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Nintendo Switch code binaries dumped by Plutoo

Great news from maxconsole! There seems a great improvement for Nintendo switch hack. Mr Plutoo has dumped the switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot.

Users guess that Plutoo is using the updated ‘PegaSwitch’ to grab these binaries. The new aim of switch research is dumping the first stage the missing6. Currently, it is not relevant to end users.


Plutoo gets access to Nintendo Switch system modules

We all know that the ‘webkit’ exploit for Nintendo switch has been blocked by Switch v2.1.0. Many developers do not update the system and stay at version 2.0 because they are busy studying the inner workings rather then playing games on the console. The 3DS developed Plutoo who has released 3DS Freakyhax and smilehax stated that first system module of NS has fallen.

Now it is just the new update for Switch console, and not useful for end users. It shows that some smart people are working hard and have made some progress on the Nintendo Switc
Sources from maxconsole.com

Smilehax based on SmileBASIC 3 supports 3DSv11.0.0-33

Another primary homebrew exploit based on SmileBASIC -Smilehax has been released by developper Plutoo . If this sound familiar, this is because we introduce you MrNbaYoh’s BASICSploit which relies on SmileBASIC 3.2.1US. The new exploit is compatible with SmileBASIC 3.00JP and 3.31US.

Smilehax can support 3DSv11.0.0-33. The installation tutorial is a little different from BASICSploit’s. You can see the tutorial from here.

· A JAP or USA copy of the game (only available on the eShop)
· Recent 3DS firmware, including latest (11.0.0-33) as of this writing
Note: For USA versions, currently only 3.31 is supported.

1. Download latest homebrew starter kit from here and extract all the files to the root directory of your 3DS console SD card.
2. Keep your wifi on your 3DS connected
3. Fill in your firmware version in  https://plutooo.github.io/smilehax/
4. Fill your SmileBASIC version, region and NEW3DS(OLD3DS)
5. The script will show
6. Run SmileBASIC 3 and go to top menu. Click “Create Programs with SmileBASIC button” and the EDIT mode will show. Enter the script manually in EDIT mode.
7. Switch back to DIRECT mode, and write the following: SAVE “INSTALL”.
8. If you make a typo, you can write LOAD “INSTALL”, fix it, and save it again with SAVE “INSTALL”.
9. Execute it by writing RUN in DIRECT mode.
10. If everything went well, the screen will become blue, then green.
11. The game will exit with an “An error has occured” popup.
12. Start the game again, Click Browse Projects → [DEFAULT] → HAX → confirm. Finally, the homebrew launcher arrives.

New Primary 3DS homebrew exploit from Plutoo via SmileBASIC will come?


One day ago, the 3DS developper Plutoo announced on this twitter that there will be a new 3DS homebrew exploit based on SmileBASIC. Users can get this game on eshop. But it will only support JAP and UAS version.705

According to tthe comments behind this twitter, this new 3DS homebrew exploit is primary and supports unupdated JAP, unupdated USA, and updated USA. Plutoo says that the new exploit will be released about 1-2 weeks. Once it is launched, we will update the news at the first time.