BootNTR Selector 2.3 supports 3DSv11.2


What is BootNTR Selector? BootNTR Selector is an improved version of BootNTR which will allow you to choose the version of NTR(3.2/3.3/3.4) you want to load.

BootNTR Selector features
■ A version selector: 3.2/3.3/3.4
■ Supports 3DSv11.2 and there is no need firmware.bin
■ Should be a bit faster than the original to load the cfw.
■ Auto updater
■ Check if NTR is already running before loading another one to avoid a crash
■ There is no need to download ntr.bin. When you launch BootNTR Selector, and ntr.bin will be downloaded automatically

1. Uninstall the BootNTR in your 3DS
2. Delete the ntr.bin file in your SD card(in SD:/ntr.bin and SD:/3ds/ntr/ntr.bin)
3. Download BootNTRSelector.cia file and install it
4. Select BootNTR Selector icon and press SELECT button, the BootNTRSelector will show.01
5. Click Use Default and then click Save Settings to save it
6. Now ntr.bin will be downloaded automatically. Then 3DS will turn to the following page. Touch the desired BootNTR version to load it.02
7. After loading, the 3DS will exit automatically
8. The BootNTR Selector will launch without pressing SELECT button. After launching the app, the BootNTR Selector will load the NTR version you have chosen last time automatically.

To old3DS users: launching the app before the homemenu is completely loaded may result in a crash / error. So before launching it, wait a couple of seconds for the homemenu to be fully loaded.

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