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PS4 Custom Firmware (CFW) comes out?


Great News. Several weeks ago, one Japanese scene developer tweeted that he has codded his own Custom Firmware for usage on Modded PS4 Console. The version of this CFW is Y8.10 .ver. This CFW can not be introduced unless it is a remodeled PS4. So he plans to sell the ways of modding PS4 Console and CFW Y8.10 .ver. The price is not announced

News Sources: Japanese Dev Coded PS4 Custom Firmware (CFW), Plans to Sell Mods?


How to update your PS4 to a specific firmware?

In this post, an instruction will tell you how to update your PS4 console to a specific firmware, without having to update to the latest firmware which enables users not to jailbreak their console. It works for all the firmware.

A Flash USB of 1GB at least
A PS4 on a FW lower than the one you want to update (Sorry, not downgrading on this one)
The update file (Link in the first step)

1. Download the firmware you want to update in a PUP file, check this page. Rename the file to”PS4UPDATE”
2. Please backup your USB. Format it to FAT32
3. Create a new folder in your flash USB called”PS4″
4. Open the ps4 folder and create a folder called “UPDATE”
5. Copy the file “PS4UPDATE” to UPDATE folder
6. Shut down completely your PS4
7. Put your finger like if you were turning the console, but release it when you hear two beeps.
8. Connect your Flash USB to the PS4, then connect your ps4 controller to PS4 WITH use cable. Press the PS button.
9. Select the “Update FW” Option and select via USB drive
10. Follow the steps on screen, and select”Okay/Accept” in everything
11. The PS4 will reboot a couple of times , and guess what, you have updated your PS4 successfully.

Source: How to: update to a specific FW on PS4(works for UPD 4.0.1)

PlayStation 4 firmware 4.0 is coming, join the System Software Beta


Great news. PlayStation Team open a Beta Trial for PlayStation 4 System Software 4.0 and announce this news in this official site. Many players are really excited about it as if they are selected to test the beta, they will experience some of the improvements and new features of PS4 V4.0 in advance.

If you want to join this beta, you need to register to be a beta tester anytime before the start of the beta in early August.If you are selected, you will receive an email with beta instruction. During the beta, tested can discuss the new features and problem with other testers.

Source: Playstation blog