NES Classic Edition with 30 pre-installed games will launch in November for $59.99

NES Classic Edition1

Nintendo will release a new game console. But it is not NX, but a new mini NES Classic Edition. It is pre-installed 30 classic games and ideal for anyone who remembers playing the NES. It will launch in this November for $59.99.

You can connect the NES Classic Edition to TV or other HDMI ports via HDMI cable. There is a NES Classic Controller equipped which works with NES Virtual Console games on your Wii or Wii U console. Additional NES Classic Controller accessories is Just $9.99 each.

You can use your original NES carts with the console. There is a new feature with this console-back up, which means you can save your game.

The NES Classic Edition package includes: One NES Classic Edition system, One NES Classic Controller, One HDMI cable, One AC adapter and 30 pre-installed gamesNES Classic Edition2

Here are 30 built-in games

● Balloon Fight
● Castlevania
● Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
● Donkey Kong
● Donkey Kong Jr.
● Dr. Mario
● Excitebike
● Galaga
● Ice Climber
● Kid Icarus
● Kirby’s Adventure
● Mario Bros.
● Metroid
● Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
● StarTropics
● Super Mario Bros.
● Super Mario Bros. 2
● Super Mario Bros. 3
● The Legend of Zelda
● Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


How to install BASICSploit- 3DS primary homebrew exploit for SmileBASIC

Several day ago, we referred that there would be a new primary homebrew exploit for SmileBASIC on Nintendo 3DS come soon. Mr MrNbaYoh released this new homebrew entrypoint-BASICSploit yesterday. In this post, we will tell you how to install and use BASICSploit.

Smile BASIC version 3.2.1/us
A 3DS console 9.0-11.0

Step1: Download the latest Homebrew Starter Kit, extract it. Copy all files to the rrot of your 3DS SD card.
Step2: Create a project named BASICSPLOIT in game, create a new file “DOWNLOADER”
Step3: Access to and slect the version of your game US3.2.1. There will be script appearing.
Step4: Write by hand to the previous created file the downloader script
Step5: Turn on your wifi and launch the script.It should download all the necessary files and then run the in-game menu.
Step6: Once the in-game menu is open, choose the “Download/Update” option to download the hax payload.
Step7: Once the payload is downloaded just launch it with the first entry of the menu.

Cobra black fin software v1.12 public released


Last week, there were several update with Cobra black fin software. The cobra team works hard to improve stability of the product. Cobra black fin software v1.11, v1.12 has been updated continuously.

Cobra black fin software v1.11 change logs:
1. Improves stability of authentication over the network
2. Some essential .dll files included

Cobra black fin software v1.12 change logs:
Improves stability of using multipe blackfin readers on a single PC. Especially useful for those who want to set up their own server networks.

Find more details about cobra black fin from


Monster Hunter Stories gets second wave of amiibo figures in December

Recently, Capcom has announced that there is the second wave of amiibo figures
releasing in Japan on December 8th. The first few figures were revealed a while
ago. Now there are three amiibo figures in seond wave.

They are Cheval riding a Rathian, Ayuria riding a Barioth (glacier), Dan riding a
Qurupeco. The official team has released the pictures. They are pretty shiny,
right? Users can get special monster partner via these amiibo figures. The price of
one amiibo is 1800 Yen.




Vita error C2-14393-0 when accessing to PS Vita email app


Recently there are increasing number of people having trouble in adding their Gmail/Yahoo account on PS Vita. It seems that the issue occurs with firmware such as 3.01 and 3.18, while it is fine with higher firmware(3.51, 3.52).

When users adding gmail or yahoo account to Vita, there is an arror code: C2-14393-0. Some users delete the gmail account and re-login account back, but them failed. However, the same gmail account can load on Vita3.51 and 3.52. Apparently, there is a problem with email app on older PS Vita firmwares.

It is unclear if the app is being blocked at the Sony level, or the mail providers. Many user with older PS Vita firmwares have email account to run email-based Vita hacks.

There is still no visible solution with this issue. If Sony attempt to block hacking, there might be no solution in the futures. But users reported that other email providers such as can access to email app with older PS Vita firmware, the current recommendation is to try and create an email account with other providers except gmail and yahoo.


Nintendo’s new patent exposes NX portable handset molding?


Though Nintendo team still do not release any detailed information about their new game console NX. There are still many rumore about NX and some exposure patents applied by Nintendo team shows us some information about NX. Many rumors and patents suggests that NX will be a portable and home console.

Another patent filed in December last year and available to publicly view for a little under a week. The patent specifications and pictures shows a simple and square touch-based interface, though the focus of the application is on sound and vibration technology.




Release: PS4 Linux. Steam + Emulators + office out of the box

From, there is a new release about PS4-full Linux distrib allows you to run Steam + some other cool features. It must be ran with firmware 1.76 PS4. Here is the tutorial of how to install the Linux distrib.

Pre-configured linux distro, based on Fedora 23 with kernel patches from Fail0verflow team.
Uses OsirisX‘s works (3d acc., steam).ps4_linux_steam1


The Linux+Steam Distrib
PS4 with 1.76 FW
USB flash drive 8GB+
Any internet connection
USB keyboard/mouse
USB hub (optional)



Download and unpack the image
Use a program that can write dd-images. As example, this is rufus
Use settings as pictured below

Locate PS4Linux_0.1.1.img and press Start


Insert prepared usb stick into your ps4, run PS4 Playground and click the “load linux”
All done. Password for root and ps4 is 1
Also, you can boot this distro on PC as any other live usb (F8 when boot logo appears).

Installing games and programs:

Boot prepared usb stick as any other Linux LiveUSB on your PC
Configure Internet connection
Update Steam
Download and install anything you want (even wine)

Download PS4 Linux + Steam Distrib

You can download the torrent file here3

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