How to back up your Switch NAND with SX OS/Pro?

Many Player have hacked or plan to hack their Nintendo Switch for playing free switch games and homebrew. Keeping NAND backups is very important as it will help us recover from a bricked switch or damage to our system if we make a mistake in future. If you have hacked your switch without back uping the NAND, please follow this guide and run the switch NAND backup with SX Pro or SX OS.

One Nintendo Switch
One SX OS/Pro
One 64GB microSD card
Download hekate

1. Download hekate and copy .bin to the root directory of microSD card.
2. Slide the Jig into the right-hand Joycon rail and push it down until it is secure in place. Then plug the dongle into USB-C port on the bottoms of your Switch(in either direction).Hold the Vol+ button down and press the Power button, you should boot into the SX OS Bootloader.

3. Select Option and then choose launch external payload
4. In hekate page, select tools—backup- backup eMMC BOOT0/1 and backup eMMC SYS
5. After backup is done, power of your switch and remove the microSD card. You will find the backup file in backup folder.

SX OS v1.6 released, avoid ban with Stealth Mode

As we all know, Xecuter SX OS has been proved to a great product for hacking Nintendo Switch. With SX OS, players can play free switch games without having to buy Nintendo switch game cartridge. The official team always update the version of SX OS fastly. SX OS v1.6 released, and it added two excellent features: 32GB XCI files and Stealth Mode.

Add support for 32GB XCI files (Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2)

It came to our attention that 32GB XCI files were not working with SX OS. Since game compatibility is high up there on the priority list of Team Xecuter, we investigated this issue and are happy to report this has been resolved. You can now enjoy these content-packed bigger games like Dragon Quest Heroes!

Introducing Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is our solution to prevent console bans. In SX OS v1.6 and onwards this feature will be enabled by default.

1. You can still disable Stealth Mode from the TX menu if you really wish to do so, however we do not recommend this (unless your Switch is already banned).
2. With Stealth Mode enabled your Switch system is not able to send any Switch personal information to Nintendo’s servers while still allowing basic Internet functionality (for eg homebrew). Things like local WiFi play is also still possible!
3. Keep in mind Stealth Mode is only active when you are running SX OS! If you occasionally boot back into original Switch firmware you may expose yourself to a ban risk if you have modified your Switch system by installing NSP titles for example, so we do not recommend this!
4. Playing XCI titles in SX OS with Stealth Mode enabled should NOT get you banned when booting/using your original Switch firmware online. This is why we personally prefer our Game Cartridge emulation solution, and so should you!

New feature in the coming update: support emunand
We are working on a solution to allow a clean separation between the SX OS system and your original Switch firmware. Stay tuned!

Team Xecuter released SX OS v1.5

SX OS v1.5 released by Team Xecuter and please check the new features here:

Added mass NSP install (and optional delete) functionality
Users who want to install a lot of NSP titles at once can now easily do so by pressing [Y] in the installer tab. Upon finish the NSP installer will also ask you if you want to delete the NSP source files from your microSD card, freeing up space and keeping every neat and tidy!

FTP server support
You can now enable a FTP server from the options tab in our menu that will keep running even once the menu is closed. This FTP server gives direct access to your microSD card, so you no longer have to eject the card to store/retrieve files.

More content directories
Some people complained that they didn’t like all the XCI/NSP/NRO files in the root of their SD card. We have to agree that becomes a bit messy, so the menu will now scan the following directories as well looking for game content:

Download SX OS v1.5

EZ-FLASH Omega Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0 supports new save-states mode

EZ-FLASH Omega– the newest GBA flashcart which supporting gba/GB/GBC/NES games on GBA, GBM, GBASP and DS console added new save-states mode in its new update-Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0

Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0 DOWNLOAD

Removed the battle auto-save in the Fire Emblem series, please use manual battle field save and chapter save point.
Added a new save-states mode, only check save-states in the system to enable it. hotkeys are modifiable. it runs without in-game menu,so the compatible is better then old one.

Which site has SX Pro in stock?

Xecuter SX Pro has been popular recently for hacking Nintendo switch and plya free switch games. Which site has SX Pro in stock and where to buy cheap SX Pro?

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