Henkaku Release 6 with GPU Overclocking

One daya ago, The Yifanlu released an important release of Henkaku-Henkaku Release 6. The most powerful feature of Release 6 is that users can overlock the GPU of the Vita from 166mhz to 222mhz which will improve your framerates. Chrisfand’s video confirmed that game run much more smoothly on a Vita with its GPU boosted at 222MHz.

Release 6
■ Whitelisted scePowerSetGpuClockFrequency, scePowerRequestColdReset, scePowerRequestStandby, and scePowerRegisterCallback
■ Fixed rare bug which crashes modded SceShell. There is still no PSN spoofing for modded SceShell
■ Removed “welcome” message when triggering exploit (was used for debugging and is no longer needed)

To install Release 6, you can reboot your PS Vita 3.60 and go to https://henkaku.xyz/ on your brower.

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