SKY3DS+ supports Ninjhax 2.7 on 3DS11.1


Great news! Since 3DS11.1.0-34 has been limited, many 3ds homebrew exploit. We have reported that freackhax supports 3DS11.1. Several hours ago, Mr smea announced that Ninjhax had been updated for 3DS11.1 on his twitter.

How to install ninjhax 2.7 with sky3ds+ on 3DSv11.1?

Firmware version 9.0-11.1 with NEW3DS,OLD3DS,2DS
3DS rom of Cubic Ninja(the same resgion with your 3DS console)

1. Download homebrew starter kit and extract it. Put all files to the root directory of your 3DS SD card.
2. Go to get ninjhax section and select your console’s firmware version. Click update QR code and you will get your QR code3-1
3. Copy 3ds rom Cubic Ninja to your microSD card for sky3ds+. Insert microSD card to sky3ds+, then insert sky3ds+ to 3DS.
4. Start your 3DS and turn on your wifi.2
5. Press A to run Cubic Ninja, then pick Edit→QR code→ Scan QR code.
Please read the instrcution under QR code. There are 15 QR codes, which means you need to scan 15 QR codes.

6. Scan the first QR code. You’ll know the QR code has scanned once the text disappears from the bottom screen and the camera view freezes.
7. Click Next to the following QR code, then press B button to return to the scaning menu. Press A button to the scan the new QR code.
8. Once you have scanned all 15 QR codes in order, return to the games’s main menu. Pick Edit→QR code. The 3ds homebrew launcher should run.9
Tips: If the exploit doesn’t run, it should mean you missed one of the codes. In order to attempt the install again, please clear your savegame (enter Cubic Ninja’s main menu and hold L+R+X+Y;) and try again.

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