Nintendo Switch unboxing and review

As we know Nintendo team has released their new console -Nintendo Switch on March,3. Some users have received their Nintendo Switch. Many people should want to know what the Nintendo Switch box includes. In this post, we will write about Nintendo Switch unboxing content.

In the front of the box:
The back of the box tells you that the Joy-Con controllers can be installed on the two sides of Switch Console.
The bottom of the box:

Open the first layer of the box and here are Nintendo Switch Console and two Joy-Con controllers

The upper part of console(left to right): power button, volume buttons, cooling holes, headphone jack, with the game card slotnintendo-switch5
The bottom part of the console: stand, USB-type C connectornintendo-switch6
The right/left part is the groove connected to the Joy-Con controllersnintendo-switch7
Open the stand and there is microSD card slotnintendo-switch8

Take a closer Joy-Con controller
Front: + button, – button, Capture button and Home buttonnintendo-switch9
Side: SL button, SR button, SR button player LED, SYNC buttonnintendo-switch10

The second layer of the boxnintendo-switch11
Joy-Con Grip
Joy-Con Wrist Straps
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
High Speed HDMI Cable
Nintendo Switch Dock
Front: USB 2.0 ports, TV output LEDnintendo-switch17
Back: AC adapter port, USB port, HDMI portnintendo-switch16

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