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EZ-FLASH Omega Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0 supports new save-states mode

EZ-FLASH Omega– the newest GBA flashcart which supporting gba/GB/GBC/NES games on GBA, GBM, GBASP and DS console added new save-states mode in its new update-Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0

Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0 DOWNLOAD

Removed the battle auto-save in the Fire Emblem series, please use manual battle field save and chapter save point.
Added a new save-states mode, only check save-states in the system to enable it. hotkeys are modifiable. it runs without in-game menu,so the compatible is better then old one.


EZflash Omega user instruction

EZflash Omega has been released over one month and the official team has released several kernels and firmwares. The latest update is Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0. In this post, we will tell you where to download Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0 and how to setup EZflash Omega to play free gba games?

EZflash Omega Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0
Download it 
SHA1(ezkernel.bin)= a5e4a36cc062b39fcdf1437b8eab5803544cbf1d
Added auto-match cheat library
Added recent played game list
Fixed a lot of bugs
Improved a lot of things
known issues:
Norflash is not usable on original GBA yet
Clock may be reset after firmware update, please change it back manually.

How to setup EZflash Omega?

1. Download the latest kernel and thumbnails pack for EZflash Omega from
2. Format your MicroSD card with proper format and suggested cluster.

card size ≤ 2 GB     FAT/FAT16    32KB
card size ≤ 32 GB   FAT32             32KB
card size ≤ 128 GB      exFAT        32KB or Larger

3. Extract the folders and copy all the files to root directory of MicroSD card. There should be two folders which named IMGS and CHEAT and a file name EZKERNEL.BIN on the root folder.

4. download and copy .gba games to MicroSD card. Insert MicroSD card to EZflash Omega and play gba games.

How to update the kernel of EZflash Omega?

Usually, the kernel and firmware on the EZflash Omega you received is not the latest version, so they need to be upgraded.

Once you have EZKERNEL.BIN file om the root folder. You can update the kernel by press the R key and power up the console. The firmware version will ungrade automatically when the kernel is updating. The system will boot up after the update process done.

Tip: The kernel version will be displayed on the upper right corner of system setting. DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER WHEN UPDATING!!

Basic operation

1. Press L and R toggle between SD Card/NORFLASH/System interface/Help

2. Press A on game to popup launch menu.

3. Press ↑ or ↓ in launch menus to select different launch option, press A again to confirm. Press B to dismiss launch menu.

Does EZ flash Omega support DS games on DS/DSLite?

EZ flash Omega– the new flashcart from ezflash team works on GBA, GBM, GBASP console. With one sparem, omega also works on DS/DSLite. So, does EZ flash Omega support DS games on DS/DSLite?

EZ flash Omega for ds games?

The answer is no. EZ flash Omega is a gba flashcart which only supports gba, GB, GBC, NES classic games on GBM, GBASP, DS,DSLite. It does not support ds games on DS/DSLite. If you would like to play ds games on DS/DSLite, then buy r4i gold 3ds rts.

R4i gold 3ds rts is the best flashcart for playing ds games on DS/DSLite. Why? First of all, R4i gold 3ds rts is not expensive at all, the price is $18.5 on our site. Besides, R4i gold 3ds rts supports GBA games with an emulator. In addition, R4i gold 3ds rts has a good quality and does not have any problem to run downloaded DS games.

Where to buy cheap EZflash Omega for playing GBA games?

Recently EZflash Omega is pretty popular and many users discuss it. Some user has got it in hard while others are waiting for more comments and reviews of EZflash Omega. They might buy this card after seeing more good message. Where to buy cheap EZflash Omega for playing gba games? Which site is reliable for EZflash Omega?

Definitely. is a reliable site for buying EZflash Omega. Please check the following reasons:
1. The site has enough EZflash Omega in stock
2. All EZflash Omega cards from this site are originally from official team:
3. All cards have been tested well before they are shipped. If the card is not working, they will arrange a replacement or refund.
4. It accepts PayPal payment. With this secure payment method, you will have PayPal buyer proetction.
5. It offers Registered Airmail free shipping and ships all over the world. Packages usually arrive about 10-30 days.

EZflash Omega Kernel 1.01 and Firmware 3.0
improved compatibility with original GBA
improved stability with various microSD
fixed bugs related with softreset
known issue:
NORFLASH is not useable on original GBA, for now.
Final Fantasy Tactics will be frozen on saving.

New GBA flashcart- EZ-FLASH Omega released

There is a new GBA flashcart- EZ-FLASH Omega released. It works on all GBA modes and DS, DS Lite. All the game save data are saved to microSD card directly which is the most important feature of EZ-FLASH Omega.

Similar to EZ-FLASH Reform, there are two case coming with the package. One fits for GBA console and one for DS, DS Lite slot2.

EZ-FLASH Omega Features
■ GBA game copy and play, no client needed
■ Fast patch engine, instat game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modified rom
■ Hardware based direct save to SD card
■ Cheat
■ Save states
■ Real time clock
■ Sleep
■ Hotkey customizable
■ 256Mb PSRAM suppot all game instant load
■ 512Mb Norflash, keep your favorite games
■ GB/GBC/NES game copy and play
■ System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead
■ Support FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT, 128MB-128GB SD card
■ Firmware and kernel both are upgradable

EZ-FLASH Omega is available to buy on dwtechz and the price is $58.0. All the cards are original and come from the official team. The sites supports PayPal payment method and free shipping to all over the world.

EZ-FLASH Reform released, supporting GBA games on GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL

Ezflash team released one new flashcart to replace ezflash 3in1, we called it EZ-FLASH Reform. The card is also the successor of EZ-FLASH IV card, working similar as EZ-FLASH IV with new EZ4 Kernel 2.04. EZ-FLASH Reform works on GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL to play gba games.

It will be the best GBA flashcart with low price to play old gba games on GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL. It features replaceable battery which enables you to buy another battery online easily for replacement. There are two spare cases, and you can easily change the card size to suit all GBA compatible consoles.

EZ-FLASH Reform features
Reduced the PCB size significantly
Two spare cases in the box
Change the case easily to suit the all consoles
Battery replaceable (CR1220)
Works similar as EZ-FLASH IV
Using new EZ4 Kernel
Supports MicroSDHC up to 32GB

Which site has EZ-FLASH Reform in stock?

If you are looking for a site to buy EZ-FLASH Reform for playing gba games, is a good choice. The site have enough EZ-FLASH Reform in stock and price for EZ-FLASH Reform is only $39.5. All the cards will be tested well before they are shipped. You will get an working EZ-FLASH Reform to play gba games.

EZ-FLASH IV MicroSD kernel updated to 2.03

There is a new kernel version-2.03 for EZ-FLASH IV MicroSD kernel out. It supports GSS switch and individual game GSS switch in KEYSET.CFG, modify the file with your necessary.

EZ-FLASH IV kernel 2.03 changelog:
■ added GSS switch
■ added individual game GSS switch
■ fixed adding data to the end of rom even the GSS is disabled

Download EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.03