SUMOHaX – Pokemon Sun/Moon Cheat Engine NTR Plugin for NEW3DS

Pokemon SunMoon.jpeg

As you know, the new works of Pokemon-Pokemon Sun/Moon will launch in several days which is the most popular 3ds games in November 2016. The .cia game of Pokemon Moon has been leaked somehow one week ago and many people are playing it now. Now there is a new all-in-one cheat engine plugin has been released for Pokemon Sun/Moon, and it will enable you to enhance your Pokemon experience. Please pay attention to this plugin only working on NEW3DS system

Cheats Included
– Max Money
– Walk through Walls
– All Z Crystals
– 100%Catch v1.0
– Catch Trainer’s Pokemon v1.0
– Rename Any Pokemon
– Instant Messages
– No Outlines
– Rematch Trainers
– Wild Pokemon Shiny
– Receive Egg from Daycare v1.0
– Egg Instant Hatch v1.0
– Remove Wait Time
– QR Scan Point 100
– Current Festival Coin 9999999
– Total Poke Festival Coin 9999999
– Total ThumbsUps 1500000
– Max BP(Battle Points)
– Pokemon Can Learn Any TM/HM
– Receive All TM/HMs
– All Items x950
– All Medicine
– All Berries
– All Clothes(male)
– All Clothes(female)
– Walk/Run Speed x0.5
– Walk/Run Speed x1.0
– Walk/Run Speed x1.375
– Walk/Run Speed x1.5
– Walk/Run Speed x2.0
– Walk/Run Speed x2.5
– Save Slot Teleporter (Start + D-Pad)
– Coordinates Modifier
– x1.0
– x2.0
– x5.0
– x10.0
– x64.0

How to install SUMOHaX?
1. Download and install BootNTR selector to your NEW3DS if you do not have already
2. Download SUMOHaX and extract either Moon or Sun to your plugin folder on your 3ds
3. Launch BootNTR and wait to kick to the home menu
4. Select your game and press A button

How to use this plugin

1- Press [Select] to shows up the menu
–> You can navigate in the menu with the DPAD Key UP and DOWN
–> Press A to activate / de-activate a cheat
–> Press B to exit the menu and return to the game
–> You can change the hotkey for showing up the menu by pressing [Start] in the menu
–> You can adjust the speed of the cheats execution by pressing [Select] in the menu
— You can easily navigate in a spoiler with those keys:
–> DPAD Key Left: Go back to the upper line of the spoiler
–> DPAD Key Right: Go to the last line of the spoiler


Why does my game freeze when I start it?
Spam either the A button or Start button. This is due to loading so many cheats

How do I use X cheat?
Press “Y” on the cheat. If it needs specific instructions it will have a note

How do I install this?
Extract the zip to your systems plugin folder

How do I use this?
Press Select
Source: SUMOHaX – Pokemon Sun/Moon Cheat Engine NTR Plugin (N3DS Only)

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