Xecuter SX Pro will be released on June 15th, where to buy SX Pro?

SX Pro and SX OS are confirmed to ship to the official seller on June 15th. Many players are looking forwards to getting SX Pro/ SX OS as soon as possible for playing switch games. Where to buy SX Pro?

There are many sites to buy Xecuter SX Pro and OS in themarket, but a reliable and legit site is the best choice, dwtechz.com site is the reliable site to purchase Xecuter SX Pro.

We starts to accept pre-orders on our site dwtechz.com, soon we will be listed as the official seller. All SX product will be original and come from the TX team. You can feel free to pre-order SX Pro/ SX OS from us.

1. Dwechz.com is a le

itimate, professional and trustworthy online flashcard retailer, we are not a new place to sell the SX (Pro) for Nintendo Switch. We are popular on the Internet for selling 3ds cards like R4 3ds, Sky3ds +, Stargate 3ds, Gateway 3ds and more.

2. Dwechz.com supports free shipping to all the countries in the world. You can buy SX Pro/ SX OS with a shipping and tracking number totally free in the shipping order.

3.Dwechz.com accepts Paypal, Refund and Exchange service after the sale, without having to worry about buying anything on our site. You will get what you want.

Xecuter released SX Pro unboxing video and shows us the packaging pictures and package content of SX Pro.

SX Pro Pictures
SX Pro package content:
one USB Dongle
one Jig
one USB cable.
Weight: 30g. Dimensions: 10*7*1.4cm

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