New 3DS homebrew exploit via Pokémon Picross.


There is a new 3DS homebrew exploit from 3ds Developer MrNbaYoh who has released basehax one week ago-pichaxx. It is also an 3ds exploit via 3ds game Pokémon Picross.

It is also a secondary exploit which means you need to own a primary exploit which can access to homebrew launcher. The video on MrNbaYoh’s twitter shows that the exploit can be trigger successfully. Accoding to the comment in the twitter, the expolit can work on 11.0.


This homebrew launcher has not been released now and you can download the Pokémon Picross. As it might be removed by nintendo team when it is released publicly.


Basehaxx- new secondary homebrew exploit via Pokemon ORAS games on 3DS

Pokemon Omega RubyAlpha Sapphire

Another new 3ds homebrew exploit released-basehaxx which is a savegame homebrew exploit for the Pokemon ORAS games on 3DS. For users who have Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire cartridge will be convenient to use this exploit. It requires user to have a 3DS console which has been access to the homebrew launcher, so it is an secondary homebrew exploit. In this post, we will tell you how to install Basehaxx

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire ver 1.0/1.4 with the ability to have a secret base
An access to the homebrew launcher


1. Make sure your game has been played to some extent: a secret base with being able to rename your team.
2. Donwload “Hombrew Starter Kit” and extract it. Copy all the files to the root directory of your 3DS console’s SD card.
3. Download “basehaxx_sploit_installer” and extract it. Copy the three files to the 3DS folder of your 3DS console’s SD card.
4. Back up your sabve file.
5. Access to the homebrew launcher, select basehaxx_sploit_installer icon and press A button to run it. Select the firmware version of your console and follow the instructions in the screen to install it.
6. Run Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire on your 3DS, and rename your rename your secret team name. Then basehaxx will be launched and in-game menu will show.
7. Select the first option to access to the homebrew launcher.

SKY3DS+ supports Gyakuten Saiban 6 on 3DS11.0.0-33


One of the famous 3ds game loaded on June 9, 2016, which develpped and published by Capcom. The Japanese version for Nintendo 3ds Gyakuten Saiban 6 is the new one of Gyakuten Saiban series. There are many card users want to play this game. Sky3ds+ can support this game directly on your N3DS,O3DS and 2DS.(we test it on O3DSv11.0.0-33)

Format your microSD card to FAT32 with 64kb in cluster size. Download 3ds rom from reliable sote and copy rom file to microSD.

Insert sky3ds+ with microSD to your 3DS. Select game icon and press A button to run this game.You can find sky3ds+ can play Gyakuten Saiban 6 without any issue.


Freakyhax: Latest 3ds homebrew exploit for 3DSv11.0.0-33U/E


There is one new homebrew launcher(Freackyhax) for 3DS console applies to Freakyforms Deluxe. It can support 3DS conosle v9.0-11.0 in US and EUR version. ou need to own one 3ds rom of Freakyforms Deluxe and read QR-code to access to hombrew launcher, just like Ninjhax with Cubic Ninja. You can also run tools, emulators and out-of region games.

· A EUR/USA copy of the game (sky3ds+ supports Freakyforms Deluxe)
· NEW3DS/O3DS/2DS 9.0-11.0(E/U)

1. Download Freakyhax v0 and extract it to the root of your sdcard(for 3DS console).
2. Choose your 3ds console version, region and click”download otherapp” to get”xxx.bin”. Rename it to “otherapp.bin”. Put it to the root of your sdcard.
3. Download homebrew starter kit and extract it to your sdcard
4. Run Freakyforms Deluxe-→Play→ Camera → Load a QR code → pick the image. Then homebrew launcher is available.

Gateway 4.0B private beta released, how to setup A9LH on your O3DS/N3DS?


After long time waiting, gateway 3ds team finally released a Gateway 4.0B private
beta. This 4.0B private beta has added GW Time Machine app & A9LH Installer, but
no 10.3 sysnand support. As it is a private beta, but not the public beta. Gateway
3ds team still works hard on the feedback from beta testers and want to give card
users the the best, safest and user-friendliest program. There will be a public beta, i
guess. Please be careful to use the 4.0B private beta, and there should be still risk
of bricking.

