How to set up sky3ds+ playing Monster Hunter X online?


Now many users like playing 3ds games online with sky3ds+. As the powerful feature of sky3ds+ latest kernel v112 which can share your private header for all online games play. In other words, you can use one private header to play many different game online. In this post, we will tell you how to dump your private header from genuine gamecard and use sky3ds+ to play online games.


New/Old 3DS v4.1-9.2
One r4 card/ace3ds plus/dstwo
3DS genuine gamecard


Step 1: We use dstwo card as example. Download dstwo kernel from its official site and extraxt the folder. Copy all the files and gateway[Blue Card (R4i)] files to root directory of your microSD card.


Step 2: Insert microSD card to dstwo and insert card to 3DS, Run and install GW_INSTALLER. Press Sysytem settings>Other settings>Profit>DS software settings, and it will go to gateway menu.

Remove dstwo card, insert 3DS genuine gamecard to your 3DS. Select BACKUP 3DS GAME CARITRIDEGE and press button Start. When backup done, there will be a *.3DS rom file in your 3DS SD card.


Step 3: Connect SD card and your PC with card reader, run
① The exploit will read the game actomatically and it will show the game’s name.
② Once the game can not be read actomatically, please click[设定ROM 目录] to read the game
③[更新ROM DB] you can click it to rename the game


Step 4: Doulbe click game’s name, you will see the game’s header information. The private header is 16 byte.
72 11 A2 08 D5 E8 CE 43 47 BA 7D 37 58 44 8C 38


If you need public header, please click⑤[查找别人分享的联机补丁] to get it. But there is high risk of being banned for using public header.


Step 5: Run Monster Hunter X with sky3ds+ and then remove flashcards. Open the settings.txt file in your microSD card, add the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1 to your settings.txt file.
Then save it and run Monster Hunter X again. Change CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1 to CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=o and save it.
Open .cfg file and add the private header(72 11 A2 08 D5 E8 CE 43 47 BA 7D 37 58 44 8C 38) to “GAMESAVE_KEY=”.


Step 6: Save .cfg file and turn on your wifi. You can play online Monster Hunter X.


SKY3DS+ supports 3DS games over 4GB.


Yesterday I wanted to test Bravely Second: End Layer US with my 3DS10.7. I found that the rom file can not be coped directly to my microSD card(FAT 32). So what is the problem? Because every rom file for FAT 32 microSD card can not be 4GB or over 4GB. The rom of Bravely Second: End Layer US is 4GB.

If users want to use sky3ds+ to play 3ds games whose rom file is 4GB or over 4GB, the rom file should be trimmed by rom tool. Then users can play the trimmed 3ds games with your sky3ds+.


Step 1: Download and extract the folder. Click one of the file 3DSExplorer.exe
Step 2: Click File >OPEN and then choose the rom you want to trim.
Step 3: Then click CCI >CCI . Then the rom has been trimmed. The rom which was over 4 GB has been trimmed to about 2.5GB.
Step 4: Finally copy the trimmed rom to your microSD card directly and play interesting 3ds games with sky3ds+ card.

The Nintendo NX will be launched in March 2017


Nintendo predict that it is disappointing for the profit in the following year. That is why nintendo share some news for the future in the first earnings report which try to reassure investors. As expected, the new console will come soon. But you are not going to play NX in this year’s holiday. As Nintendo plan to release the new console in 2017.

This is all the news about NX. Besides, the next Zelda game will be released for Wii U and NX as the launch titles for new console.

Nintendo says that NX is a new product. There is rumor that NX will replace Wii U and 3DS. New game controller will be equipped for NX. when you’re not in front of your TV, You will use controller as the portable console.

It is necessary for Nintendo to launch a new console replacing Wii U and 3DS. The Wii U is now selling poorly, well behind Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. And the sales for 3DS are slipping too. Now many users spend much time on smartphone free games.

The idea that another portable device to play games is necessary. So the Nintendo NX will be released. I believe that user are looking forward to this new console- NX and its powerful function.

