Where to buy cheap Amiiqo or N2 Elite ?


For Nintendo switch console owners, Amiibos must be a necessary part for your games. Would you like to get many Amiibos with cheap cost? There is an item that you can not miss-Amiiqo or N2 Elite. Many people have searched where to get Amiiqo or N2 Elite in Google. Many sellers do not have Amiiqo or N2 Elite in stock. So, where to buy cheap Amiiqo or N2 Elite in US? Dwtechz.com have enough stock of Amiiqo or N2 Elite and ships to worldwide.

What is Amiiqo or N2 Elite?

Amiiqo or N2 Elite is an NFC toy emulator working on Nintendo Switch, WIIU and NEW3DS/3DSXL. It has the capacity to store up 200 Amiibo characters. You can copy all your Amiibo data to one device via any NFC-compatible Android phone. You can also share entire collections downloaded from the internet.

What are the features of Amiiqo or N2 Elite?

■ Supports Nintendo Switch, WIIU and NEW3DS/3DSXL
■ Stores up to 200 characters
■ Easy push button to effortlessly change characters
■ Save your collector’s items in mint condition, forever
■ Family sharing of characters
■ Backup multiple save states of your favorite character
■ Play multiple games with one character! (just back it up into 2 amiiqo slots
■ Android compatible

Amiiqo or N2 Elite Compatibility

Amiiqo or N2 Elite works on Nintendo Switch, WIIU, NEW3DS/3DSXL, 3DS/3DSXL and 2DS

How to buy Amiiqo or N2 Elite?

If you have an Android NFC smartphone or a Nintendo Switch console, you just need to buy one Amiiqo disc.
If you do not own one of them, you need to buy Amiiqo disc and N2 Elite NFC reader. N2 Elite NFC reader is a replacement of Android NFC smartphone to read and write Amiibo data.

Where to buy cheap Amiiqo or N2 Elite?

Dwtechz.com offers cheap Amiiqo or N2 Elite. The site accepts PayPal payment and you can order it without concerns as PayPal will offer buyer protection for you. After your item is shipped, there will be a tracking number for free shipping parcel or express parcel.

Now dwtechz.com holds Easter Sales Promotion for Amiiqo? During the promotion, you can get the cheapest Amiiqo or N2 Elite.
Amiiqo disc: 49.9USD
Amiiqo+N2elite(USB NFC reader): 80.5USD10

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