VitaShell firmware v1.4.1 released with properties feature

Developer TheFloW works hard to update the firmware of his application for PS Vita, which adds many powerful features. VitaShell 1.4.1 supports sorting files/folders and check the properties of any files/folders.

If you want to update your VitaShell to v1.4.1, you can download VitaShell 1.41.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60

Changelog 1.41
Added ability to sort files and folders by size and date. Press R to switch sort method.
Added the long desired ‘Properties’ feature. You can also check whether an eboot.bin is safe or not.

Changelog 1.4
Added group RW permissions on files and folders when moving. Safe homebrews like RetroArch will now recognize files and folders that you have moved from ‘ux0:video’.
Added scanning for dangerous functions in packages.
Added possibility to choose compression level.
Fixed time information in zip archives.


Tested: 3DS flashcard Sky3ds+supports Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP)


Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP) has been released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on 27 October. This action video game is the development of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. It has added new details to sprites, updated graphics, and smoother animations. Players can occupy themselves in this new game.

Download the rom and copy it to FAT32 microSD. Insert microSD to sky3ds+ and plug in sky3ds+ to 3DS. We find that 3ds game Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP) works well with sky3ds+.

Sky3ds+ supports Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP(JAP)downtown-nekketsu-monogatari-sp1downtown-nekketsu-monogatari-sp2downtown-nekketsu-monogatari-sp3

2016 Halloween sales Promotion
Date: Oct 12th- Nov 4th
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How to install WiiU games to USB/HDD?

This post tells you how to install Wii U games to USB/HDD.

Important information before you install it
■ If you want to install on HDD, you need to format your HDD to WiiU
format. Attention it will DELETE everything on that drive. DO NOT USE THE DRIVE YOU USE FOR vWII!
■ In order to get your HDD to be recognized you may need to use a split USB cable.
■ The downloaded games need to be the region of your Wii U. USA games only work on a USA Wii U. European games only work on European consoles.
■ If you install out of region games, your Wii U console will brick.
■ The games will be playable online!
■ Installs only one game at a time

Wii U with latest firmware version 5.5.1
SD card
HDD(requires a Y Cable)/USB

Format SD card to FAT32. Download “Pack HBL” and extract it, copy folder”wiiu” to the root directory of your SD card.
Download “wupinstaller-mod” and copy folder “wupinstaller” to wiiu>>apps.
Download WiiU games and copy the folder “install” to the root directory of your SD card.

1. Plug in USB/HDD into your Wii U. There will be notice to format USB/HDD. After formatting, open Wii U browser and access to
2. Press the first option34
3. Select wupinstaller mod and Click load5
4. Press right/left button to select wup installer6
Click load
5. Press A button to install games to system memory;
Press X button to install to USB/HDD 89
6. When the install ends you will be rebooted back into the homebrew launcher, exit the homebrew launcher or reboot your console and your games will be installed!10
Delete ALL the content located on your SD:/install/ folder. You can now  repeat the steps to install other games.
7. You can turn on your wifi and update your games, download free DLC.1112

Wii U games compatibility list

USA games
Super Mario 3D World
Phineas and Ferb – Quest for Cool Stuff
Zelda Musou / Hyrule Warriors
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
The Wonderful 101

European games
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Dairantou Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Mario Maker
Yoshi’s Woolly World

Source: Wii U USB loading – install WiiU games to USB or internal memory

SKY3DS+/SKY3DS supports Nintendo 3DS v11.2.0-35E/U


Nintendo updated new firmware version for New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS. The new system firmware version is 3DS v11.2.0-35

Version 11.2.0-35U/E available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

As usual, we updated our 3DS console to 3DSv11.2.0-35E and test two games seperatly with sky3ds+ and sky3ds. We can confirm that sky3ds+/sky3ds support 3DSv11.2.0-35. So sky3ds+/sky3ds users can update your 3DS consoles directly. Here are proof pictures.

Sky3ds+ supports Metroid Prime Federation Force on 3DSv11.2.0-35E

Sky3ds supports Cubic Ninja on 3DSv 11.2.0-35E


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Nintendo Switch: Nintendo new game console


On 20 October, Nintendo released a three-minute video which introduces its new game console-Nintendo Switch. It will come in March 2017.

Nintendo Switch conbines home gaming console and portable console into one unit. At home, Nintendo Switch rets in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends. By lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, it will turn into portable mode. It allows you play games whenever, wherever and with whoever.

Nintendo Switch supports hot-swapping and detachable Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo called each part of controller in each side as a Joy-Con controller.
One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand; two players can each take one. One Nintendo Switch allows two players to play games together.

Nintendo Switch supports cartridge and cartridge fans should love it. There is a small holder in the back of Nintendo Switch. More details on the video


Where to buy cheapest SKY3DS+ playing newest 3ds games?


Many popular 3ds games are released or will be released recently. If you want to find a cheap way to play these 3ds games, SKY3DS+ is a good choice. Sky3ds+ can play unlimited 3ds games in on cart and there is no need to buy all game cartridges. Sky3ds+ can support all newest 3ds games and support online play with one private header. Where to buy cheapest sky3ds+?

Dwetechz offers promotion for SKY3DS+ and SKY3DS from Oct 12th- Nov 4th. Here are promotion details:

2016 Halloween Promotion (Oct 12th- Nov 4th)
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SKY3DS : $62.0

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PS Vita Cheat Plugin-GoHANmem v1.00 released

Two day ago, Mr一粒米饭07 in Chinese BaiDu forum released a cheat plugin for PS Vita-GoHANmem v1.00

GoHANmem v1.00 features
Searches, modifies and locks memory value
Supports cheat code
Views table of memory value
Extracts the specified memory segment
Modifies the specified address data

Interface of searching/modifying data1

View memory

Cheat code: Press button up and down to choose code, Press button left and right to modify or lock value. Press STRAT to run it.
If you want to cancel the state of lock, press ○ button to switch it.3

Advanced function interface(extract memory segment and write/lock data of specified address)
Extracts the specified memory segment, and the extracted file is in the directory of ux0:/data/GoHANmem/mem/
Format:game ID_mem_0xspecified address_3digit number.bin
You can extract it many times and 3 digit number is incremented4

Simple instruction
Modify coin value. For example:58785

Press SELECT+ START button, GoHANmem interface will show.6

Press □/△ button to choose option
The search scope is calculated automatically by program. Usually, there is no need to modify it and you can search it directly.
If there is no search result, you can change the search scope.
For example: in Ninja Gaiden 2, you can change the search scope to 0x81000000-0x83000000. Then you can get search results
Enter Target value(目标数值) 5878
Choose First search(首次搜索), press START button to run it.
If search results is less than 16, it will be displayed on the right part7

Press X button to back to game and use some coins. For example, coins remain 4438
Switch to cheat interface, change Target value(目标数值) to 4438
Choose Search again(再次搜索)
There will be only one result8

Press □ button and modify the coin value to 999999, press START button to run it.
Then back to game, the coin has been changed to 999999
If you want to save the cheat code, select Save Code(保存代码) and press START button. The code will be saved to the directory of ux0:/data/GoHANmem/db/9

Extracts the specified memory segment6
For example: in Ninja Gaiden 2, you can change the search scope to 0x81000000-0x83000000. Then you can get search results and modify/lock the data.111213
You can extract memory many times. Everytime the value changes, you can extract the memory once.
Format:game ID_mem_0x specified address_3 digit number.bin
3 digit number is incremented14