Source:The Nintendo NX will be available in March 2017  on

3DS New Released Enterpoint: supermysterychunkhax for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Lately, developer Shinyquagsire launched a new enterpoint named supermysterychunkhax for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. It can enter into Homebrew Launcher directly.

An original cartridge or digital of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
US and JPN system console: firmwares >= V9.9
EUR system console: firmware >= V10.2

supermysterychunkhax use a savegame in order to run *hax service, another “primary” exploit such as browser hax, Smash Bros or Cubic Ninja is required.
First, download the latest homebrew starter kit and decompress the files to your mircoSD card.
Second, Download supermysterychunkhax v1.0 release build ZIP, decpmpress it to mircoSD card and run using Homebrew Launcher. In the installer you will be prompted to select the appropriate version for the system and then the selected exploit version will be downloaded and installed to your consoler.

super 2super 3super 4super 5super 6

super 1

Please remember, upon successful installation, all the date of existing savegame will be clean, and the original game won’t to play. So it’s better to make a savegame backup before installing.
Update and Remove:
If there have new system released, supermysterychunkhax will be updated because of the payload function. After loading the game, select Update *hax payload and the version of the *hax payload under the menu, then press A to update.
you wish to install, and then press A
If you want to remove supermysterychunkhax, just select clear savegames, the data will be cleared.

Data source:

Sky3ds+ FAQ, how to solve sky3ds+not working and online play problem?

Sky3ds+ has been released almost a half year and became the most popular 3DS flashcart. It can support all the latest ds games :Youkai Sangokush,Dragon Quest Joker 3,Bravely Second: End Layer. Many users meet problem when they use sky3ds+ and i have select some faq which aimes at solving some sky3ds+ problems.

Sky3ds+ FAQ

Q: I have a new 3ds with the firmware 10.7.0-32 version. the sky3ds+ can work on this version or not?
A: Yes, Sky3DS+ plus card can support the newest 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS V10.7.0-32U/E/J directly.

Q: Which site we can get the cheapest sky3ds+?
A: Form, it offers sky3ds+ orange button with cheapest price and free shiping. Every sky3ds+ has been tested well before it is shipped.

Q: Do we have to write 3ds roms with diskWrtier tool with Sky3ds+?
A: No, blue sky3ds diskwriter tool is no longer in need. We can copy and paste 3ds roms directly into the root of mircoSD card.

Q: I want to konw if Sky3ds+ is compatible with the .cia game format and eShop games?
A: No, on this point sky3ds+ is the same as blue sky3ds card. We can’t play .cia or eshop 3ds games with sky3ds+ new card.

Q: How many 3DS games can we play Sky3ds+ card?
A: There should no limit of 3ds games for sky3ds+. But there should be limit for the storage of your mircoSD card.

Q: Can Sky3DS+ play standard DS/DSi games?
A: No, SKY3DS+ can play 3DS games only(original retail game card dumps .3DS format)

Q: I just downloaded the “Dragon Quest Joker 3” rom today and tried to play it on my sky3ds+ card. but the card won’t read the game, it changed the rom i copied to my sd card to .3ds.bad, what can i do now?
A: We have tested and sky3ds+ can support “Dragon Quest Joker 3” directly. There should be issue with your rom file. Please download rom from more reliable sites and rom should be dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited.

Q: My sky3DS+ card does not change to my new downloaded game by clicking the orange button, is there any solution?
A: Please try a new microSD card, format it to FAT32, set the cluster size to 64kb, re-download that rom from more reliable sites , make sure it is not out of region, or not a modified rom.

Q: I’ve just got my new sky3DS+ card, how do i know which firmware version it is?
A: Insert one empty microSD card(FAT32) in your sky3DS+ card, and put in your 3DS console, a new settings.txt file will be created automatically in microSD card, open it, you can find the firmware version in the line: “FIRMWARE_VERSION=xxx”.

Q: Can I use the save files from my blue button sky3DS card with the new orange button card?
A: Yes you can download the DiskWriter V2.03b4 tool, open it on your PC, select the game and right click on it, choose the “backup save2” on the popup menu to convert the saved data for sky3DS+.

