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N2 Elite Android app 2.06 and N2 Elite official manual released

N2 Elite official team released N2 Elite Android app to V2.0.6 which supports Splatoon Amiibos and 10 new SSB Wave Amiboos. The direct download will be available soon in from Google Play store.

Besides, the team also released N2 Elite official manual and N2 USB Reader Manager 2.0. They says that The next key update of N2 Elite will add Lego Dimensions support.

N2 Android app to V2.0.6
N2 USB Reader  Manager for Windows, Linux and Mac 2.0
N2 Elite manager manual

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N2 Elite (Amiiqo) Android App 2.0.4 supports Fire Emblem Echoes Amiibos

N2 Elite(Amiiqo)

There is a new version available for N2 Elite (Amiiqo) Android App and it is 2.0.4. N2elite team updated this new version of Android App to support the Fire Emblem Echoes amiibos Alm and Celica.

30/05 – Android App 2.0.4 with latest Amiibos support.
* Added Alm and Celica amiibos.
* Fixed some crashes.
We are now working on some major update, next news will be a good surprise for all of you N2 users!
This update is available in our download section.

Fire Emblem Echoes:Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the latest 3ds game recently and supports amiibo. Alm and Celica amiibos’ function:

■ Each figure unlocks a special dungeon where players can battle bosses and collect in-game items.
■ Players can save the current strength of Alm or Celica in the game to the corresponding amiibo figure.
■ During combat, players can sacrifice a portion of Alm or Celica’s health in order to summon a computer-controlled illusory hero that will act as a temporary ally for a single turn.

if you want to expand your Fire Emblem Echoes on your 3DS and want to get Alm and Celica amiibos. N2 Elite (Amiiqo) – amiibo emulator which support free amiibo on Nintendo Switch, WIIU and NEW3DS/3DSXL, it is a good recommendation for you. N2 Elite supports up to 200 amiibo figures with one disc and the chip is rewritable. To some extent, N2 Elite supports unlimited free amiibo figures.

N2 Android App 2.0.4 has added Alm and Celica amiibos which means you can use N2 Elite to play Alm and Celica amiibos on your NEW3DS console.

Where to buy original N2 Elite (Amiiqo)?
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How to use N2 Elite with USB NFC reader on your PC/Mac?


N2 Elite/ amiiqo is really popular which allows you to emulate Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to multi-slot NFC disc. With new hardware-USB NFC reader, you can use N2 Elite on any PC/Mac. It is much easier for you to save and restore the figure data. In this post, we will introduce you how to use N2 Elite with USB NFC reader on your PC/Mac.

1. Download USB Drivers and N2 Manager Application(Please download right version of files. Both files all have two versions for PC and Mac.)
2. Unzip the two folders. Install USB Drivers on your PC.
If your PC is 32-byte version, please install CP210xVCPInstaller_86.exe
Or your PC is 64-byte version, please install CP210xVCPInstaller_64.exe
3. Connect USB NFC reader to your PC and place N2 Elite/amiiqo on the USB NFC reader. Open N2 Elite Manager5
4. Click “Connect”. “Scan for Tag” will scan your device for any figure data stored on it.6
“Set Bankcount” will set the number of banks (figures) available to be saved on the N2 Elite disc.

“Lock” will lock your N2 Elite disc from being written to avoid overwrite mishaps.8

5. Once you’ve set the number of banks you want stored on your N2 Elite disc, simply double click a slot in the software and load the data from a file.
Tips: All the folders and files outside .bin file must be named in English. All names of .bin must be in in English9

Now you have written the amiibo figure data to your N2 Elite, you can use N2 Elite to play games on your NEW3DS, WIIU and Nintendo Switch. Recently The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is really popular for Nintendo Switch and it supports amiibo. You can get the amiibo data to your N2 Elite and play games with your friends on Nintendo Switch

Download amiibo .bin data from nfc-bank.com

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