Confirmed. Pokemon Sun/Moon works well with sky3ds+ card

As sky3ds+ new firmware V130 has been released, and it fixed new AP check issue and supports exFAT. It means all new AP check games works with sky3ds+ new firmware V130, such as Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon.

We have updated the sky3ds+ firmware to V130. If you do not know how to update sky3ds+ firmware to V130, please follow the tutorial on sky3ds+ site

Get the roms of Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon. Please notice that the roms of these two games are all over 4GB. If you use microSD card in FAT32, you need to trim the games and then copy the trimed roms to microSD card. Or your microSD card is in exFAT, copy the roms directly to microSD card. Insert microSD to sky3ds+ card.

Power on your 3DS and insert sky3ds+ card. Alert: An internal SD card must be inserted to your 3DS. Or your 3DS will say”The SD card was removed. Press the home button to return to the home menu” when you start the game.
Select the game and press A button to start it.
Now you can use sky3ds+ to play Pokemon sun and Pokemon moon.1112davdav

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