Iosuhax for Wii U released by Smealum


One days ago, famous 3DS hacker Smealum released iosuhax which is essentially a
set of patches for IOSU which provides extra features which can be useful for
developers. It does not contain any exploits and just a custom firmware for Wii U.
So it is not useful to the end users. He think that it can only support Firmware


Smealum says that he does not plan to any further wii u work for now, and he just
publishes some research results. And he was trying to make this version-
independent by replacing hardcoded offset with auto-located ones, similar to my 3ds
*hax ROP stuff, and put together a menu for settings and nand-dumping so that
there’s no need to build with different things enabled (menu would have used
power/eject buttons)

Here are some features for iosuhax

software nand dumping (bunch of ways to do this, dumps slc, slccmpt and mlc,
either raw or filetree or something in between)
redNAND (redirection of nand read/writes to SD card instead of actual NAND chips)
remote shell for development and experimentation (cf wupserver and wupclient, it’s
super useful)
some basic ARM debugging stuff (guru meditation screen)


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