11.3 Emunand?


As Nintendo 3DS 11.3 has been released for several days, we are waiting the news from gateway team to confirm when the gateway 3ds supports 3DS 11.3 Emunand. Two days ago, gateway team announced that the new gateway firmware for 3DS 11.3 Emunand will be released by a couple of weeks max. As they are working hard for a new update for Gateway.

Please do not update your Emunand until the gateway team confirms that gateway 3ds can support 3DS 11.3 Emunand.


How to use Gateway 3DS to play Pokemon Sun and Moon?


Pokemon Sun and Moon has been released for several days. The new Pokemon games are really popular. Which 3ds flashcard can support Pokemon Sun and Moon directly.

However, sky3ds+ users can not play Pokemon Sun and Moon on sky3ds+ as Nintendo team has added one new AP check to this game. Sky3ds+ can not circumvent it currently. Many sky3ds+ users are worried about the issue. Please do not worry about it, and sky3ds team will release a new firmware to circumvent the new AP checks. Once the new firmware is updated, you can download it on sky3ds official team which allows you to play Pokemon Sun and Moon directly with sky3ds+ on 3DS.

So how about gateway 3ds? Can we use gateway 3ds to play Pokemon Sun and Moon? The answer is Yes. In this post, we will tell you how to use your gateway 3ds to play Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Gateway firmware 3.7.2 on N3DS/3DS V4.1-9.2emunand 11.2
micro SD card exfat
Pokemon Sun and Moon

1. Install Gateway firmware 3.7.2 on your 3DS and update 3DS to emunand 11.2
2. A: Clear the Pokemon Sun and Moon in Extra Data (System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Extra Data > Pokémon Sun / Moon)
B: Delete these or back these up: 0004000000175E00.sav and 0004000000164800.sav (Located at the root of your SD Card on o3DS and probably in your internal microSD card on n3DS)
3. Download card1to2.zip and extract it. Place. 3ds ROM of Pokemon Sun and Moon to in the same directory as card1to2.exe
4. Drop the ROM on the card1to2.exe program, press 1 and press enter and press enter again to close the command window.
5. Download Gateway_ROM_Patcher_v1.2.zip and extract it. Open Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2, make sure .3dz is checked and load your Pokemon ROM into it. Make sure that ‘Rename ROM extension to “.3dz” after modification is ticked too. press “Import Header from File”, find and select your private header.
These will pop out:
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM size. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT NO.
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM Media Type. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT NO.
6. Now that your ROM’s file extension is .3dz with your own private header in it, close the Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2
7. Re-open the Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2, load the ROM and it will ask these questions again:
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM size. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT YES.
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM Media Type. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT YES.
Then press apply.
Now copy your ROM into your MicroSD then try to play Pokemon Sun and Moon

Source and more details: [Tutorial] Pokemon Sun and Moon on Gateway.

Gateway 3DS 4.1B Private Beta released

gateway new

After gateway 4.0B Private Beta released, there are many feedback sent to gateway official team. Gateway team has been hard- working in deal with the feedback and reports. There is a new private beta -Gateway 3DS 4.1B release which will fix some issue about Gateway Time Machine and improve stability of GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) feature.

Gateway 3DS 4.1B Private Beta changelog:
1. Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 Gateway Time Machine issue for N3DS
2. Fixed WiFi issue for Gateway Time Machine on O3DS
3. Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
4. Repacked N3DS & O3DS US Gateway Time Machine data pack
5. Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
6. Menu lockout implemented.

In the past, all gateway users are able to get into the Gateway menu by holding down the [L] button during boot. But now, users need to hold down L+select to access to Gateway menu while GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) has been installed on 3DS. If you do not want to use GATEWAY FASTBOOT(A9LH) , you can still hold down L button to go to gateway menu.

In the end, the official team says that there will be something exciting in the next update.I believe all gateway 3ds users wonder what is new in the next update.
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Gateway 4.0B private beta released, how to setup A9LH on your O3DS/N3DS?


After long time waiting, gateway 3ds team finally released a Gateway 4.0B private
beta. This 4.0B private beta has added GW Time Machine app & A9LH Installer, but
no 10.3 sysnand support. As it is a private beta, but not the public beta. Gateway
3ds team still works hard on the feedback from beta testers and want to give card
users the the best, safest and user-friendliest program. There will be a public beta, i
guess. Please be careful to use the 4.0B private beta, and there should be still risk
of bricking.

