Super NES Classic Edition will be available in Sept with $79.99

Nintendo anounces that a new Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition will be released on Sept 29, 2017 at a suggested retail price of $79.99.

And for the first time, players who pick up Super NES Classic Edition can enjoy the intergalactic adventure Star Fox 2, the sequel to the original Star Fox game that was created during the Super NES era but never released … anywhere!

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition has the same look and feel of the original system – only smaller – and comes pre-loaded with 21 incredible games:

Contra III: The Alien Wars™
Donkey Kong Country™
Final Fantasy III
Kirby™ Super Star
Kirby’s Dream Course™
The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™
Mega Man® X
Secret of Mana
Star Fox™
Star Fox™ 2
Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
Super Castlevania IV™
Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®
Super Mario Kart™
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™
Super Mario World™
Super Metroid™
Super Punch-Out!! ™
Yoshi’s Island™

Package includes:
One HDMI cable
One USB charging cable
One AC adapter
Two wired Super NES Classic Controllers


Nintendo Switch code binaries dumped by Plutoo

Great news from maxconsole! There seems a great improvement for Nintendo switch hack. Mr Plutoo has dumped the switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot.

Users guess that Plutoo is using the updated ‘PegaSwitch’ to grab these binaries. The new aim of switch research is dumping the first stage the missing6. Currently, it is not relevant to end users.

How to use Sky3ds+ to play Mario Kart 7 online?

SkyDock– sky3ds+ adapter can be used to extract private header from 3DS Original Game Card. The private header is used for online game play with sky3ds+ card. You will never get banned with a pirvate header for online play. In this post, we will show you how to use sky3ds+ to play Mario Kart 7 online.

Video: How to use SkyDock with Sky3ds+ to get private header and play Mario Kart 7 online

If you do not know how to get pirvate header, please read this post.
1. Update your sky3ds+ firmware to v140
2. Extract private header from Monster Hunter XX and get savekeys.txt file which is used for saving private header.
3. Open savekeys.txt and there are 128 bytes(includes FF) behind “GAMESAVE_KEY= “. It is the private header and copy it.
Paste the private header to “DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY= ” in settings.txt file.
4. Copy rom of 3DS Mario Kart to microSD card and turn on wifi on 3DS. Then you can play Mario Kart 7 online.

Tips: If you are not able to go online and get 002-0123, please delete .save file of the game and then go online again.

①You can get one free Skydock if you buy one sky3ds+ card
②If you have bought sky3ds+ from dwtechz, now you are able to get a SkyDock with $7

BootNTR Selector 2.8 works on 3DSv11.4

The improved version of BootNTR- BootNTR Selector has been updated to version 2.8. New BootNTR Selector works on 3ds latest firmware version 11.4.
BootNTR Selector 2.8 changlog:

■ Mode 3 won’t overwrite the last version loaded for the Normal version anymore.
■ Updated NTR to 3.5
Changelog of NTR:
Fix video streaming on 11.4 (N3DS only)

Download BootNTR Selector 2.8

Nintendo switch system updated to Version 3.0.0


Nintendo team released a new system firmware for Nintendo Switch console- version 3.0.0. Not like provious update, Version 3.0.0 brings many important and useful function for your switch console. You can search your missing controllers and add frineds from your Nintendo 3DS and WiiU friend list. Here are the changelog of Nintendo switch 3.0.0:

■ Register a channel to receive News for specific games
To register, head to News
■ Add friends from your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Friend Lists
To add friends, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Friend Suggestions
■ Receive notifications when your Friends go online
To turn this ON/OFF, head to System Settings > Notifications > Friend Notifications
■ Find paired controllers within communication range by activating the vibration feature
To search, head to Controllers > Find Controllers
■ Change the user icon order on the Home Menu
To change order, head to System Settings > Users > Change Order
■ Select from 6 new Splatoon 2 characters for user icon
To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Profile
■ Change the system volume from the Quick Settings
To access Quick Settings, hold down the HOME Button
■ Lower the maximum volume for headphone or speakers connected to the audio jack
To lower the max headphone volume, head to System Settings > System > Lower Max Headphone Volume
* This settings will be ON when Parental Controls are enabled
■ Change display colors to Invert Colors or Grayscale
To use this feature, head to System Settings > System > Change Display Colors
■ Use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via wired communication by connecting the USB charging cable
To enable, head to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication
* The NFC touchpoint on the Pro Controller will be disabled while the controller is using wired communication.
■ Update connected controllers
To update, head to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Update Controllers
■ Added a feature that suggests deletion of software data if there is insufficient space when downloading other software
To use this feature, head to System Settings > Data Management > Quick Archive
* User save data is not deleted

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

■ Resolved an issue that caused game software updates to fail and prevented the software from starting
■ Improvements to prevent unintended HDMI input change with certain TVs while the console is docked in Sleep Mode

EZ-FLASH IV Kernel updated to 2.01


EZ-FLASH IV is an GBA flashcard which supports GBA games on all GBA/NDS consoles directly. New version of EZ-FLASH IV Kernel has been updated, and it is 2.01. This new kernel supported on-cart patch engine, improved the patch engine to reduce the loading time, added AP patch.

We’d improved the patch engine, a patch data will be generated after game’s first launch, it will skip the patch process for the future using.
We made a little test for the new patch engine. the 1st run equals kernel 2.00.
size                1st run             2nd run            type
32Mbits        27 seconds      9 seconds         PSRAM
64Mbits        51 seconds      18 seconds       PSRAM
128Mbits      100 seconds    33 seconds      PSRAM
256Mbits      851 seconds    652 seconds     NORFLASH
The AP patch of known games are implemented. some needs press L + A to launch to get effect.

How to use EZ-FLASH IV 2.01 to play GBA games on GBA/NDS console?

1. Download gba roms from reliable site.
2. Download EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.01 and unzip it. Open the folder and copy ezfla_up.bin to the root directory of microSD card.
3. Copy gba roms to the root root directory of microSD card, insert microSD card to EZ-FLASH I.
4. Insert EZ-FLASH I to NDS(Slot2)/GBA console, select one game and press SELECT button and then press A button to write game.
5. After done, pree A button to launch the game.

How to update to EZ-FLASH IV 2.01?

1. Download EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.01 and unzip it. Open the folder and copy ezfla_up.bin to the root directory of microSD card.
2. Insert microSD card to EZ-FLASH IV and then insert EZ-FLASH IV to GBA/NDS console.
3. Turn on your console and press R button, it began to updatethe kernel. When update succeeds, your console will be back to menu.

Sky3ds+ and SkyDock new sticker has been released

We all know that sky3ds+ official site has been changed to Sky3ds+ team released new sticker for sky3ds+card and added new official site.

You can see the new sticker pictures. All the new sky3ds+ you receive will be with new sticker and comes with a free SkyDock. It means you will get a free skydock, if you order one sky3ds+

The team also adds a small sticker for SkyDock. If you bought sky3ds+ card from dwtechz, you can pay $7 to get a SkyDock.