VitaShell 1.2 is out

With continuous working hard, TheFloW released new update of his firmware-VitaShell 1.2 which offers manager, package installer and built-in FTP under PS Vita Henkaku. The new update adds many powerful and useful features, such as export photo/music files and unused updater bubble removal.

If you want to the new version of VitaShell, download the latest VitaShell.vpk and install it on your PS Vita 3.60 Henkaku.

VitaShell 1.2 Changelog

■ Added ability to export photo and music files (‘More’ -> ‘Export media’).
■ Added battery percentage to system information (thanks to littlebalup).
■ Added toolbox where more features will have place, by theorywrong (press START).
■ Improved stability for file browser delete operation.
■ Pressing L in the music player will now restart the song if the song is not at the beginning.
■ VitaShell will now remove the unused updater bubble after successful updating.

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