If you want to use Gateway 4.0B private beta, please do backup 3DS NAND and has
one way to restore it. There is new page for Gateway 4.0B private beta and you can
lean it from its Private Beta Program

Gateway 4.0B beta change log (20160601)

1. Time Machine compatibility and stability fixes
2. GATEWAY Menu compatibility and stability fixes
3. Rename ‘Nintendo 3DS’ folder to 3DS_BAK (N3DS)
4. Add warning/nag screen when A9LH user tries to boot into sysNAND (to prevent
accidentical sysNAND updates)
5. Time Machine won’t allow 9.x to 2.x downgrade on O3DS (Must upgrade to 10.x
first, then go down to 2.x)
6. OTP.bin is now detected when entering A9LH install and offers a way to re-install
A9LH (without the nand restore step)
7. Users who have an old browser (non A9LH related entrypoint) and were getting
served the wrong payload can now use:
8. Forced restore of emuNAND for N3DS and sysNAND for O3DS+N3DS prior to A9
install finalization.

One O3DS/NEW3DS console(JP,US,EUR) with working wifi
One gateway 3ds
Gateway 4.0B beta
Time Machine data packs: N3DS (USA) / O3DS (USA)

Pre Setup

Step 1, Download “Gateway 4.0B” and extract it. There are two folders on
Gateway 4.0B beta folder: “Console SD” folder and “Red Card uSD” folder.
Copy the contents of the “Console SD” folder on to root of your consoles SD card;
Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder folder on to root of your GW Red Card
microSD card.


Step 2, Make sure you have WiFi configured and working.
Step 3, Delect “boot.3ds” in your consoles SD card and copy the file “boot.3ds” in
“Console SD” folder and launcher.dat to the root directory of your consoles SD card.
Step 4, Download Time Machine data packs compatiable with your 3DS console
version; O3DS in Jap-tm_o3ds_jap.bin. Copy this file to your consoles SD card.622

Step 5, If your 3DS console is above 9.2(for example 10.3 ):
Boot GW_TIMEMACHINE.3DSX using your favourite homebrew entrypoint. In the
GATEWAY Time Machine menu, select “[upgrade] 9.2.0-20J”. Please do not power off
when downgrading.
perform selftest[recommended]
[downgrade] 2.1.0J
[upgrade] 9.2.0-20J
[current] 10.3.0-28J623

When downgrading finishes, there will be notice to shutdown your


Step 6. Go to gateway emunand menu and select “backup system nand” to backup
your 3DS NAND. Inject your consoles SD card and there will be a NAND.bin file which
is your 3DS nand. Copy NAND.bin to your PC.(If your console is under 9.2, you can
ignore the step 5)626
How to setup A9LH on O3DS/O3DSLL/O3DSXL?

1. Go to GATEWAY Time Machine menu, select “[upgrade] 10.3.0-28J”. downgrading
finishes, turn off then power on your console

perform selftest[recommended]
[downgrade] 2.1.0J
[current] 9.2.0-20J
[upgrade] 10.3.0-28J


2. Go to GATEWAY Time Machine menu again and select “[downgrade] 2.1.0J”. When
it is completed, shutdown your console. Then turn on the 3ds and go to system
settings. There will be ver 2.1.0-4J icon which means you have downgrade your 3DS


3. Go to browser and enter to access to gateway menu;
Select A9LH INSTALLER, press A Start button and then press Start button to install
A9LH. Please do not power, or your console will brick. Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your N3DS!


How to setup A9LH on NEW3DS/N3DSLL/N3DSXL?

1. Go to gateway mode and make sure you have WiFi configured and working
correctly. Press select button, the GATEWAY Time Machine menu will show. 62146215
2. Press the icon and then select”[downgrade] 2.1.0J” and turn off console when done. Then turn on your N3DS console.
3. Boot back into GATEWAY 3DS menu and select A9LH Installer menu option, follow
instructions on screen
4. Turn off your N3DS and inject your consoles SD card. Delect the “Nintendo 3DS”
5. Start your N3DS again, open up web browser and surf to http://go.gateway-
6. Go to A9LH Installer menu option again, follow instructions on screen until
congratulations message appears.
7. Reboot your console and enjoy GATEWAY A9LH on your N3DS!

