AceNS comes with new packaging and new features

Ace3ds released a new version of AceNS which has new packaging design and new feature. Compared with olf version, the new AceNS has better quality and much powerful function.

New AceNS loader in built-in RCM Jjg which will not lose easily.
+ is the button for switching to different payloads
– is the LED which flashes for different payloads
REINX – Green Light
SX OS – Red Light

New AceNS supports battery power charge and the battery life of AceNS will last longer. There is no need to charge AceNS loader within half a year after it is fully charged by micro usb cable.

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2018 Dwtechz Thanksgiving Sales Promotion

Thanksgiving Day is coming, and dwtechz has a sales promotion in order to thanks all customers’ support in the past 8 years. The promotion is between Nov 8th – Nov 23rd. You can get cheap SX Pro, SX OS, R4i gold 3ds plus, AceNS and other flashcart during the promotion

3DS/DS flashcards Original price Price during promotion
SX Pro $59 $49.5
SX OS $27 $26.5
AceNS $18.0 $14.5
SKY3DS+ $87 $68.90
SKY3DS $16.63 $16.2
R4i gold 3ds Plus $18.5 $17.5
ACE3DS PLUS $9.99 $9.00
R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS $18.5 $18.0
R4isdhc Gold Pro $15.5 $13.9
R4isdhc Dual-Core $13.5 $12.5
R4isdhc Silver RTS Lite $15.5 $14.5