Cobra Black Fin pictures of actual sample.

Yesterday, we got the sample of Cobra Black Fin and let’s have a look.

Cobra Black Fin packaging

BlackFin 1

Cobra Black Fin content

BlackFin 2

1.Blackfin card reader (7 slots):allows you to connect your own game cards to the network, dump the games’ISO from your cards and to allow your friends to play the games that you own.

BlackFin 3

2. Blackfin game card emulator: allows you to emulate a Vita game card by using a game’s ISO and access to the original game via the network of BlackFin Readers.

BlackFin 4

3. The BlackFin Dongle: a simple BlueTooth 4.0 Low Energy (BTLE) dongle for the PC.

BlackFin 5

4. Mini USB cable: connects Black Fin Card Reader to PC


Tomahawk F1-new home video game console from Fuze


Fuze Entertainment in China announced that a new home video game console-Tomahawk F1 will be released publicly in the summer of 2016 which will be available in two versions:”play” and “Elite”. The “play” version will launch at ¥899 ($140) and “Elite” version is ¥1499 ($230).

The newest video game console-Tomahawk F1’s console design resembles that of the PlayStation 4 and its controller surface exactly likes that of Xbox One. It runs on a custom Android OS and features no disk drive. It is announced officially that over 200 developers have pledged support, and over 100 games will be released this year including foreign titles such as Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, Mighty No. 9, DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends, and GRID Autosport.



Besides,Tomahawk F1 will embed LeShi video which can offer movies, TV shows, variety, animation, and other programs for players. It will also allow users to watch live at any time.

After the console released, Fuze Entertainment will also launch Tomahawk VR which allows players to experience the fun of virtual reality from VR.

The specification of Tomahawk F1

.CPU:NVIDIA Tegra K1(TD575D)Cortex-A15 Quad-core 2.2GHz
.GPU: NVIDIA Kepller 192 CUDA core
.Flash memory:eMMc 32GB
.HDD:500GB(only “Elite” version)
.Interface:HDMI 1.4b(1)、SATA 3.0(1)、USB 3.0(1)

Bravely Second End Layer USA/EUR and Yo-Kai Watch EUR can be played with SKY3DS on 3DSv11.0.0-33


Sky3ds team updates a new template file today. Many users wondered why the team did not update sky3ds template file for several month. I think that many latest 3ds games released this year are with AP check. Sky3ds can not support AP check 3ds games.

* Sky3DS updated template file [05/13/2016]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
CTR-P-BSEE 1479 – Bravely Second – End Layer(USA)
CTR-P-BSED 1460 – Bravely Second – End Layer(EUR)
CTR-P-AYWP 1487 – Yo-Kai Watch (EUR)

Bravely Second End Layer and Yo-Kai Watch EUR are the popular 3ds games recently. We just test with sky3ds blue button on 3DSv11.0.0-33 and confirmed that sky3ds can support Bravely Second End Layer USA/ EUR and Yo-Kai Watch EUR.

Buy Cobra Black Fin dongle for PS Vita

Cobra Black Fin 02

Cobra Black Fin dongle allows PS Vita and PS Vita Slim Wifi and 3G users to share their or friends’ Vita games as many as you can by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC. It is a p2p game sharing device for the PS Vita. Not breaking the PS Vita’s DRMs , it uses a new way of pirating games.

black fin dongle.JPG


Supports all PS Vita sysytem
One PC
One microSD card.TF card
One microSD card.TF card reader
A working internet connection

Cobra Black Fin dongle Features

1. Compatible with PS Vita and PS Vita Slim. Enable PS Vita users to share their games on the internet.
2. Cobra Black Fin card can store Vita games’ISO on microSd card and Cobra Black Fin card need to be inserted to your PS Vita and PS Vita Slim console.
3. More users use Cobra Black Fin, more games you can play. When you share your, own games, then you can play other Vita games on the internet.
4. A authentication for the vits game should be done when someone connect pc and his blackfin card reader(there is a same original game inside) on the Black Fin servers or friends’ servers. You need to match your games’ ISO with the original game and then the authentication will be completed.

Package Content

1 x Blackfin card reader (7 slots)
1 x Blackfin game card emulator
1 x Blackfin USB dongle
1 x Mini USB cable

Cobra Black Fin 03

Cobra Black Fin 04

Nintendo NX will use Cartridges, not Disc Drives


News from screencritics is reported that the Nintendo NX console will use Cartridges, not Disc Drives. There is some proof about this news.

It is reported that the orders for ROM chips from nintendo will be added to Macronix’s which has the long cooperation with nintendo in the latter half of this year. At the same time, the nintendo team ha confirmed that NX will be released in March 2017. So the news implies that NX might use Cartridges, giving up Disc Drives.

Besides, Macronix recently began testing on it’s newer line of 32nm ROM chips which might be for Nintendo’s next-gen handheld- NX.

Foe users. it is hould be good news. Because cartridge is more convenient than Disc Drives. And there is also another speculation that nX might also has inside ROM chip, so the need for ROM chip from Nintendo has been increased.

Of course, they are all speculation and we can not make sure they are correct until the official team release the NX console.

Fx0day updated PS4 Playground with FTP Server and Debug Settings

Recently, there are many news about the Sony’s PS4 Debug Menu and PS4 FTP , which you can use to play on your PS4. But some users may not be able to run these tools on their hacked PS4. So Fx0day collect the things reported recently and updated PS4 Playground with an an FTP Server and those handy Debug Settings.

How to use PS4 Playground?

Firstly, your PS4 firmware must be 1.76. Start your PS4 and go to point your PS4’s browser to fx0day’s test url as the picture shows, or download the archive. Install it to your local server and go to your private network from your PS4. Going to your PS4 via FTP will enable you access some of your PS4’s files, such as getting a NAND backup.


Fx0day mentions that Ftp code comes from Xerpi , Bigoboss and himsely, and Flatz. designes Debug settings code.

Kirby – Planet Robobot works great with sky3ds+

Kirby - Planet Robobot

Great news! Sky3ds+ works well with the latest and famous 3ds games-Kirby – Planet Robobot, which was released by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on April 28, 2016. It is really hot 3ds game recently.

Download rom from reliable sources and make sure the rom is not edited or eshop. It must be judt dumped from original retail game card. Format your microSD card with SD Formatter v4 and update sky3ds+ firmware to V112. Then just copy the rom to microSD card. Then you can use sky3ds+ to play Kirby – Planet Robobot.



The cheat of Kirby – Planet Robobot

1. Inf HP
2. Live 99 after change
3. Star 99 after change
4. EXP Max after Battle
5. Minna Mode

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