Q: How can i play the out of region games on a sky3DS+ card directly?
A: You can install ninjhax 2.7 with sky3ds+ to play out-of-region games.

Q: Can Sky3ds+ flashcart play 3ds game online? ex: monster hunter X
A: Yes, Sky3DS+ can play 3DS game online as a genuine gamepad did(a private header needed).

Q: Is there any ban risk when use Sky3ds+ play online games?
A: If you use the private header to play 3ds games, there is no risk of being banned. Please do not share your private header with others or use the header on two consoles as the same time.

Q: I just purchased the latest version of Sky3ds+. wonder if you have the instruction to edit the private header for the online game play?
A: Open the file settings.txt, add in the line “CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1″and save it, once got the file “xxxxx.CFG” for that online game built in your microSD card, open it and replace the value of the “GAMESAVE_KEY” and “CART_ID” with your private header info – the Unique_ID and Cart_ID, save it, and remove the old .SAV file, now enjoy your online play.

Q: I have 20 plus games on my sky3ds+, is there a better way to navigate all of those games more fast?
A: You can quickly press the orange button and skip as many games as you like without having to wait, just remember the order of the games. This works in both directions.

Q: How can i install a game like Monster Hunter 4 or Xenoblades to my MicroSD card? Since the file format of the mircoSD card should be in FAT32 it won’t allow these big files to be transfered to it.
A: For those large size roms (4GB), you can use the 3rd party tool(like: 3dsexplorer ) to trim it to the small size.Sky3DS+ works fine with the trimmed rom!

Q: I did the V110 update today and everything went fine. Only now mine led light always flickers, dim… Is this normal and can i turn it off with the setting file?
A: You can edit your led light status in settings.txt: ACTIVITY_LED_COLOR=RGB – this line is set to select the colour of the activity LED. This allows you to personalize your cartridge’s notifications to your liking or disable them altogether. The syntax here is simple – XXYYZZ, XX for Red, YY for Green and ZZ for Blue, 00 for Disabled, FF for Enabled. You can mix and match colours, too! For instance, FF00FF will make the LED shine Pink, FFFFFF will make it shine White or FFFF00 will make it shine Orange.

GBA flashcart EZ-FLASH4 instructions


As we all know users want to play GBA games, you need EZ FLASH 3IN1 and DS flashcart to run GBA games on DS console. There is a new GBA flashcart -EZFLASH4, which can play GBA games on NDS,NDSL,GBA,GBA SP,GBM consoles directly, no ds flashcart needed. In this post, we will introduce youhow to set up EZ-FLASH4 on DS


1x microSD card
1x GBA game

Step 1: Download some gba games from reliable sites and you can view the games we downloaded.

Step 2: Download the needed kernel:EZ4 Kernel 1.76 and EZ4 Client 2014 from official site.
Format microSD card to FAT32 and connect your microSD card to your PC with card reader.

Step 3: Extract folder and run EZ4_Client.exe. You can get the blew window.

Step 4: Click “Open” and choose one gba game you downloaded. The rom must be renamed as English name, for example: ABCDEFGH.gba/ABCD1234.gba.

Click “config” to choose removable disk(your microSD card).

Click”send” and it will begin to send the games to your microSD card.

Step 5: Extract folder”EZ4 Kernel 1.76″ and copy all the files to the root directory of microSD card. Your microSD card should be like this:

Step 6: Insert microSD card to EZ-FLASH4 and then insert EZ-FLASH4 to DS console SLOT-2.

Step 7: Start DS console and select the first one”My GBA”, press button A to continue;
Select EZ-Disk and press A again;
Select the gba game and press A.Then it will begin to write the game automatically. When completed you can play gba games freely.


1. If you have written one gba game and want to write another one. Please turn off your console and then turn on it to write the next games just like step7.

How to upgrade EZ-FLASH4?

Download the latest EZ-FLASH4 kernel and extract the folder. Copy all the files to the root directory of microSD card. Insert EZ-FLASH4 with microSD card to DS console. Turn on DS and press button R which wil begin to update. When finished, it will be back to the menu. Please do not turn off your DS when upgrading.