Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.1 released

In last post, we reported that Henkaku Released 6 can overlock the GPU of the PS Vita. To enjoy this function, you need to install Better Amphetamine Plugin on your PS Vita 3.60 with Henkaku R6.

So, what is Better Amphetamine Plugin? Better Amphetamine Plugin is developped by BeatPlay, which originally enables users to overclock CPU of vita. But now you can install it with Henkaku R6 to overclock your GPU allowing for better performance in games.

Better Amphetamine Plugin v3.1

■ fixed clockrate not changing
■ removed faulty FPS counter
■ allowing 222mhz GPU

How to install Better Amphetamine Plugin
1. Download Better Amphetamine Plugin and copy amphetamine.suprx to the ux0:/plugins/ folder
2. Create a new txt file and named game.txt, place it in ux0:/plugins/ folder
3. Add this line x0:/plugins/amphetamin.suprx 1 to txt and save it
4. When you play dumped games on your PS Vita, press Select and the overclocking menu will show.


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