Is the PS5 Leak fake?

Recently, many gaming sites have received an document called “Project Epsilon Preliminary” which is claimed is from a source within Sony. The document writes that Sony’s next-generation console will be powered by AMD.

The document content:

■ 100% backwards compatible with PS4 games
■ Fully compatible with PS VR and PlayStation Move offering a improved VR experience
■ CPU: AMD Zen 8 cores – single-chip custom processor
■ GPU: 14.20 TFLOPS, AMD Navi-based graphics engine
■ Memory: 32GB GDDR6 technology
■ Storage – 1TB SSD

There are also many other information about PS5. Do you think they are fake or real? We will list the information here and you can jude them by yourself.

■ All PS4 and PS4 Pro titles will have an update patch to run better on PS5
■ Stably rotating games at 60 frames per second

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