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Where to buy Sky3ds+ adapter SkyDock with best price in USA?


Sky3ds+ new tool- SkyDock is available now and you can buy it in online store. Which site offers original SkyDock with best price in the USA? If you do not know where to buy SkyDock, we will give some suggestion here.

What is SkyDock?

We all know that if we want to play games online with sky3ds+, we need a private header. In order to have private header, you need the latest sky3ds+ tool Skydock. Skydock is the an adapter worked with sky3DS+(V140), which enable you to get the private header from one of your original 3DS game card, and play online games properly. See more instructions below or video.

Sky3ds+ adapter-Skydock can be used to extract 3ds ROM, private header and 3ds game save from 3DS Original Game Card. The private header is used for online game play with sky3ds+ card. Besides, the 3ds rom and game save data both works on sky3ds+ directly.

Where to buy Sky3ds+ adapter SkyDock with best price in USA?

1. If you want to buy a SkyDock with best price in the USA, dwtechz sells the original SkyDock with cheap price. You can get a SkyDock with $9.5.
2. You can also get a free SkyDock from dwtechz.com. If you order one sky3ds+ card, dwtechz will send a free SkyDock as gift. Please pay attention that free gift is only available before June 30.
3. If you bought sky3ds+ on dwtechz , you can only pay $7 to get a SkyDock. Actually, the SkyDock is free because $7 is the shipping cost.