If you want to use Gateway 4.0B private beta, please do backup 3DS NAND and has
one way to restore it. There is new page for Gateway 4.0B private beta and you can
lean it from its Private Beta Program

Gateway 4.0B beta change log (20160601)

1. Time Machine compatibility and stability fixes
2. GATEWAY Menu compatibility and stability fixes
3. Rename ‘Nintendo 3DS’ folder to 3DS_BAK (N3DS)
4. Add warning/nag screen when A9LH user tries to boot into sysNAND (to prevent
accidentical sysNAND updates)
5. Time Machine won’t allow 9.x to 2.x downgrade on O3DS (Must upgrade to 10.x
first, then go down to 2.x)
6. OTP.bin is now detected when entering A9LH install and offers a way to re-install
A9LH (without the nand restore step)
7. Users who have an old browser (non A9LH related entrypoint) and were getting
served the wrong payload can now use: http://go.gateway-3ds.com/old/
8. Forced restore of emuNAND for N3DS and sysNAND for O3DS+N3DS prior to A9
install finalization.

One O3DS/NEW3DS console(JP,US,EUR) with working wifi
One gateway 3ds
Gateway 4.0B beta
Time Machine data packs: N3DS (USA) / O3DS (USA)

Pre Setup

Step 1, Download “Gateway 4.0B beta.zip” and extract it. There are two folders on
Gateway 4.0B beta folder: “Console SD” folder and “Red Card uSD” folder.
Copy the contents of the “Console SD” folder on to root of your consoles SD card;
Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder folder on to root of your GW Red Card
microSD card.


Step 2, Make sure you have WiFi configured and working.
Step 3, Delect “boot.3ds” in your consoles SD card and copy the file “boot.3ds” in
“Console SD” folder and launcher.dat to the root directory of your consoles SD card.
Step 4, Download Time Machine data packs compatiable with your 3DS console
version; O3DS in Jap-tm_o3ds_jap.bin. Copy this file to your consoles SD card.622

Step 5, If your 3DS console is above 9.2(for example 10.3 ):
Boot GW_TIMEMACHINE.3DSX using your favourite homebrew entrypoint. In the
GATEWAY Time Machine menu, select “[upgrade] 9.2.0-20J”. Please do not power off
when downgrading.
perform selftest[recommended]
[downgrade] 2.1.0J
[upgrade] 9.2.0-20J
[current] 10.3.0-28J623

When downgrading finishes, there will be notice to shutdown your


Step 6. Go to gateway emunand menu and select “backup system nand” to backup
your 3DS NAND. Inject your consoles SD card and there will be a NAND.bin file which
is your 3DS nand. Copy NAND.bin to your PC.(If your console is under 9.2, you can
ignore the step 5)626
How to setup A9LH on O3DS/O3DSLL/O3DSXL?

1. Go to GATEWAY Time Machine menu, select “[upgrade] 10.3.0-28J”. downgrading
finishes, turn off then power on your console

perform selftest[recommended]
[downgrade] 2.1.0J
[current] 9.2.0-20J
[upgrade] 10.3.0-28J


2. Go to GATEWAY Time Machine menu again and select “[downgrade] 2.1.0J”. When
it is completed, shutdown your console. Then turn on the 3ds and go to system
settings. There will be ver 2.1.0-4J icon which means you have downgrade your 3DS


3. Go to browser and enter go.gateway-3ds.com to access to gateway menu;
Select A9LH INSTALLER, press A Start button and then press Start button to install
A9LH. Please do not power, or your console will brick. Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your N3DS!


How to setup A9LH on NEW3DS/N3DSLL/N3DSXL?

1. Go to gateway mode and make sure you have WiFi configured and working
correctly. Press select button, the GATEWAY Time Machine menu will show. 62146215
2. Press the icon and then select”[downgrade] 2.1.0J” and turn off console when done. Then turn on your N3DS console.
3. Boot back into GATEWAY 3DS menu and select A9LH Installer menu option, follow
instructions on screen
4. Turn off your N3DS and inject your consoles SD card. Delect the “Nintendo 3DS”
5. Start your N3DS again, open up web browser and surf to http://go.gateway-
6. Go to A9LH Installer menu option again, follow instructions on screen until
congratulations message appears.
7. Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your N3DS!

Gateway 4.0B private beta faq

Q: My console is not booting into 2.x
A: Try ejecting your SD card, if this helps, rename/delete the ‘Nintendo 3DS’ folder
and try again.

Q: Can you provide a BIN file that is compatible with my existing A9LH (non-GW)
A: We’re working on a solution for this.

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