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Cobra black fin software v1.12 public released


Last week, there were several update with Cobra black fin software. The cobra team works hard to improve stability of the product. Cobra black fin software v1.11, v1.12 has been updated continuously.

Cobra black fin software v1.11 change logs:
1. Improves stability of authentication over the network
2. Some essential .dll files included

Cobra black fin software v1.12 change logs:
Improves stability of using multipe blackfin readers on a single PC. Especially useful for those who want to set up their own server networks.

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Cobra back fin software v1.1 updated


Through hard working, cobra team has released BlackFin 1.1 software application. This new update(including reader hardware update) will improve the stability and robustness of the authentication system across networks. There is a preferences dropdown menu added. This is the news from official site:

News  25.06.2016

News Update! We are pleased to announce that we have been hard at work on the BlackFin 1.1 software application, which further improves stability and robustness of the authentication system across networks. The 1.1 release also includes a BlackFin reader hardware update which ensures stability on pc’s when running multiple readers. Furthermore, and most importantly, we have added a preferences dropdown menu which allows you with a couple mouse clicks to define the server location closest to you to ensure lowest latency possible, which is important for stable authentication of games. Americas, Asia and Europe are now covered with our server locations, ensuring global reach for users and fast authentication times. Check out the updated user manual for details which includes screengrabs of the settings configuration menu:

BlackFin setup and user guide v1.1 (applicable to BlackFin 1.1 application)
BlackFin software v1.1 (includes Reader firmware update)

Team Cobra has many, many more features plannned which will continue to bolster the power of the BlackFin product and bring flexibility to users.

Cobra Black Fin pictures of actual sample.

Yesterday, we got the sample of Cobra Black Fin and let’s have a look.

Cobra Black Fin packaging

BlackFin 1

Cobra Black Fin content

BlackFin 2

1.Blackfin card reader (7 slots):allows you to connect your own game cards to the network, dump the games’ISO from your cards and to allow your friends to play the games that you own.

BlackFin 3

2. Blackfin game card emulator: allows you to emulate a Vita game card by using a game’s ISO and access to the original game via the network of BlackFin Readers.

BlackFin 4

3. The BlackFin Dongle: a simple BlueTooth 4.0 Low Energy (BTLE) dongle for the PC.

BlackFin 5

4. Mini USB cable: connects Black Fin Card Reader to PC

Buy Cobra Black Fin dongle for PS Vita

Cobra Black Fin 02

Cobra Black Fin dongle allows PS Vita and PS Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their or friends’ Vita games as many as you can by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC. It is a p2p game sharing device for the PS Vita. Not breaking the PS Vita’s DRMs , it uses a new way of pirating games.

black fin dongle.JPG


Supports all PS Vita sysytem
One PC
One microSD card.TF card
One microSD card.TF card reader
A working internet connection

Cobra Black Fin dongle Features

1. Compatible with PS Vita and PS Vita Slim. Enable PS Vita users to share their games on the internet.
2. Cobra Black Fin card can store Vita games’ISO on microSd card and Cobra Black Fin card need to be inserted to your PS Vita and PS Vita Slim console.
3. More users use Cobra Black Fin, more games you can play. When you share your, own games, then you can play other Vita games on the internet.
4. A authentication for the vits game should be done when someone connect pc and his blackfin card reader(there is a same original game inside) on the Black Fin servers or friends’ servers. You need to match your games’ ISO with the original game and then the authentication will be completed.

Package Content

1 x Blackfin card reader (7 slots)
1 x Blackfin game card emulator
1 x Blackfin USB dongle
1 x Mini USB cable

Cobra Black Fin 03

Cobra Black Fin 04