3DS exploit RPwnG launches Homebrew Launcher on 3DS 11.5

MrNbaYoh released a 3DS new primary homebrew launcher for the called RPwnG or RPGhax for the free eShop title RPG Maker Player. With RPwnG, you can launch the homebrew launcher and run homebrew like region-free patching and some emulators.

a 3ds on firmware 11.5
a digital copy of RPG Maker Player (free) ver. 1.1.4 on EUR, ver. 1.1.2 on USA/JPN

1. Get and install the homebrew starter kit available here.
2. Change your 3ds language to English (most of the uploaders speak english, and the game only shows projects with the same language as the one of your 3ds)
3. Find a code for your region and console type (o3ds/n3ds).
4. (Optional) – Download the DLC (right from the game menu), it seems the exploit is more reliable with the DLC.
5. Download the project thank to the online sharing feature, once the download is finished try to run it.
6. Enjoy!

How to use RPwnG
Just try to load the RPwnG game, the loading should stop and the HBL should run.
It might take a while for the exploit to run, be patient

Here are some RPwnG download codes:
USA Old 3DS: aczettg8, 6zkizigr
USA New 3DS: 82iykhm0
EUR Old 3DS: afkgvmk3, csd049qg, efxvmlot, 8wtsf3w3
EUR New 3DS: d1rb2ybu, 8n7epf2w
JPN New3DS: 3ge8lj6l

Video: [3DS] How To Install RPwnG (11.5, 100% FREE!)

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