How to unban 002-0102 After Playing Pokemon Sun and Moon Online?


Many users’ 3DS consoles have been banned for using pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon and played online before the games released. They get a 002-0102 error message when playing online. It seems like a permanent ban which does not allow you to go to eshop or playing online games(all online games, not only Sun and Moon).Recently some users’ 3DS consoles have been unbanned by Nintendo team, while other 3DS consoles not.

In this post, we will introduce you how to unban 002-0102.
Video: [3DS] How To Unban 002-0102 After Playing Pokémon S/M Online

The banned 3ds
An unbanned 3ds
Decrypt9 running on both

1. Boot up decrypt9 on the unbanned 3ds.
2. Select sysnand options and dump Dump LocalFriendCodeSeed_B
3. Connect the sd card to your PC and backup the file you just dumped
4. Download nnidsave.bin
5. Boot up decrypt9 on the banned 3ds and dump secureinfo_A
6. Open secureinfo_A in a hex editor. The very last line should be your 3ds console id. To confirm this, it should match up to the code on the back of your 3ds. Without changing the first 2 letters, just change some random numbers and make a new id.
7. Copy the files: LocalFriendCodeSeed_B, nnidsave.bin and edited secureinfo_A to the files9 folder of the banned 3ds.
8. Go into decrypt9 on the banned 3ds and inject all 3 files. Congratulations your 3ds is unbanned.

Note :
1. This tutorial will help get the 3ds working on the eshop and online games. I cannot confirm account based things like pokemon bank still work, but i would assume they do.
2. Note that your friends list and games will still be there.
3. You cannot access nnid settings after being banned, even after this method. Yours eshop history will also disappear.

Source: How to unban your nintendo 3ds

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