VitaShell 1.43 and taiHENkaku Beta 5 updated


VitaShell 1.43 updated which aims at the new feature of taiHENkaku Beta 5. It can reload the config.txt file for taiHENkaku without rebooting your console. If you want to update your vitaShell to 1.43, please download VitaShell 1.43.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60

Changelog for VitaShell 1.43
■ Added taiHEN config.txt reload option available in molecularShell.
■ Changed default HENkaku spoofed version to 3.63.
■ Fixed bug where you couldn’t exit the application.

Changelog for taiHENkaku Beta 5
■ Rewrote the kernel payload and installer. Installer should be more stable now.
■ Add ability to update HENkaku config and taiHEN config.txt without needing a reboot. VitaShell needs to be updated to use this feature though.
■ Fixed some hooking issues in taiHEN


How to unban 002-0102 After Playing Pokemon Sun and Moon Online?


Many users’ 3DS consoles have been banned for using pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon and played online before the games released. They get a 002-0102 error message when playing online. It seems like a permanent ban which does not allow you to go to eshop or playing online games(all online games, not only Sun and Moon).Recently some users’ 3DS consoles have been unbanned by Nintendo team, while other 3DS consoles not.

In this post, we will introduce you how to unban 002-0102.
Video: [3DS] How To Unban 002-0102 After Playing Pokémon S/M Online

The banned 3ds
An unbanned 3ds
Decrypt9 running on both

1. Boot up decrypt9 on the unbanned 3ds.
2. Select sysnand options and dump Dump LocalFriendCodeSeed_B
3. Connect the sd card to your PC and backup the file you just dumped
4. Download nnidsave.bin
5. Boot up decrypt9 on the banned 3ds and dump secureinfo_A
6. Open secureinfo_A in a hex editor. The very last line should be your 3ds console id. To confirm this, it should match up to the code on the back of your 3ds. Without changing the first 2 letters, just change some random numbers and make a new id.
7. Copy the files: LocalFriendCodeSeed_B, nnidsave.bin and edited secureinfo_A to the files9 folder of the banned 3ds.
8. Go into decrypt9 on the banned 3ds and inject all 3 files. Congratulations your 3ds is unbanned.

Note :
1. This tutorial will help get the 3ds working on the eshop and online games. I cannot confirm account based things like pokemon bank still work, but i would assume they do.
2. Note that your friends list and games will still be there.
3. You cannot access nnid settings after being banned, even after this method. Yours eshop history will also disappear.

Source: How to unban your nintendo 3ds

DragonHaX – Dragon Quest VII Cheat Engine NTR Plugin for N3DS/O3DS


Two weeks ago, we post the news about SUMOHaX Pokemon Sun/Moon Cheat Engine NTR Plugin for N3DS. The developer Red released a new Cheat Engine NTR Plugin for Dragon Quest VII on ALL 3DS console. To some extent, you can customize the process of playing Dragon Quest VII

How to install DragonHaX?
1. Download and install BootNTR selector to your 3DS if you do not have already
2. Download DragonHaX and extract it to your plugin folder on your 3ds
3. Launch BootNTR and wait to kick to the home menu
4. Select your game and press A button

How to use this plugin

Press [Select] to shows up the menu
–> You can navigate in the menu with the DPAD Key UP and DOWN
–> Press A to activate / de-activate a cheat
–> Press B to exit the menu and return to the game
–> You can change the hotkey for showing up the menu by pressing [Start] in the menu
–> You can adjust the speed of the cheats execution by pressing [Select] in the menu
— You can easily navigate in a spoiler with those keys:
–> DPAD Key Left: Go back to the upper line of the spoiler
–> DPAD Key Right: Go to the last line of the spoiler

Cheats Included
– Max Gold
– All characters max stats
– Hero Max Stats
– Hero Max HP
– Hero Max MP
– Maribel Max HP
– Maribel Max Stats
– Kiefer Max HP
– Maribel Max MP
– Kiefer Max Stats
– Gabo Max Stats
– Gabo Max HP
– Gabo Max MP
– Melvin Max Stats
– Melvin Max HP
– Melvin Max MP
– Aira Max Stats
– Aira Max HP
– Aira Max MP
– All characters max e
– Hero 9999999 EXP
– Maribel 9999999 EXP
– Kiefer 9999999 EXP
– Gabo 9999999 EXP
– Melvin 9999999 EXP
– Aira 9999999 EXP

PKSM 3.1.0- Save file editor for Pokemon Sun and Moon


PKSM 3.1.0 is a tool which can edit the save file for 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon. It features many powerful functions.

