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hexFW-New custom firmware framework for the Wii U by hexXYZ


hexXYZ- the developer who fully doced how HENkaku works now also enter Wii U scene. He is working hard in researching Wii U and has released a custom firmware developer framework to provide users a friendly CFW solution for the Wii U called hexFW.

According to hexXYZ, smealum’s iosuhax is the basis for the firmware patching framework which aims at creating a fully functional and customizable Wii U CFW. Yellows8’s wiiu_browserhax_fright will be used as the main entry point to achieve userspace code execution. The exploit is compiled using a stripped down version of the libwiiu project and is triggered from the Wii U’s Web Browser.

News source: Anatomy of a Wii U: hexFW


How to install WiiU games to USB/HDD?

This post tells you how to install Wii U games to USB/HDD.

Important information before you install it
■ If you want to install on HDD, you need to format your HDD to WiiU
format. Attention it will DELETE everything on that drive. DO NOT USE THE DRIVE YOU USE FOR vWII!
■ In order to get your HDD to be recognized you may need to use a split USB cable.
■ The downloaded games need to be the region of your Wii U. USA games only work on a USA Wii U. European games only work on European consoles.
■ If you install out of region games, your Wii U console will brick.
■ The games will be playable online!
■ Installs only one game at a time

Wii U with latest firmware version 5.5.1
SD card
HDD(requires a Y Cable)/USB

Format SD card to FAT32. Download “Pack HBL” and extract it, copy folder”wiiu” to the root directory of your SD card.
Download “wupinstaller-mod” and copy folder “wupinstaller” to wiiu>>apps.
Download WiiU games and copy the folder “install” to the root directory of your SD card.

1. Plug in USB/HDD into your Wii U. There will be notice to format USB/HDD. After formatting, open Wii U browser and access to
2. Press the first option34
3. Select wupinstaller mod and Click load5
4. Press right/left button to select wup installer6
Click load
5. Press A button to install games to system memory;
Press X button to install to USB/HDD 89
6. When the install ends you will be rebooted back into the homebrew launcher, exit the homebrew launcher or reboot your console and your games will be installed!10
Delete ALL the content located on your SD:/install/ folder. You can now  repeat the steps to install other games.
7. You can turn on your wifi and update your games, download free DLC.1112

Wii U games compatibility list

USA games
Super Mario 3D World
Phineas and Ferb – Quest for Cool Stuff
Zelda Musou / Hyrule Warriors
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
The Wonderful 101

European games
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Dairantou Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Mario Maker
Yoshi’s Woolly World

Source: Wii U USB loading – install WiiU games to USB or internal memory

Iosuhax for Wii U released by Smealum


One days ago, famous 3DS hacker Smealum released iosuhax which is essentially a
set of patches for IOSU which provides extra features which can be useful for
developers. It does not contain any exploits and just a custom firmware for Wii U.
So it is not useful to the end users. He think that it can only support Firmware


Smealum says that he does not plan to any further wii u work for now, and he just
publishes some research results. And he was trying to make this version-
independent by replacing hardcoded offset with auto-located ones, similar to my 3ds
*hax ROP stuff, and put together a menu for settings and nand-dumping so that
there’s no need to build with different things enabled (menu would have used
power/eject buttons)

Here are some features for iosuhax

software nand dumping (bunch of ways to do this, dumps slc, slccmpt and mlc,
either raw or filetree or something in between)
redNAND (redirection of nand read/writes to SD card instead of actual NAND chips)
remote shell for development and experimentation (cf wupserver and wupclient, it’s
super useful)
some basic ARM debugging stuff (guru meditation screen)