Which 3DS homebrew exploit works on 3DS11.1.0?


Once Nintendo 3DS v11.1.0-34 released, there were many 3ds homebrew exploits pacthed by the newest firmware. With hard working, some 3ds homebrew exploit has been updated for 3DS v11.1 by their developer. In this post, i will tell you the 3ds homebrew exploit supporting on 3DS v11.1 and those not.

3DS homebrew exploit works on 3DS11.1?

Primary Exploits
Ninjhax 2.7: install Cubic Ninja to go to homebrew launcher on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Freakyhax: Use Freakyform Deluxe to install homebrew launcher on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Smashbroshax: Use Super Smash Bros 3DS to access to 3ds homebrew on NEW3DS v9.0-11.1

Secondary Exploits
Oot3dhax: hack 3ds via Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and compatible with 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Steelhax: Vegaroxas’s homebrew exploit based Steel Diver: Sub wars and the homebrew exploit works on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Basehaxx: MrNbaYoh’s basehaxx via Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire on DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1
Supermysterychunkhax: Based on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon on 2DS/3DS/NEW3DS 9.9(USA/JPN)/10.2(EUR)-11.1
Stickerhax: based on Paper Mario: Sticker Star on DS/3DS/NEW3DS v9.0-11.1

What can you do with 3ds homebrew?

Homebrew is unofficial software made by amateur developers for closed systems such as the 3DS. This includes both games and applications, and in practice getting homebrew on your 3DS means you’ll be able to :
Run basic homebrew softwares, games or application
Install Custom Themes
Play out-of-region games
Run 3DS ROMs with a Sky3DS+
Play modified ROMs : use HANS.

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