How to back up your Switch NAND with SX OS/Pro?

Many Player have hacked or plan to hack their Nintendo Switch for playing free switch games and homebrew. Keeping NAND backups is very important as it will help us recover from a bricked switch or damage to our system if we make a mistake in future. If you have hacked your switch without back uping the NAND, please follow this guide and run the switch NAND backup with SX Pro or SX OS.

One Nintendo Switch
One SX OS/Pro
One 64GB microSD card
Download hekate

1. Download hekate and copy .bin to the root directory of microSD card.
2. Slide the Jig into the right-hand Joycon rail and push it down until it is secure in place. Then plug the dongle into USB-C port on the bottoms of your Switch(in either direction).Hold the Vol+ button down and press the Power button, you should boot into the SX OS Bootloader.

3. Select Option and then choose launch external payload
4. In hekate page, select tools—backup- backup eMMC BOOT0/1 and backup eMMC SYS
5. After backup is done, power of your switch and remove the microSD card. You will find the backup file in backup folder.

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