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Henkaku revision4 updated

There is a minor update to Henkaku- revision 4. This update fixes YouTube not wkrong problem on brower and adds internal storage support for PSTV and Vita Slim, not PS Vita. Besides, it also updated to VitaShell 0.86

VitaPad 1.1 updates which allows you to transform your PS Vita as your PC controller. It is necessary to run VitaPad on a hackable PS Vita. If you want to install VitaPad 1.1, you need to have a PS Vita v3.60 with Henkaku installed.
Here are changlog of VitaPad 1.1vitapad

■ Added Linux support
■ Added possibility to change controls binding by editing the XML file even during execution.
■ Now the application uses a safe eboot.
■ Added mouse emulation through touchscreen (mouse movement) and retrotouch (mouse clicks).