EZ-FLASH Redux flashcard FAQ


Recently, one new 3ds flashcard comes to us –EZ-FLASH Redux which was developed by famous ezflash team. Yes, EZ-FLASH Redux is a 3ds flashcard, not GBA flashcard. It can support Multi-ROM without region lock on all region 3Ds console up to 10.7. It also supports EnuNAND, homebrew and direct save to microSD.

You can use EZ-FLASH Redux card to play Pokemon Sun/Moon and Munster Hunter Generation. Some players have got their own EZ-FLASH Redux card. According to the feedback of users, ezflash team released new FAQ for solving the problems.


Q: Why my Pokemon Sun/Moon freezes on creating save data
A: Your rom needs to be patched by a Card1 to Card2 patch, you can download it here, just drag the rom on the executable file and the rom will be patched.

Q: Why the screen goes black after closing Pokemon Sun/Moon, Monster Hunter.
A: This is normal for now, please power off the console and restart.

Q: There is no game icon appear after I selected the game in Game List.
A: Please try the following ways: press L + R start the camera then quit, or click the blank game icon, if both not work, press SELECT and choose game again.

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