taiHENkaku and VitaShell 1.42 released

Team Molecule have updated the new version of HENkaku-taiHENkaku today. It is still in beta stage and still has some issues/bugs. Users are recommended to stay in HENkaku until a stable release comes out. Besides, taiHENkaku only supports PS Vita3.60 now.

VitaShell 1.42 has been updated which adds molecularShell/VitaShell modes. If you want to update VitaShell to v1.42, please download latest .vpk file to update it.

VitaShell 1.42 Changelog
■ Added a brand new settings menu which is accessible by pressing START (design by WesleyPolicena). This adds the ability to disable auto-update and power options have been added where you can reboot, enter standby or turn off your device.
■ Fixed local date being incorrect.
■ The name ‘molecularShell’ will now be displayed if it’s runned as molecularShell, otherwise ‘VitaShell’. This will help differentiating the two applications, as molecularShell is from now on a safe homebrew and doesn’t have the full range of features like VitaShell. Additionally in molecularShell you can see the HENkaku settings section which are hidden in VitaShell (note that both still share the same eboot.bin, only the flag is different).

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