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VitaShell 1.43 and taiHENkaku Beta 5 updated


VitaShell 1.43 updated which aims at the new feature of taiHENkaku Beta 5. It can reload the config.txt file for taiHENkaku without rebooting your console. If you want to update your vitaShell to 1.43, please download VitaShell 1.43.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60

Changelog for VitaShell 1.43
■ Added taiHEN config.txt reload option available in molecularShell.
■ Changed default HENkaku spoofed version to 3.63.
■ Fixed bug where you couldn’t exit the application.

Changelog for taiHENkaku Beta 5
■ Rewrote the kernel payload and installer. Installer should be more stable now.
■ Add ability to update HENkaku config and taiHEN config.txt without needing a reboot. VitaShell needs to be updated to use this feature though.
■ Fixed some hooking issues in taiHEN