Yellow8 updated menuhax v3.2 working on 3DSv11.2


3DS developer yellow8 updated his homebrew exploit-3ds_homemenuhax v3.2 which supports 3DSv 11.1 and 11.2. Users who have installed menuhax can download and extract it to the root of your SD card. Then install menuhax again.

Menuhax v3.2 Changlog

■ Added support for v11.1-v11.2 via bossbannerhax. See README.
■ Fixed an issue with CSV parsing(#181).
■ Block certain PAD values being used with menuhax-cfg which are used by the system.
■ Fixed issue where the padcfg got reset when the PAD config wasn’t updated.
■ The system-version override option is now only enabled if a certain file exists on SD.
■ Various other changes.

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