Gateway 4.0B private beta faq

Q: My console is not booting into 2.x
A: Try ejecting your SD card, if this helps, rename/delete the ‘Nintendo 3DS’ folder
and try again.

Q: Can you provide a BIN file that is compatible with my existing A9LH (non-GW)
A: We’re working on a solution for this.

Buy genuine gateway 3ds from

Buy DS/3DS flashcarts playing games on 3DS11.0.0-33

3DS11.0.0-33 has been live and many card users want to know their own flashcarts or which they are going to buy works with 3DSv11.0.0-33. Now we will tell you the ds or 3ds flashcart which can support the latest firmware version.

SKY3DS+(two orange buttons)


Supports New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/3DSLL/3DSXL, 2DS.
Supports any 3DS system version(including the newest 11.0.0-33)

Sky3ds+ is one the 3ds flashcart which can support 3DS games on any 3DS firmware version including the latest 11.0.0-33. For sky3ds+ card users, please do not update your console to the latest firmware if you have not done. As this firmware update from Nintendo team has blocked many 3DS homebrew launcher including ninjhax 2.7 which allows you to use sky3ds+ playing different region 3ds games.

There are several powerful function of sky3ds+. It can always support the newest 3ds games and card users can play many online games with one private header.

Please notice that sky3ds+ can only support 3DS gams, no NSD games.

SKY3DS(one blue button)


Supports New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/3DSLL/3DSXL, 2DS.
Supports any 3DS system version(including the newest 11.0.0-33)

The price of sky3ds has been dropped a lot. Card users who want to play 3ds roms with cheap price can choose sky3ds. Please remember that sky3ds can not support the AP checks 3ds games. When you decide to buy 3ds flashcart, you should have decided to play some games when you get it. Please check if these games you prefer are Ap checks or non AP checks.



Compatible with DSi V1.45 and 3DSV11.0.0-33.

R4I GOLD 3DS is the first card to run homebrew on 3DS. It uses wood firmware which is really stable. The DS flashcart nearly support all the NDS games and it has some fetures: good homebrew compatibility,has cheat support, support clean ROMs. With moonshell you can play various audio formats, view various image formats, and play DPG videos.



Work perfectly on 3DSV11.0.0-33 and DSi V1.45

ACE3DS PLUS is the cheapest flashcart in the market. It can always support NDS games on NEW3DS/3DS/2DS/DS. It has several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO. You can also sue ace3ds plus to dump the private header from your original gamecard.



Directly compatibility 3DSV11.0.0-33 and DSi V1.45 and 2DS
Real-time save, real-time guide,user-cheat features.
Realtime skin/themes change function(support random skin/themes selection mode)
Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game.



Compatible with 3DS V11.0.0-33 (J.U.E)and DSi V1.45.
Multi-languages are optional.
Integrated the latest Moonshell 2.0 Beta version
Built-in GBA emulator



Compatible with 2DS/NDSL/NDSi V1.45/3DSV11.0.0-33 directly
Use wood firmware,quicker firmware updating .
Double game engines, full-featured upgrade cheat function, convenient file-operate function.



Compatible with DSiV1.45 and 3DSV11.0.0-33 directly.
Double game engines, real time save, real time strategy, full-featured upgrade cheat function.

Buy B20 wireless bluetooth sports music watch speaker

B20 bluetooth watch speaker6

An amazing item which looks like a watch. But it is not a watch. and it is a watch style wireless bluetooth sports speaker. When people do some sports, they always like to listen to some music. But it is inconvenient to carry your iphone or ipad. This watch style speaker solve this problem for you.

It is convenient for you to carry this watch style speaker when you doing some sports. It has six powerful features which will let your have more comfortable life. The soft leather material wil give you good feel. It connects to your iphone with bluetooth and you can answer the phone with this watch speaker. You can also insrt TF card with some songs and listen to the music without bluetooth. The FM radio function will let you enjoy news and songs when doing some sports. Besides, users can use B20 watch speaker to control your phone remotely and take photos.The polymer battery supplies power and enable long standby time.

Here are five colors(While/black/red/gold/blue) available and you can choose one you like. Here are some pictures about the watch speaker.

B20 bluetooth watch speaker2B20 bluetooth watch speaker3

B20 bluetooth watch speaker4B20 bluetooth watch speaker5


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