■ FULL SuMo Support! Event injector, editor, mass injector and bank FULLY support Sun/Moon.
■ Partially working save file editor function. You can change game’s language, clean MisteryGift slot and set money to max, for now.
■ Bank changes:
1. Added confirmation when exiting from bank, to choose if saving or not;
2. Added confirmation when erasing a whole box;
3. Added support for custom size banks. If you want to use a differently sized bank, just create a filled-with-zeroes bank.bin file in /3ds/data/PKSM/bank/ folder. It MUST be sized N * 30 * 232 bytes, where N is the number of boxes you want.
4. This last point doesn’t mean that you can freely use PHBank’s bank. Its bank uses a different format from PKSM’s one, so they’re not compatible yet.

Sky3ds+ new firmware supporting Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released soon

Notice: Please pay attention that your console might be banned when connecting to the internet.
Source: PKSM 3.1.0 – Full injector, bank and editor support for SM

How to use Gateway 3DS to play Pokemon Sun and Moon?


Pokemon Sun and Moon has been released for several days. The new Pokemon games are really popular. Which 3ds flashcard can support Pokemon Sun and Moon directly.

However, sky3ds+ users can not play Pokemon Sun and Moon on sky3ds+ as Nintendo team has added one new AP check to this game. Sky3ds+ can not circumvent it currently. Many sky3ds+ users are worried about the issue. Please do not worry about it, and sky3ds team will release a new firmware to circumvent the new AP checks. Once the new firmware is updated, you can download it on sky3ds official team which allows you to play Pokemon Sun and Moon directly with sky3ds+ on 3DS.

So how about gateway 3ds? Can we use gateway 3ds to play Pokemon Sun and Moon? The answer is Yes. In this post, we will tell you how to use your gateway 3ds to play Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Gateway firmware 3.7.2 on N3DS/3DS V4.1-9.2emunand 11.2
micro SD card exfat
Pokemon Sun and Moon

1. Install Gateway firmware 3.7.2 on your 3DS and update 3DS to emunand 11.2
2. A: Clear the Pokemon Sun and Moon in Extra Data (System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Extra Data > Pokémon Sun / Moon)
B: Delete these or back these up: 0004000000175E00.sav and 0004000000164800.sav (Located at the root of your SD Card on o3DS and probably in your internal microSD card on n3DS)
3. Download and extract it. Place. 3ds ROM of Pokemon Sun and Moon to in the same directory as card1to2.exe
4. Drop the ROM on the card1to2.exe program, press 1 and press enter and press enter again to close the command window.
5. Download and extract it. Open Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2, make sure .3dz is checked and load your Pokemon ROM into it. Make sure that ‘Rename ROM extension to “.3dz” after modification is ticked too. press “Import Header from File”, find and select your private header.
These will pop out:
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM size. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT NO.
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM Media Type. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT NO.
6. Now that your ROM’s file extension is .3dz with your own private header in it, close the Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2
7. Re-open the Gateway ROM Patcher 1.2, load the ROM and it will ask these questions again:
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM size. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT YES.
“This Chip ID seems not adapted to your ROM Media Type. Can I suggest a better value?” SELECT YES.
Then press apply.
Now copy your ROM into your MicroSD then try to play Pokemon Sun and Moon

Source and more details: [Tutorial] Pokemon Sun and Moon on Gateway.

Does sky3ds+ support The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.(JAP)?


The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.- the action video game developed and published by BNEI for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 11. Does 3ds flashcard support The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.(JAP)?

The roles in this game show in the form of Q version. The hero-Kusuo Saiki who is a high school student owns all manner of psychic abilities, including telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, and more.

Get rom of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.(JAP) and copy it to your mciroSD. Insert microSD to sky3ds+ and turn on your 3DS console. Insert sky3ds+ card and run it . The pictures prove that sky3ds+ supports The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.(JAP) well.

Dwtechz Thanksgiving promotion will end on November 25. Get cheapest sky3ds+ and sky3ds during promotion


Pokémon Sun and Moon has been publicly released on November 18


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are the most popular 3ds games in this month, which results in a hot discussion. They are role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for Nintendo 3DS in many different countries at the same time(November 18, 2016). They are the seventh generation of Pokémon series which installed 9 languages, including Chinese, both Simplified and Traditional. It supports Pokémon Bank.

The works take place in the Alola region formed with some islands. The ultimate goals of games are thwarting the schemes of the nefarious criminal organization Team Skull and challenging various Pokémon trainers to be the Pokémon champion.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has added many new Pokémon species , powerful moves called Z-moves and new battle/training mechanics. Players can get some certain Pokémon in Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon. Players are allowed to trade Pokémon between Sun and Moon.

Once getting .3ds rom of Pokémon Sun and Moon, we will test them with sky3ds+ orange button and post the news here.